Yangtze river: dangerous charm

Yangtze River

Yangtze River

A cruise for tourists on the Yangtze, between Nanjing and Chongqing in a few minutes became a catastrophe that has engulfed more than 400 people. In the night of the 1st of June the ship Dongfangzhixing (Eastern Star) carrying more than 450 people, capsized during a powerful storm in Hubei province. It was 9:28 pm when the Eastern Star sank quickly after a supposedely rare tornado has occurred in the vicinity of the ship. The Yangtze River accident is possibly one of the worst tornado-related disasters in modern Chinese history and it may prove to be the worst boat accident in China since a steamship blew up in 1948.

Eastern Star Route

Eastern Star Route

The ship left the Nanjing harbour the 28th of May at 13:18 and capsized in Jianli County the 1st of June at 21:28.

As I wrote in my previous post The Dragon and the Moon the recent Moon eclipse in Libra suggested that something was going to happen in China.

In the figure I drew for Shanghai I noticed that star Canopus was setting on the western horizon:

Since the Star Canopus in the ship Argo constellation is setting on the occidental horizon the event can be a shipwreck or a tempest or a river flood or even pollution in the water and fish deaths.

Moon Eclipse in Nanjing
In the lunar eclipse chart below, drawn for Nanjing, the departure harbour, we recognize the same configurations already seen in the chart for Shanghai. The equicruria in mundo between the Moon and Saturn and also between the Sun and Saturn, which is the lord of the syzygy. On the western horizon the star Canopus with Mars which is feralis and in detriment in Taurus.

Lunar Eclipse April 2015 Nanjing
Moon Eclipse in Jianli County
The Moon’s eclipse chart for Jianli County, the place where the ship capsized. Mars is still on the occidental horizon, feralis and in detriment. The Moon is parallel in mundo with Venus which is with Canopus. Also the Sun is in parallel in mundo with Venus. The luminary actually are making two equicrure aspects in mundo with Venus. The Moon is moving from the sextile of Jupiter which is retrograde and therefore cannot help. Satun is sextile with the Moon and in antiparallel with Venus.

Lunar Eclipse April 2015 Jianli


Ship departure chart
Let’s look at the chart for the ship departure. Lilly says that the ascendant and the Moon signify the body of the ship, the lord of the ascendant those that sail in her. The ascendent receives a sextile from Venus. Venus is in equicrure aspect in mundo with Saturn though and therefore cannot soothe the other malefic signs. The Moon is in the first house moving from the sextile with Saturn to the square with the Sun, Mercury and Mars. But the worst sign is the Lord of ascendent, Mercury, combust, retrograde,conjuncted with Mars and Aldebaran and cadent from the superior angle.

Eastern Star Departure
Ship capsizing chart
When the ship capsized the star Antares of violent nature was rising at the oriental horizon. The Moon was moving from Saturn and applying to Jupiter which is in declination parallel with Mars and antiparallel with Saturn. Moreover the Moon at 12° of Libra was going to conjunct with the place of eclipse which was at 14° of Libra. Mars is with the Part of Fortune and with Canopus, the bright star in the constellation of Argo Navis.

Eastern Star Capsize

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