The long night of Libya


I trafficanti d’armi Occidentali
passano coi Ministri accanto alle frontiere
andate a far la guerra a Tripoli.
“Lettera al governatore della Libia” song by Franco Battiato

The fist lunar eclipse of the 2020

On 10th of January there was a lunar eclipse visible from Europe, Africa and Asia. The Moon was in Cancer so, according to Ptolemy, the eclipse affects particularly the northern part of Africa, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria and also Turkey.

Since recently Libya was again under the international attention because Turkish parliament which on January 2 approved, pressed by President Erdogan and amid opposition protests, the deployment of Turkish forces on Libyan soil in support of the internationally recognized government of al-Serraj and to protect their economic interests in that country. However the Turkish iniviative is opposed by Haftar, supported by Egypt and United Arab Emirates, who, with his army, which he himself calls Libyan National Army (LNA), currently controls much of Cyrenaica and Fezzan and, since 4 April, has been engaged in the battle for the capture of Tripoli.


The eclipse lasted for 4 hours and 5 minutes in Benghazi. So the effects will last for 4 months. Since the Moon was between the eastern horizon and the MC, the beginning of the effects will start after 4 month. So the effects will show up from the beginning of May 2020 and will last till the end of September. Its important intensifications will lie in the month of May 2020.

The Moon is applying to Saturn which is with the Sun. The Sun in Capricorn is applying to Saturn and Mars. Since Saturn is combust is weak but the Moon in Cancer is in the triplicity of Mars and the Sun is applying to Mars. There is a translatio luminis Form the Moon to Mars. So Saturn and secondary Mars rule the eclipse. Since the eclipse occurred in a solistitial sign can signify a political change. A violent change since the lords are malefic.

The eclipse in New Delhi


The eclipse in New Delhi occurred on the MC-IC axis. The effects will star after 6 months and will last for 4 months, therefore from July till the end of October 2020. The intensification will be around the beginning of  September. Let’s note Saturn at the IC and the stars Pollux and Procyn of nature of Mars with the Moon at the MC. This configuration can be a sign of a earthquake or will affect the political leaders.




Dark solstice over Asia


Solar Eclipse 26 December 2019

An annular solar eclipse occurred on December 26, 2019. The central path of the eclipse passed through Saudi Arabian Peninsula, southern India, Sumatra, Borneo, Philippines and Guam.

The eclipse occurred in the sign of Capricorn. Its influx, according  to Ptolemy, mainly regards the Southern Asia and in particolar India, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Since the Sun and the Moon are conjuncted in Capricorn and Saturn is visible, making the phase because it does the heliacal setting in the following seven days, and in his domicile in Capricorn, Saturn is the Lord of the eclipse. Morevoer Saturn is doing a parallel to the Sun and the Moon. Mars partecipates since he is the exaltation lord of Capricorn and he is in sextile with Saturn. Jupiter is too close to the Sun and he is combust.

Saturn influx in general causes destruction by cold, and in particular, by illness, famine, exile, extreme weather conditions and sea storms. The secondary influx of Mars can bring violence and conflicts.

Let’s consider the charts for some places along the eclipse main path.

The eclipse in Dubai

The eclipse in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, lasted 1h52′ so the effects will last for almost 2 years. Since the eclipse occurred close to the eastern horizon the effects will stars immediately. Their intensification will be from January 2020 till August 2020. Let’s note that Saturn, ruler of the eclipse, is in the first house, going to rise on the eastern horizon. Furthermore Mars is in sextile with the horoscope.

Since the death of the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani caused by an USA airstrike on the 3th of January, the region is going to face a increasing tension. Probably this tension will intesify in the next months.



The eclipse in Colombo

The eclipse in Colombo, Sri Lanka, lasted 3h12′ so the effects will last for almost 3 years and 3 months. Since the eclipse occurred close to the XI hous cusp the effects will stars after 4 months. Their intensification will be from March 2021 till April 2022. Let’s note that Mars is at the MC.



The eclipse in Singapore

The eclipse in Singapore, lasted 4h04′ so the effects will last for almost 4 years. Since the eclipse occurred close to the MC the effects will stars after 4 months. Their intensification will be from October 2021 till April 2023.



The eclipse in Kuching

The eclipse in Kuching, Malaysia, lasted 3h56′ so the effects will last for almost 4 years. Since the eclipse occurred close to the MC the effects will stars after 4 months. Their intensification will be from October 2021 till April 2023. Let’s note that Saturn, the Lord of the eclipse, is exactly at the MC.



The eclipse in General Santos

The eclipse in General Santos, Philippines, lasted 3h14′ so the effects will last for 3 years and 4 months. Since the eclipse occurred close to the MC the effects will stars after 8 months. Their intensification will be from September 2022 till October 2023. Let’s note that Mars, secondary ruler of the eclipse, is on the occidental horizon.


The Hanuman’s devotee


Ram Dass

जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुन सागर।
जय कपीस तिहुँ लोक उजागर॥ १ ॥

“O Hanuman, the ocean of knowledge and virtues, may you be victorious. O the chief amongst Vanaras famous across the three Lokas, may you be victorious. ”

from Hanuman Chalisa

Ram Dass, born Richard Alpert, was a famous spiritual leader, a guru and a devotee of Hanuman. During the late 50’s was a Harvard Professor but, due to his controversial experiment with LSD and others hallucinogenic drugs, he was fired in the early 60’s. That was the starting point of a new life. He continued for some years with his friend Timothy Leary to involve people in drug experiments, gradually shifting to a more spiritual attitude toward life. In 1967 he travelled to India where he met his guru, Neen Karoli Baba, a mystic and devotee of the Hindu lord Hanuman. After his return to San Francisco, he spent the rest of his life spreading his guru teachings, selfless service and devotion, in imitation of his beloved Hanuman, the divine enbodiment of the perfect devotee, highly showing the virtues of service, devotion and strenght. He died on Maui on 22 December 2019 at the age of 88.

The geniture

Ram Dass

I’ve rectified the geniture by the technique “Isaritmie”, teached in the Italian Association of Classical Astrology “Cielo e Terra” , which is a variation of the Ptolemaic Animodar.

The temperament

Since Jupiter is visible, rising at the eastern horizon, in his exaltation in Cancer, Jupiter is the Lord of temperament.   So his temperament is mainly sanguine. The Moon, which is also the  lord of the Horoscope, is Sagittarius, in domicile, triplicity and Terms of Jupiter and she is waning but still quite full of light and applaying to the Sun in Aries, bringing to his temperament a choleric tone.

Also the stars, Betelgeuse is with Jupiter and Rigel and Castor are rising with the horoscope.

About Betelgeuse with Jupiter Stade says that it brings great wealth. In fact Ram Dass was born in a jewish wealthy family. Moreover the star Rigel, of nature of Jupiter and Saturn, shows who owns a lot.

About Castor rising the Anonymous says:

If it arises to the horoscope it makes the natives lovers of letters, scholars, popular speakers, ingenious, lovers of music and the arts, who are notable, good-looking, capable of many activities, dignified, pious, religious, apt to business, well known or those who gain gold and silver and wealth thanks to relationships or lucky exchanges and who retain their noble feelings even in misfortunes.

Those stars and the noble influx of Jupiter made him a wealthy man and even a more generous one. In fact over the course of his life since the inception of his Hanuman Foundation, Ram Dass gave all of his book royalties and profits from teaching to his foundation and other charitable causes. The estimated amount of earnings he gave away annually ranges from $100,000 to $800,000.

The Lord of the Soul

Since the Moon is defluxing from Venus in her exaltation in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus is in sextile with Venus, the Lord of the Soul is Venus and Jupiter partecipates. He was a lovely and charitable persons and the attidute of service, devotion and religion activity are gifts granted by Venus. Mercury and the Moon are in diversion but Mercury is in sextile with the Horoscope, showing that the rational soul and the irrational soul are not related and therefore can be a diffuculty in armonizing the two part of the soul. Anyway since Venus collects the light of Mercury and the Moon, his loving and caring attitude could be that bridge that made his soul a whole.

The Lord of Activities

Since Venus and Mercury are visibile and close to the Sun and Venus in Pisces is in sextile to Mercury in Taurus, Venus and Mercury are the Lord of Activities. Venus and Mercury show quite well his activity in teaching, servicing and helping people and gods. Venus is with the star Fomalhaut, which brings fame. Let’s note that Daimon, the Lot of Spirit, is with the Moon in Sagittarius and with the star Antares and also is in trine with Mars in Leo with the star Sirius. This configuration is remarkable and show Ram Dass strong dedication to his spiritual realization and peculiar spirtual martial and patronal character which made him close to his ishtadevata, Hanuman.

The major events

The spiritual crisis

In 1967, when he was 36, the profection started again its cycle of twelve years, and so the horoscope and the planets of profection returned for one year to the same positions that had in the geniture. That situation determines a new start and stress again the astrological configuration of nativity. Moreover the horoscope of revolution is conjuncted with the Venus of nativity and Daimon of direction is in sextile to Venus of nativity.

The stoke

On 19 February 1997 he had a stroke which left him partly paralyzed.

Let’s note that the Moon of direction is in opposition to Mars of nativity.


In the mundane direction we see the helpful aspect of Jupiter to Tyche and of Venus to the horoscope which help him to survive.


The death

On 22 December 2019 he died.

The Sun of direction in mundo is almost in opposition to the Mars of nativity. The aspect would be perfected in 2022.


Sun direct to Mars in mundo


Moreover Sun directed in mundo reaches the opposition of Sirius which is with Mars in the geniture.


Chilean protests

The protests began on the 14th of October in Chile’s capital, Santiago, as a coordinated fare evasion campaign by secondary school students in response to a raise in the Santiago Metro’s subway fare which occurred in a social context marked by inequality, corruption and increased cost of living. In the following days the protests escalated as organized bands of protesters started to seize and vandalize many stations of the Santiago Metro network, damaging extensively the public transportation system. The President of Chile Sebastián Piñera announced a state of emergency, authorizing the deployment of Chilean Army forces. A curfew was declared on 19 October in the Greater Santiago area. The protests and riots spread across the country. On 25 October, over a million people took to the streets throughout Chile to protest against President Piñera, demanding his resignation. As of 26 October, 19 people have died, nearly 2,500 have been injured, and 2,840 have been arrested. Human rights organisations have received several reports of violations conducted against protesters by security forces, including torture, sexual abuse and rape, bringing back the specter of Pinochet’s dictatorship. Andrés Chadwick,Interior Minister of Chile was dismissed on 28 October.

The Lunar eclipse


A total lunar eclipse took place on January 20 and was visible in Santiago. The eclipse lasted for 5 hours and 12 minutes. Since the Moon was near the MC the effects started around the end of September and they will last for 5 months till the beginning of  March 2020.

In the eclipse chart the Moon is defluxing from the  Sun and Marcury and applying to Mars. Saturn in Cancer is making the heliacal rising. Venus and Jupiter in conjuction in Gemini are close to the horoscope. Mars and Saturn are in square both in the zodiac and in mundo e therefore are doing an equicruria, which is a very powerful figure. Saturn is in his detriment in Cancer and  Mars also in detriment in Libra but Saturn receives Mars in Libra by exaltation. Since the Moon is ruled by Saturn and Mercury and Saturn is doing the phase, Saturn is the ruler of the syzygy but with the partecipation of Mars. Saturn and Mars together are an explosive mixture since they are the malefics and they are both in their detriment. Saturn rules over the economic recession, debts, State control and repression; Mars rules over riots, revolts, violence and distruction. The presence of the benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus, close to the horoscope mitigates the configuration.

The syzygy before the riots


As we can see from the chart above,  the Moon is defluxing from the square of Saturn, the trine of Jupiter and the opposition to the Sun. Mars is in his domicile in Aries, at the occidental horizon and is applying to Saturn in the zodiac and more closely in mundo. Moreover Mars is defluxing from the positions of the luminaries in the lunar eclipse.  Exactly at the MC the malefic asterism of the Sting of Scorpio (Aculeus Scorpionis) is culminating.

The solar eclipse

The solar eclipse we treated in Solar Eclipse in Buenos Aires was also visible in Chile.


The eclipse lasted for 2h and 22 minutes, therefore the effects will last for 2 years and 4 months. The effects will start around the last part of summer 2020 and will last till the end of 2022. The greater effect will show up from March 2021 till the end of 2022.  Since Saturn is the lord of the eclipse probably will see in Chile economic recession, extreme cold weather or lack of goods or even a soft dictatorship.

Grasp all, lose all


Matteo Salvini, former Italian Interior Minister

Matteo Salvini, Minister of the Interior from 1 June 2018 to 5 September 2019, announced a motion of no confidence against Conte, the Prime Minister, on the 9th of August, after growing tensions within the majority. He is leader the “Lega Nord”, a far-right, neonazionalist, eurosceptic and sovereigntist party. His popolarity has continued to grow in the last few years due to his ongoing compaign against illigal immigration and his popular consensus reached its peak in the last European election, held in May 2019. Probably because of the confidence gained after the election result, he declare a no confidence motion as an attempt to force early elections to improve Lega’s standing in Parliament, trusting he could become the next Prime Minister. But the result was not the one he hopes for. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, resigned on the 20th of August and he became again Prime Minister of a new governament on the 5th of September, supported by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and the leftist Democratic Party.

Salvini’s geniture


Let’s have a quick look to Salvini’s geniture. First we consider his temperament. Since the horoscope is in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus is defluxing from the sextile of Sun and the trine of Mars and Mars, which is the lord of Horoscope is in sextile in mundo with the Horoscope, Mars is the Lord of Temperament.  Mars is also the Lord of the Soul since Mercury in Pisces is in the triplicity and egyptian terms of Mars and in sextile in mundo with Mars. Moreover Mars and Mercury form an equicruria, being also both equidistant from the subterranean pivot. Definitely it’s not a surprise that Salvini’s temperament is choleric. Silvini is a man that shows an aggressive and hot-tempered behavior and speech specially in politic campain.

Since Mars is oriental to the Sun, he is also the Lord of Actions. Lets note that Mars is in his exaltation in Capricorn and in sect and also Mercury receives him by triplicity and terms. Therefore Salvini’s actions are reckless nevertheless shrewd and effective. Moreover Mars is also doryphoros to the Sun because Mars is oriental and lord of the Sun by triplicity and terms. Mars in sextile with him but it’s an out-of-secto doryphory since Mars belongs to the noctural sect. So Mars is not complitely beneficial for Salvini and his intemperance will be paied. Also Jupiter is doryphoros to the Sun because he is oriental and he is domicile lord of the Sun and therefore he gives to Salvini a great protection.

Salvini was left empty-handed

Salvini had and still has many supporters in Italy and apparently last summer during a propagandistic tour across the country he thought it was the perfect time to collect the result of his popularity but endeed the outcome was not as he hoped for.


As we can see from the picture above, around the 5th of September there was a direction in mundo of Saturn to the descendent of nativity. The directional aspect was perfected on 25th of July. Saturn is the out-of-sect malefic in his geniture and he conspired against Salvini’s intentions, leaving him high and dry.


Directions: Saturn on the wester horizon



Solar eclipse in Buenos Aires



Total Solar Eclipse July 2 2019


Last July 2 a total solar eclispe occured. Totality was visible from the southern Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand, a mainly uninhabited area, to the Coquimbo Region in Chile and Central Argentina at sunset, with the maximum of 4 minutes 32 seconds visible from the Pacific Ocean.


Lets us consider the chart for the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Buenos Aires the darkening duration was 1 hour and 18 minutes and the maximum occurred at 17:44 ART, that is 20:44 UTC.

The eclipse was visible from this location in proximity to the sunset and therefore the effects will start to show up after one year, around July 2020. Since the eclipse in Buenos Aires lasted 1h18 the effects will last for 1 year and 4 months and so they will last till the end of 2021 and the maximum strengh of the influx during the last part which is in the autumn of 2021.

Lets find the lord of the eclipse, keeping in mind that in the southen hemispere the season are reversed in comparison to the nothern hemisphere ones and therefore the tropical zodiacal signs are reversed. Since the eclipse occurred in Capricorn and the Moon is applying to Saturn, Saturn is clearly the lord of the eclipse. Saturn is in the first house, close to the horoscope and so very powerful for his position in an angular house and his proximity to his rising on the eastern horizon. Saturn is also debilited by being in  detriment in Cancer and retrograde. Lets note that Saturn is exactly on the ecliptic and with Cauda and opposing the Sun and the Moon.


Saturn with Cauda Draconis

The eclipse is in conjunction with the stars Betelgeuse of nature of Mars and Mercury and Rigel of nature of Saturn and Jupiter. The eclipse in a tropical sign can affect the climate change or a political change. Since the syzygy occurred in the constellation of Gemini, a human figure, the effects will concern the human beings. Saturn, as the Lord of the eclispe, can bring illnesses of cold nature, economic recession, lack of goods, extreme cold weather, poor harvest and water pollution.

Cyclone Idai



Cyclone Idai is regarded as one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Africa and the Southern Hemisphere as a whole. Idai caused severe flooding throughout Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe resulting in at least 784 deaths. More than 3 million people experienced the direct effects of the cyclone, with hundreds of thousands in need of assistance.


Cyclone Idai path

During a first landfall the cyclone hit the north-central provinces of Mozambique on 6 March. The Niassa, Tete and Zambezia provinces were affected, the latter being hardest-hit. Then hit Malawi on 9 March. The northwestern Madagascar suffered some heavy rains.
The second landfall hit again the Mozambique, in the central and coastal regions. At 00:00 UTC on 15 March,  Idai had made landfall near Beira, Mozambique, with 10-minute sustained winds of 165 km/h. Coupled with torrential rains, disastrous flooding ensued in the region. Officials called the extensive flooded areas “an inland ocean” visible even from outer space. The Cyclone Idai ended his ride as a tropical storm over eastern Zimbawe still affecting the region.

The Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016

As I noted in my privous article The Malefics threaten the South East Africa the solar eclipse occurred on the 1st of September 2016 was supposed to affected the south east part of Africa between March 2017 and the end of 2022. The intensificantion was supposed to happen around the half of July 2019.

Let’s look at the chart for Beira, Mozambuique, which was one of the most affected places.


Let’s note that the tropical signs are reversed since the chart is located in the southern hemispere where the seasons are contrary to the ones in the northern hemispere.

Below we can see the city of Beira surrounded by the lines of rising of Mars and Saturn and of setting of star Aldebaran and culmination of star Regulus.


The syzygy before the cyclone Idai

Now let’s judge the chart for the preceeding syzygy, the new moon occured before the cyclone Idai struck the South East Africa.


The conjunction of the Luminaries was on the western horizon in Virgo. The Moon was defluxing from Mars and applying to Saturn after the syzygy. Therefore both the Luminaries are besieged by malefics. Mars is in his own domicile in Scorpio. Saturn in exile in Cancer. Saturn and Mars are also in trine and  Mars receives the debility of his fall from Saturn. The Moon is with the stars of the stream of water of the constellation of Aquarius. Mars is with Algol, the violent star of the Gorgon. The stars Capella, Rigel and Bellatrix are at the MC. Mercury, which rules the syzygy by domicile and exaltation, is retrograde but still visible, making the heliacal setting in the next seven days. He is in his throne, angular, visible in the sky over the western horizon and in aspect in mundo with Saturn by sextile and with Jupiter by square. Jupiter is his exile in Gemini, angular at the IC. Let’s note that there are three planetary configurations which are called ‘Opening of the Portals’. A planetary configuration is of such kind if there is an aspect between two planets  having opposite domiciles. Here we see Saturn and the Sun in sextile and also the Moon is translating the light from the Sun to Saturn. This configuration brings mist, clouds and rain. Moreover we see the mondane square of Mars and Venus which causes rain and lightning; and the square of Mercury and Jupiter, the most important configuration since it involves Mercury which is the lord of the syzygy, producing strong winds. Lastly we see that Sun and Moon conjunction during the eclipse was over the ascendant of the syzygy and in opposition to the syzygy itself.