Swan Song


“quanto oro ti darei

oro oro oro

per averti così”

from song “Oro”

The Italian singer and songwriter Mango died by a heart attack the 7th of December while performing the song “Oro” during a concert in Policoro, province of Matera. Mango accused an illness while he was singing one of his most famous songs and, apologizing to the audience, stops the show. Brought backstage for first aid, the artist died before arrival to the hospital, at the age of 60. On December 9, 2014 died also the older brother, Giovanni. The man, who was 75 years old, fell ill during the funeral wake. The other two Mango’s brothers – were four in all, namely the second and the fourth, Michele and Armando, composer of some of his most famous songs – who went to the hospital to visit his older brother ignoring that he was dead, and just they came to emergency room  they fell in turn ill and both were hospitalized.

Mango began his musical activity as a teen, playing with several local bands. In 1975, he moved to Rome and recorded his first album. In the eighties he became a nationwide famous singer, firstly participating at the San Remo Music Festival and then with a summer hit “Bella d’Estate” written with Lucio Dalla. From that point on he continued his artistic career composing and singing  many famous songs.

His style is known for its fusion of different sounds including pop, rock, soul and world music, combined with an instrumental use of the voice and a compositional structure based on use of sophisticated rhythms. In addition to his solo career , Mango wrote songs for several famous italian artists including Mia Martini, Patty Pravo, Andrea Bocelli, Loretta Goggi, Mietta and Loredana Berte, some of them in collaboration with his brother Armando. His songs have also been interpreted by international artists such as English Leo Sayer, the French Hélène Ségara and Greek Eleftheria Arvanitaki.

The Geniture

Mango was born in Lagonegro the 6th of November 1954 around 8:30 local time. I rectified the time of nativity to 8:42 by death Direction; indeed Mars is exactly directed on the Horoscope for that time. Mars is the most eligible as the Anareta since it is the out-of-sect malefic and squared the Sun in his geniture.

Pino Mango

This geniture does not seem very dignified since there are no proper doryphory to the Sun. The two planet being oriental to the Sun are Mercury and Jupiter but neither of them has dignity in Sun’s place and is located close to a pivot. But we should notice that the star Sirius is setting on the western horizon. Sirius is the brightest star and gives honors and authorities.

Mercury is the Lord of Activity , being oriental, having done the heliacal rising in the previous seven days also being the Lord of the Medium Coeli.  Mercury is in Libra, Venus domicile,  aerial sign connect with art, music and singing. Jupiter from  Cancer collects the lights of Mercury and Venus, aspecting Mercury with a square and Venus with a trine. Ptolemy say that singers and musicians have Mercury and Venus as signifier of activity.  The star Denebola of Venus-Saturn nature is at the Medium Coeli. Denebola gives popularity. Star Arcturus is with Mercury and gives ambition and magnanimity.

Let’s search for the Apheta in this geniture. The Sun is located in the supernal hemisphere but is too close to the 5 equatorial degrees which Ptolemy says to subtract to the aphetical places. Therefore we discard the Sun and the horoscope is the Apheta. The Oikodespotes or Alcochoden is the planet aspecting the Apheta and having the greatest essential dignity.  Unfortunately no planets having dignity in the place of horoscope also aspects the horoscope. There are so two possibilities for the Alcochoden: the planet having the greatest dignity on horoscope, Jupiter or the planet being configured the horoscope, Mercury or Mars.

If we consider Jupiter as Alcochoden, Jupiter in the VIII house gives the middle years, that are 45.5 years and since Jupiter is  squared by Mercury, Mercury doesn’t add years, but being trine by Venus we can add 8 years and 45 months. This amounts to  57 years and 3 months.

If we try the other possibilities we find in both cases a life length much lesser than the one calculated before, and so they are unsuitable.

Mango’s Brothers

According to Ptolemy in the chapter “Of brothers and sisters” of the Tetrabiblos:

As for that of brethren, if here too one examines only the general subject and does not carry beyond the bounds of possibility his inquiry as to the exact number and other particulars, it is more naturally to be taken, when it is a question of blood-brethren alone, from the culminating sign from the place of the mother, that is, that which contains by day Venus and by night the moon; for in this place and that which succeeds it is the place of the children of the mother, which should be the same as the place of the brethren of the offspring.

In this geniture the place of the mother is Venus in the 27th degree of Scorpio and the culminating sign from this place is located at the 14th degree of Virgo. So the culminating place and the following one cover half of Virgo sign till the end of Libra and beyond.

Ptolemy then says to evaluate the brothers from the planets aspecting those places. Mercury is in the succedent place from the Midheaven. The 14th degree of Virgo, the culminating place from Venus, is aspected in mundo by Moon, Sun and Saturn. The eleventh place cusp is aspected by Jupiter. The ascendant is in Scorpio a watery, fecund sign. The culminating place is in Virgo, a bicorporeal sign but of few offsprings. So a moderate number of brethren can be aspected. Mango has three brothers and one sister Angela aged 53.

Ptolemy says to judge the age from the orientality in the quadrant and the sex from the masculinity and femininity of the planets givers of brethren. Sun, Saturn and Mercury are more oriental in respect of quadrants and Jupiter and Moon more occidental. So two brother are older than him and the other two younger. Since Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are oriental to the Sun and the Moon occidental, three of them are males and one female.

Ptolemy says then:

Moreover if the givers are well configured to the planet that rules the place of the brothers then brothers will show friendship and goodwill; furthermore, if they will be well-configured with the Lot of Fortune, the brothers also have commonality of life. But if they are in places  in aversion or adverse position they will be hostile, envy, and in general they will undermine each other.

The Sun is widely conjunct with Mercury and Jupiter squared Mercury in mundo. So the older brother was friendly and caring; the younger was close to Mango and the others brother but sometimes not quite friendly. The sister and the other brother more distant from the other brethren.

The Lot of Brother is also in Virgo close to the culminating place from Venus. So Mercury is also the Lord of the Lot of Brothers. Mercury is parallel in mundo with Mars and is squared in mundo by Jupiter. We will see that this parallel with Mars in mundo will be important for the events closely following Mango’s death, that is, the older brother death and the other brothers hospitalization.

The last show

Let’s look at the Profection for 7th of December 2014. Mango was just 60 years old, so in this Profection the places for planets and horoscope are again in the same positions as in the geniture. Because the Sun is an aphetic place and Sun in the nativity is squared by  Mars the same configuration is found in the Profection. Also we can note that Jupiter lord of Moon and Horoscope, that is the time lord,  is in the VII house, in aversion with ascendant.

Let’s look at the Solar Revolution for the same year.

Mango Revolution

The Sun, Lord of the Revolution horoscope, is with star Arcturus, bright star of Mars-Jupiter nature, and is aspected with a dexter square by Jupiter.

The Moon is moving from the opposition of Mercury to the trine of Mars in the VI house.

The Solar Revolution horoscope at the beginning of Leo is conjunct with natal Jupiter.

The Revolution Sun, that is the Lord of the Horoscope of revolution, is squared by Mars of nativity.

Mars of Revolution is conjunct with Caput Draconis of nativity.

Mango Revolution Geniture

We see here many testimonies of Mars but also the presence of Jupiter. Though Jupiter is beneficial and helpful, it has to be take in account that Jupiter is always configured with a square in those charts and also in the geniture it is found in the VIII house, so its presence is not enough to avert and banish the dangerous influx of Mars but instead gives both a public and notable death and also a quick and without suffering one.

Finally  the Direction.

Mango Mundane Directions

We already know that I rectified the geniture in such a way that the promissor, the horoscope, was exactly reached by Direction of Mars by movement of the Primum Mobile. Since Mars, concerning illness is also significator of strokes and Mars is posited in Aquarius that  Albumasar says is connect to arterial illness, this configuration can be sign of a death caused by a heart attack. We notice also that Sun and Saturn directed are joined with Daimon or the Lot of Spirit of the nativity. Giuseppe Bezza, in one of his seminary, told that the conjunction of Sun with Daimon is a sign of death by heart attack. Moreover here Sun and Saturn direct are making a parallel in mundo with natal Tyche or Lot of Fortune. Jupiter directed is in VI house and squared natal Moon.

Mango Solar Revolution Direction

If we compare the Direction with Solar Revolution we see many relevant configurations.

Mars in Solar Revolution is conjunct with directed Sun.

Moon in Solar Revolution is conjunct with directed Mars.

Saturn in solar Revolution is opposed to directed Moon.

Jupiter in Solar Revolution is squared by directed Moon.

Here Mars strikes both luminaries and Jupiter again is not able to soothe the injuries.

The entwined destinies

Very surprisingly after the Mango’s death in the following few days before the funeral also his older brother died and the other two brother fell hill. This is a quite unusual event and we should find some signs in preceding figures. We can consider both Mercury and the Lot of Brothers as significator of Mango’s brothers.

The Lot of Brothers in the Solar Revolution is at supernal pivot showing something about the his brothers will be related to his career and will be noted.

Mercury directed have reached the term of Mars; it is in VIII house, it oppose natal Mars and square Sun and Saturn showing that his brothers will be also in danger.

As we have already seen talking about the planets givers of brother in Mango’s geniture, Sun is the significator of the older brother, the one who died shortly after him. In the Profection, the Solar Revolution and the Direction Sun is afflicted by Mars as bitterly as Mango’s horoscope.


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