Darkened equinox: through different shades

portolanoLet’s us consider in details some notable horoscopes for particular localities during the recent solar eclipse. Since, as we’ve already seen, the eclipse is supposed to affect, due to the Ptolemy’s doctrine of elemental trines, the Anatolian peninsula and Libya, let’s start with those horoscopes. Below we can see the the chart for Istambul.

Solar Eclipse 2015 Istanbul We see in this chart that the syzygy is at the upper pivot. In Istanbul the eclipse lasts 2 hour and 9 minutes, so the effects will last for about 2 years and 2 months. We can expect an event between the April and November 2016. Since Saturn trines the syzygy both in the zodiac and in mundo, Saturn is the lord of the eclipse. We note also the star Rigel of nature of Jupiter and Saturn. Rigel can signifies strict control of political power over the city or the rising of a authoritarian leader or a violent storm. Let’s now have a look for the chart for Ankara. Solar Eclipse 2015 Ankara Here, even if Ankara is not so far from Istanbul, the general tone is different. The upper pivot is in the first degrees of Aries and so in bound of Jupiter. Also Jupiter trines in mundo the syzygy in addition of the zodiacal trine of Sun to Jupiter. Moreover the rising degree is in Cancer in terms of Jupiter. So Jupiter here seems to takes the leadership over the syzygy. Probably the government of Turkey, which is very located in Ankara, will gain more stability and durability. But the star Pollux, of nature of Mars, rising at the horoscope make us suppose that government will gain more power making use of violence and force.

Let’s now move to North West Africa.

Firstly we consider the chart for Tripoli, Libya.

solar Eclipse 2015 Tripoli

Here we see also the influence of Mercury which add a turbulence and quickness to the outcome. The political situation in Libya at the moment is very caotic and uncertain. Probably this political instability will last, and  moreover destruction,  poverty, waist of natural resourses and maybe a redefinition of geographical boundaries

Solar Eclipse 2015 Algiers In the chart for Algiers we see the strong lordship of Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn has dignity over the upper pivot by domicile and Jupiter by term. Saturn is on the occidental horizon and Jupiter is at the inferior pivot.

Let’s study now other notable chart, not located in geographical areas under the water trine, but in places closer to the zone of max obscuration. Solar Eclipse 2015 Kiev Here we see the lordship of Jupiter, since Jupiter has dignity over the upper pivot and trines in mundo the syzygy. Moreover Jupiter is lord of the horoscope by domicile and term. Rigel is rising. Let’s compare the chart above with the following one for Saint Petersburg. Solar Eclipse 2015 St. Petersburg Here Jupiter doesn’t trine in mundo the Syzygy and so Saturn has the the lordship. Rigel is still rising. Let’s stay in Russia with the following chart, locate in Nizhniy Novgorod. Solar Eclipse 2015 Nizhniy Novgorod Here Mars has lordship with Saturn and Jupiter. Mars makes a Decimation o Epidekateia on Jupiter. So riots, violence and incidents are possible outcome.



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