A heritage to be saved

BootesOn Sunday morning 16th of November 2014 I went to Florence to attend the annual meeting of the Italian Classical Astrology Association ‘Cielo e Terra’. After the deaths of the  president, Giuseppe Bezza and vice president Marco Fumagalli, it was as our fathers, teachers and tutors were no more with us and like minor orphans we should try to find a way to lead the association through a difficult phase safely to new destinations. I was as many other friends and associates afraid of the difficulties, challenges and uncertainties we were going to face.

The meeting started around 11am in Florence.

Assemblea Cielo e Terra

The horoscope is in Capricorn and Mars exalted is in the Ist house close to the horizon. The lord of horoscope, Saturn is in Scorpio combust in the X house with Sun and Venus which is also combust. Saturn is dignified by term.Though Saturn, the lord of horoscope, is in X house dignified by term, is combust and so it’s not very able to  take action. In fact the association ceased almost any activity due to the illness of the president and vice president and now after their death is still trying to figure out how to managed their heritage and which activities promote for the future.

Mars exalted at the horoscope can be considerated a secondary lord of the horoscope, if not primary due to conjuction, having a great dignitiy over the ascendent. Mars, though, is against the hairesis, being in a diurnal chart, and so it doesn’t work for the benifit of the association. Mars could be a sign of conflict, lack of unity and antagonistic interests within the association.

At the eastern horizon the Aculeus Scorpionis, nebula of Moon and Mars nature, is rising. This nebula is also conjunct with Mars. Nebulae are generally harmful celestial bodies. About the Aculeus Scorpionis Jean Stade in ‘Fixis Stellis Commentarius’ (1560) says that the Sting of the Scorpio with the Lord of Geniture predicts poisoning.Mars actually is the dominus geniturae being the most essentially and accidentally dignified planet. So in this case the Aculeus Scorpionis can signify the poisoning effect of secret revalry , of personal interests and selfish ambition to be part of the leadership or to be in a position of supremacy in the italian community of classical astrology.

Mars is also  the Lord of Medium Coeli. Mercury in Scorpio, dignified by term and at the supernal pivot, squares Mars with a right ray. Here this aspect is a Epidekatéia, that is a a particular form of overeminance that occurs when the star is located right at the tenth place from the left planet and aspects it by a mundane square. It is the strongest form of overeminance and always determines the prevalence of the right star over the left one. Here Mercury prevail over Mars, though as many astrologer says, this configuration still concerns fear of the future, cunning, greed of the property of others and even theft. Also this configuration is good in astrologer and medic’s genitures. Definitely it’s a sign that the members of association are lover of knowledge and wish to take care of the treasures which the association has got but at the same time shows the greed for possension and control of such material and of predominance in the classical astrology community in Italy.

Mercury and Mars are also significator of activity. Because they are connect by square and   located at the oriental and supernal pivots they are very productive and so we can forecast that  the association will be quite active in the future.

The star Arcturus, of Mars Jupiter nature, is culminating and gives reputation and profit from managing and keeping of other’s fortunes. After the Giuseppe Bezza’s death his cultural heritage and also his huge amount of astrological material and writings should find a proper custodianship in a  public cultural institution, university or library. In any case the association will be warrantor of the accessibility and will be promoter of the teachings of Giuseppe Bezza and Marco Fumagalli for the improvement and spread of classical astrology.

The Moon is moving from Mars to Mercury and so it again underlines the Mars Mercury aspect.

The Lot of Fortune is combust with Saturn and Sun. Being combust, it will not be able to act and, though its lord, Mars,  is dignified and angular, the Lot is not connect with it. Moreover the Lot of Fortune conjunct with Sun shows that the life of the association can be in danger.

The Lot of Spirit instead, though is cadent, is connect with its lord, Mars and therefore the projects and will of the association will be pursued.

Finally some word about the secret enemies of the association. From the XII huose and its lord we can evalue their position. Here Jupiter the Lord of the XII house is on the cusp of the VII house in Leo, dignified only by triplicity. Since Jupiter is in aversion with the horoscope and Mars, lord of the chart, and deflux from the square with Saturn, Lord of the Horoscope, we can be quite sure that those secret enemies will be harmless.


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