To conquer the red spring

126Remember, too, that if your country has the greatest name in all the world, it is because she never bent before disaster

from ‘Pericles’ Third Oration according to Thucydides

Alexis Tsipras, greek politician, leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) led his party to the victory in the general election held on 25 January 2015. He was able to raise the hopes of Greek citizens about the program to revive the national economy and improve the people life conditions and future. The following day he reached an agreement with with the right-wing populist Independent Greeks party to form a coalition. The same day Tsipras sworn in as new Greek prime minister with a civil rather than a religious oath of office marking a rupture for the first time in Greece political history with the tradition of religious Greek Orthodox ceremonial oath.

The geniture

Alexis Tsipras was born on 28 July 1974 around 1.50 am EET.

Alexis Tsipras

In order to have an idea of Alexis Tsipras as man we firstly look for his temperament. Since Ascendent and Moon have lordship over the body we inspect those ones in the geniture. The horoscope is in Gemini but doesn’t receive any aspect from planets. It’s lord, Mercury is expected by Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus. The Moon is in Scorpio so its lord is Mars. The Moon is waxing, near to the first quarter and so it is wet and warm. Also the Moon is moving from Jupiter  toward Mars. We can now elect as ptolemaic lords of the body primarily Mars and secondary Jupiter. Mars is making its heliacal setting and so it’s hot and very dry. Instead Jupiter is retrograde and oriental so it very hot and moist.  Moreover the star Aldebaran, of nature of Mars, is rising at the horoscope, adding a further martial flavor. We can conclude that Tsipras temperament is Sanguine Choleric. Since the horoscope is in the sign of Gemini, the most temperate sign, gives a nice complexion, a wide chest, a well shaped head,  and of average height says Montulmo. Since Saturn is conjunct with Mercury lord of Horoscope and it’s also making the heliacal rising Saturn is very wet and quite cold making Tsipras body more flashy and temperates the dryness of Mars.

From Mercury and the Moon we find the Lord of the Soul. Since Mercury in Cancer receives Jupiter in Pisces and Jupiter also trines the Moon,  Jupiter have lordship over his soul. Mars also is configured with the Moon and has lordship over it. Moreover Mercury is conjunct with Saturn and configured with Mars. So Jupiter lord of the soul is supported by Mars and Saturn.

Ptolemy say

Jupiter allied with Mars in honourable positions makes his subjects rough, pugnacious, military, managerial, restless, unruly, ardent, reckless, practical, outspoken, critical, effective, contentious, commanding, given to plotting, respectable, virile, fond of victory, but magnanimous, ambitious, passionate, judicious, successful.

Since Mars is accidentally dignified in the fourth place and Jupiter in Pisces, being in its domicile, is essentially dignified,  Mars and Jupiter give their best influence over his soul.

Moreover, since Saturn is its heliacal rising and so in a dignified position:

Saturn, allied with Jupiter in the way described, again in dignified positions, makes his subjects good, respectful to elders, sedate, noble-minded, helpful, critical, fond of possessions, magnanimous, generous, of good intentions, lovers of their friends, gentle, wise, patient, philosophical

About the quality of Action Mercury is the lord being oriental and closer to the Sun. Mercury is with Saturn and receive Jupiter by trine.

For if Mercury governs action, to speak generally, he makes his subjects scribes, men of business, calculators, teachers, merchants, bankers, soothsayers, astrologers, sacrificers, and in general those who perform their functions by means of documents, interpretation, and giving and taking. And if Saturn testifies to him, they will be managers of the property of others, interpreters of dreams, or frequenters of temples for the purpose of prophecies and inspiration. If it is Jupiter that witnesses, they will be law-makers, p385orators, sophists, who enjoy familiarity with great persons.

Since Mercury, lord of activity, is in Cancer, sign called political and popular, the political career as leader of a radical left coalition is very well appropriated.

Jupiter in its domicile in X house is with Fomalauth, the Fish’s Mouth which gives honor and fame.
The material fortune that will be gained can be determined by the Lot of Fortune or ptolemaic Tyche. Tsipras Tyche is in Virgo in the fourth place close to the Imum Coeli and in conjunction with Mars and the star Regolus, Cor Leonis, of nature of Mars Jupiter. Its lord is Mercury aspects it by sextile in mundo. We can say therefore that Tsipras will gain fortune through his work and activities associated with Mercury and Mars, that is, with oratory and commanding, says Ptolemy, that clearly describe a career as politician.

Tsipras’ oath

Let’s look at the event chart for the moment when Tsipras swore in.
Tsipras oath

Mars is in Pisces with Fomalauth al the Medium Coeli. Fomalauth is a star of nature of Venus and Mercury and Cardan says that it gives never-ending fame. We note that radix Jupiter is in conjunction with Mars at the supernal pivot in the oath chart. This aspect is quite significative because in Tsipras’ geniture Jupiter is in the X place and in its domicile in Pisces; moreover radix Mercury lord of the horoscope and lord of activities is in Cancer  and receives Jupiter. This are strong signs that Tsipras’ government will be notable and eminent.

According to the 83th aphorism of the Ptolemaic Centiloquium:

The time of craving any thing at the king’s hands, doth show the affection betwixt the king and the petitioner; viz., the time when the petitioner receives the dignity granted him, shall show the quality of action depending upon the preferment, &c.

Since Greece is a democracy, the king is actually the greek citizens. So the moment of the election shows the affection between the people and the government, instead the moment of the oath shows the quality of action in the course of his work as prime minister.

The Moon, lord of horoscope, is in Aries in the IX place moving from Jupiter and applying to Venus. The Moon lord, Mars is conjunct with the Medium Coeli and makes an antiparallel of declination with the Moon itself. We see therefore the combative determination of the prime minister to pursue the government program and the promises to his electors. In addition the presence of the Moon in the XI place shows his concerning to find allies nationally and internationally, in particular among the european countries, to renegotiate the economic aid. Moon made the last contact with Jupiter the lord of  the Medium Coeli, showing the victory of the election and the installation as prime minister. But the Moon  is applying to Venus, lord of the XII place and V place, in Aquarius in the IX place showing the difficulties and hidden enemies he will face in the international relationship with european countries and Germany and the need for younger generation to expatriate in order to have a better future. Since Mars is the lord of the VI place, concerning production, in particular agriculture products and the working class especially the public employees, those subjects will improve and will gain a more favorable position as suggested by Mars placement in the upper corner. The counterparts are signified by the VII place and  its lord. Since the main concerning of Tsipras’ government is to negotiate the debts payment to creditors and improve the economic condition of his country the counterpart definitely will be Germany and the other european countries which aided Greece with monetary injections. Saturn is the lord of the seventh house but significantly is also the lord of the VIII and IX houses. The VIII place signifies the national debit and the IX place the foreign countries and the international relationships.  Since Saturn is in the VI place in an inactive place probably their effort to impose their agenda on Tsipras’ government will fail, though production and working class will be threat by their initiatives as we can expect from the dexter square of Saturn to Mars. Moreover Jupiter is expecting Saturn with a dexter square in mundo, that is an epidekateia, which is a sign that government program will be achieved through difficulties and efforts and finally the power of the prime minister will prevail. Mercury opposes Jupiter along the axis of the III and IX places indicating a conflict between the prime minister and his opponents exacerbated by international declaration and by national public opinion and press.


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