Blog Election

When I decided to keep a blog about  classical astrology and hermetism I started looking for a proper and auspicious moment for the first post. So I began to search in a range of incoming few months which instant should be more suitable as a good start. Because the natural significator of a blog, concerning writing, communication  and knowledge, is Mercury my first thought was to choose a period of time when Mercury would have had an essential dignity and then to narrow down that range to set Mercury in a place where it should also have had an accidental dignity. My other concern was to place the horoscope and the Medium Coeli in signs ruled by Mercury or ruled by other planet well dignified essentially and accidentally. Finally  I required  that the Moon was in a good position, not debilitated, translating light between a planet concerning the election and a benefic one.  The other factors in the chart should have been keep apart from the main scene,  not interfering or at least interfering  the least as possible. Especially malefic ones.  We know in fact that finding the perfect timing of an event is almost impossible so the art and skill of an astrologer is to find the most auspicious moment in a suitable range of time.  The following is the chart for the election:


As you can see, the horoscope is in Virgo and the Medium Coeli is in Gemini, both ruled by Mercury. In particular Ascendent is in Mercury’s domicile, exaltation and bound and Medium Coeli is in Mercury’s domicile and bound. Moreover Mercury is culminating dignified by sign, second triplicity and term. So the first three requirements were fulfilled.


The Moon is in the first house in Virgo, so her lord is Mercury at Medium Coeli. The Moon is  moving from Mercury and applying  to Jupiter exalted in Cancer in XI house. Jupiter is conjunct in mundo with Castor, a helpful star of nature of Mercury and signifying knowledge, writing and skills. We can see also that Mercury is visible but was under the sun rays seven day before so it  is doing evening heliacal raising. This is a strong phase for an inner planet.

Theophilus of Edessa speaking about Katarche or elections says: “If the Lord of Medium Coeli is also Lord of the bounds of Midheaven, itself will be Lord of the initiative. From its disposition the event shall be judged: wether will be or not and how it will be. But if there is a Lord according the sign and another from the bounds, you will observe the one who has more rights. If the Lord of sign is also Lord of the Moon’s bounds and it has recently appeared or it will appeared in seven days this star will be Lord of the initiative, mostly if it will be at the Horoscope or at the Midheaven or in its throne”

We can see in this chart that most of the previous requirements are fullfilled by Mercury, being in heliacal rising, Lord of Horoscope and Midheaven and Moon and in its throne.

Other minor elements of the chart don’t change the main theme. The Sun is in IX house in Taurus in his house of joy. Mercury is applying toward Venus but it’s not able to perfection the aspect because Mars is in between. Mars, being ponderous, is collecting the light of Mercury and Venus . Venus and Mars are in “receptio mutua contraria” , that is, they are debilitated because they are both in their exile so they are weak but they also gift each other of the domicile dignity of the other one. So this aspect is quite helpful being like two sick persons that are able to help each other. Saturn in the third house is falling from angle, cadent and so it’s not busy. So the malefic ones are put in a position which can’t be harmful.

Finally we should consider also the geniture of the actor and judge the election according to its agreement with it as declared by the sixth Pesudo-Ptolemaic Aphorism: “The election either of day or hour shall then advantage when it is constituted from the nativity; otherwise, though the election be well made, it will not profit.” In my geniture the Lot of Fortune is located in Gemini near the Midheaven of the election. That should be enough. 🙂


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