A deadly joke

imageHumor can only exist where people still distinguish the line between what is important and what is not. And this border today is no longer distinguished. The Immortality, Milan Kundera

On 7 January 2015, two Islamist men raided into the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo and opened fire, killing twelve men and wounding eleven. The aim of the terrorist was to avenge the offence to the Islamic religion and to the prophet Mohammed supposedly perpetrated by the journalists and editor of Charlie Hebdo  for the appearance on the magazine of controversial Mohammed cartoons. The weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo was published every Wedneday since 1970 featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. Since its beginning it has been very famous  for  its irreverent and provoking satire involving religions and public personalities expecially politicians.

The attack took place around the 11,30 in the morning.

The horoscope is in Pisces and its lord, Jupiter, is retrograde, cadent in the VI house. The Moon in Leo  is moving from the opposition to Venus and Mercury, conjunct in Aquarius, to the conjunction with Jupiter and then opposing Mars at the end of Aquarius. So Moon is translating the light from Jupiter to Mars perfecting the aspect between them.  In addition the Moon is perfectly opposing Mercury in mondo, stressing Mercury, natural significator of press and journalists (here significantly with Venus as Charlie Hebdo also features cartoons).  Mercury is also the Lord of the III place so it’s also accidental significator of press. In addition Mercury and Venus are strictly aspected by a sinister square in mundo, a configuration called Decimation or Epidekateia,that is, when a planet is posited in the 10th house away from another one. The upper planet takes dominion over the lower one. Here Saturn takes the dominion and squares Mercury and Venus from the VIII place close to the cusp of the IX place and in conjunction with stars of violent nature: Graffias, of Mars-Saturn nature, and Antares, of Mars-Jupiter nature. So  the terrible judgment and punishment comes from Saturn the executioner. Since Mars is the Lord of the VIII house  and is in the XII house it’s a proper sign of a danger of death coming from hidden enemies.

Charlie Hebdo shooting

Let’s look now at the chart for the lunar eclipse on the 15 April 2014. The lunar eclipse was visible  from Paris just before sunrise. The eclipse started around 4:53 GMT and ended at 5:03 GMT.

Paris Lunar Eclipse 2014 Start Chart

Paris 15 April 2014. Lunar Eclipse begins

Paris Luna Eclipse 2014 End

Paris 15 Aprile 2014. Lunar Eclipse Ends. Moon setting.

Since the Moon was setting at the occident when the lunar eclipse was visible from Paris, according to Ptolemy, the effect of the lunar eclipse will start in the last third of one year from the eclipse date, that is, around the 15th of December 2014 till the 15th April 2015. Then the effect will last for no more than the same amount in months of the duration of the eclipse in hours. Since the eclipse was visible only for 10 minutes its effect will last for 5 days. So the Charlie Hebdo attempt happened inside the influx window opened by the lunar eclipse of 15 April 2014.

The lordship over the eclipse has to be found from the Moon and  the occident. Since Venus and Saturn are in aversion with the Moon and the occident we have to discard them even if both the significator have dignities over them. As Mars is conjunct both with Moon and the occident we can regard Mars as the lord of the eclipse with the participation of Mercury with Sun at the oriental horizon.

Moon and Mars conjuncted with their vis luminis

Moon and Mars conjuncted with their vis luminis

Ptolemy says about those lords:

Mars, when he assumes the rulership alone, is in general the cause of destruction through dryness and in particular, when the event concerns men, brings about wars, civil faction, capture, enslavement, uprisings, the wrath of leaders, and sudden deaths arising from such causes; moreover, fevers, tertian agues, raising of blood, swift and violent deaths, especially in the prime of life; similarly, violence, assaults, lawlessness, arson and murder, robbery and piracy.

Mercury, if he gains the rulership, is, generally speaking, in nature like whatever of the other planets may be associated with him. In particular, he is above all stimulating, and in predictions concerning men is keen and very practical, ingenious in any situation; but he causes robbery, theft, piracy, and assault, and furthermore, brings about unsuccessful voyaging when he is in aspect with the maleficent planets, and occasions diseases of dryness, quotidian agues, coughs, raising, and consumption. He is the cause of events taking place which concern the priestly code, the worship of the gods, the royal revenues, and of changes in customs and laws, from time to time, in consistency with his association with the other planets on each occasion.

So the lordship of Mars Mercury is appropriated because of the violent death and the involvement of religion and of changes in customs and laws.

And says Ptolemy:

Constellations of human form, both in the zodiac and among the fixed stars, cause the event to concern the human race.

The Moon was in the sign of Libra e with Spica in the constellation of Virgo, both anthropomorphic so the event will concern human beings.

Let’s look closely at the chat of the end of eclipse when the Moon is setting at the occident with Mars.  We see that Jupiter is located at the subterranean pivot with star Sirius of Mars-Jupiter nature. Jupiter is Lord both of the VIII and XII places and it’s squared by Moon and Mars at the occident and Sun and Mercury at the horoscope.

Below the picture shows Mercury and the star Vega and Spica lines over Paris at the time of beginning of lunar eclipse.

Paris Lunar Eclipse 2014 Start

The picture below instead is for the end of lunar eclipse when the Moon is setting with Mars over Paris.

Paris Lunar Ecplise 2014

Let’s look now at the syzygy before the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Jupiter, the Lord of horoscope is on the cusp of the IX place, connected with religions and ideologies, and it is opposed by Mars on the cusp of the III house, related to press and communication. Here Mars the lord of the eclipse, that we have already examined, is opposing Jupiter, lord of the horoscope. Moreover in this chart Mars is the lord of the XII house, significator of hidden enemies. It’s also noteworthy that Aldebaran, star of violent nature, is setting at the occident.

Syzygy before Charlie Hebdo shooting chart

Below we see the planet and star lines over Paris during the syzygy before the shooting.

Syzygy before Charlie Hebdo shooting


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