The roof of the world shakes


“If there is a deep mountain
Without shake it should maintain” – The Six Similes of Meditation – Milarepa

The Nepalese earthquake that happened in April was one of the worst ever occurred: more than 8,800 people were killed and 23,000 injured. Many people were made homeless and entire villages were flattened and houses and historical buildings completely destroyed.

According to Ptolemy in mundane astrology we should expect to find a suitable eclipse which acts as herald announcing the incoming event. But if we search in the previous months and years we don’t find an eclipse visible from Nepal which occurred in the suitable range of time. The only eclipse which fulfill such requirements was the Moon eclipse on the 4th of April 2015. I was prepared to find something more rare and striking than a trivial lunar eclipse. I noted though that the epicenter was close in longitude to the places of earth when the comet Lovejoy was at the meridian during the new moon of January. As I wrote about Kolkata in a previous post The emerald messenger, during the new Moon after the first visibility of the comet by necked eye, the comet Lovejoy was at the Medium Coeli in localities which have roughly the same longitude of Kolkata. Below we can see the sky during the new Moon in January 20th 13:13 UT for the epicenter Besisahar, Lamjung, Nepal.

Comet Loverjover over Lamjung

Comet Loverjover over Lamjung



The comet Lovejoy is close to the Meridian, reaching the upper pivot. It has already crossed the ecliptic and it is just north of the ecliptic in the constellation of Aries near the stars of the tail of Aries as Botain. Moreover the comet is roughly at the zenit over Besisahar.

Gerolamo Cardano  in the Libellus de Supplemento Almanach, chapter X, wrote:

“Habent hae stellae potestatem magnam supra loca, quoniam semel qualibet die supra civitatem perpendiculariter insistunt”

“The stars have great power over those places over which once in a day are perpendicular”

Below we see the chart for that moment.
Lovejoy Nepal

The comet is with the malefic star Algol, the Head of Medusa at the Medium Coeli. Since the comet is in the sign of Taurus affects those places under the influence of the triangle of earth and sign of Taurus. and Nepal is under the influence of Capricorn as India then the comet has lordship over it. Furthermore the comet is greenish, quick, with a long tail so its nature is mainly of Mercury and secondarily of Venus. As Cardano says

If it’s mercurial makes lighting bolts, thunders, earthquakes, strong winds and destructive tempests also new arts and inventions though dangerous for humans.

Let’s look at the chart for the Moon eclipse on the 4th of April.
Lunar Eclipse Nepal


The lord of the Moon, Venus is in Taurus but in aversion with her, doing no aspects (feralis) and  with the place where comet was in the previous chart. Moreover Saturn which has lordship over the syzygy is with the Graffias, the star of the head of Scorpio.

Below we see the chart for the earthquake. The Sun, Lord of the horoscope, is at the Medium Coeli. The Moon is in the XII house with Sirius moving from Mercury and  Mars in Taurus in the X house to Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury and Mars are conjuncted with the star Algol in the place where the comet was at her first appearance during the new Moon of January.

Nepal earthquake



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