The Dragon and the Moon

dragon The Total Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of April will be visible in most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia. The Moon  will be in the sign of Libra and so, according to Ptolemy, the eclipse will affect China from which is visible. In fact Ptolemy says:

Bactriana, Casperia, and Serica are akin to Libra and Venus

Below the chart for Shanghai Lunar Eclipse April 2015 Moon is in Libra, in which Saturn is exalted, and in the bounds of Jupiter. The Moon is moving from a sextile with Jupiter to the syzygy with the Sun. The Moon is also in sextile in mondo with Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn also trines the Sun in mundo.  Actually the aspects by which Saturn is configured with the Luminaries are quite peculiar: they are equicrure o isosceles aspects in mundo. The equicrure aspect in mundo or equicruria in mundo is present when the horary distance between each planet and the angle is equal. Here Saturn is distant from the Horoscope as much as the Moon;  also Saturn is distant according to the horary motion from the subterranean pivot as much as the Sun. As Placidus de Titi says, this identical condition compared to the  great circles of the local sphere is a very strong figure. Mars in detriment in Taurus is feralis, that is, free from any aspect with other planets. Mars is falling from the western angle but it almost in the five equatorial degree from the angle that Ptolemy advises to consider. Mars is also Lord of the Horoscope. So Saturn have dominion over the syzygy. But Jupiter participate so he soothes the harsh influx of Saturn. Since the Moon is in the constellation of Virgo, which is a human figure the eclipse can affect the  human beings and because of the lordship of Saturn it can cause illness and death. Also Ptolemy says that the constellation of Virgo, being  winged, can signify the volatiles and so poultry can be affected by a disease which in turn can concern also men. Since the Star Canopus in the ship Argo constellation is setting on the occidental horizon the event can be a shipwreck or a tempest or a river flood or even pollution in the water and fish deaths. Being Saturn occidental to the Moon the event affected will be great. The eclipse starts at 18:15 and ends at 21:44, lasting for 3 hours and 29 minutes. So the event will last for 3 months and a half and will occure between Aprile and beginning of September.

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