Nigro notanda lapillo

Last week a friend of mine told me that my teacher of classical astrology, Marco Fumagalli, has departed. He was very ill and during the last two years he couldn’t be present at any of the traditional astrology events here in Italy. He was the close friend and collaborator of Giuseppe Bezza in the traditional astrology association, Cielo e Terra. His contribution as teacher and expert of classical astrology was invaluable. He was a very clear, informative and attention holding lecturer and teacher using visual and computer aids to demonstrate and exemplify the concepts and teachings. He also worked for many years in the developing of a computer program, Phasis, suitable for traditional astrologer and especially for astrologer using the methods and teachings of Cielo e Terra.

Last year in Florence at the midday break during the first seminary of Giuseppe Bezza, Giuseppe told me, talking about his mission to decode and spread the tradition of classical astrology: “What otherwise can we do? This is my life and today my only thought goes to Marco who can not be with us”. A year to be marked by a black pebble, nigro notanda lapillo, Latins would say referring to this year during which the italian traditional astrology community has lost two so great personalities. My hope rests on the member of ‘Cielo e Terra’ association to preserve and continue  their teachings and work to honor the memory of Giuseppe Bezza e Marco Fumagalli.


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