Like mother like daughter

Whitney-BobbiOn the 26 of July 2015 Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston’s daughter died. She was kept in a medically induced coma after her husband found her face down in the tub in her Georgia home. It was only three year after that her mother, Whitney Houston, died in theBeverly Hills Hilton hotel, drowned accidentally in the bathtub.

The mother


Saturn, the out-of-sect malefic, in its domicile in Aquarius in XII place is in opposition to the Sun and Venus. Also it is in sextile with the Moon and Jupiter, Lord of the Horoscope, in Aries. So Saturn could be the anareta.

Whitney died on the 11 February 2012. Whitney-Solar-Return-2011In the Solar Return for the 2011 Saturn is rising at the easter horizon in its exaltation in Libra. The Lord of the horoscope, Venus, is combust in Leo.


We see here that Saturn in the Solar Return is in opposition to the Moon and Jupiter of the nativity. Moreover Saturn in the geniture is in opposition to the Sun and Venus in the  Solar Return.

In the profection for the 11th of February 2012 the profected Sun reaches the the occidental horizon.

Finally at that time the directed Horoscope in the zodiac is arrived at the 20° of Taurus and so it squares the Saturn of nativity at 20° of Aquarius.

Ptolemy says:

When Saturn is out-of-sect and opposes or squares the Sun in the solid signs he causes death by trampling in a mob, or by the noose, or by indurations. […] In Virgo and Pisces, or the watery signs, if the moon is in aspect, by drowning and suffocation in water

In Whitney’s geniture Saturn is the watery sign of Aquarius, in the fish tail of the Capricorn and is in opposition to the Sun and the it receives the application of the Moon.

The daughter


Bobbi Kristina’s geniture is diurnal so the out-of-sect malefic is Mars. The Afeta is Sun in Pisces and Mars trines him from Cancer. Mars from its fall in Cancer trines Saturn in mundo.  Saturn, the Lord of the VIII place is in Aquarius in parallel in mundo with the Sun and Mercury in Pisces.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscius in her bathtub on January 31, 2015. In the previous Solar Return the Ascendent is in Cancer. The Moon, Lord of the Ascendent, is in the last degree of Aries, going to conjunction with Cauda and Mars, being her dispositor, is opposing her from the last degree of Libra. Saturn in Scorpio is in a equicrure aspect in mundo with the Sun.


In the Solar Return preceding her death, Mars is in Aries on the occidental horizon with Cauda and Venus which is the Lord of the Horoscope.


In september of 2013 the Moon of direction reaches Mars radix and in february the of 2015 the Sun of direction reaches Saturn of nativity. Both the malefics in succession threatened the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

In the nativity Saturn is in Aquarius, but the Moon is not especting Saturn because she in aversion with it. Saturn in the nativity is Lord of the VIII place though. That seems enough to inflict to her the same destiny of her mother.

Direction in Mundo

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