A travel companion


Audi dea regina, lucifera, diva Luna

Tauricornis Mene, noctu currens, aerivaga,

nocturna, facitenens, puella, bene stellata, Luna,

quae crecis et decrecis, foeminaque et mas,

fulgens, equorum amatrix, temporis mater, fructifera,

electris, iracunda, splendoris causa nocturna,

omnispica, vigilarum amatrix, pulchris syderibus abundans,

quiete gaudens et delectatione beatifica,

lucida, laetitiae datrix, perfectrix noctis oblectamentum,

astritenens, latipeple, vagi cursus, sapietissima puella:

venias beata, benevola, pulchristella, lumine tuo

micans, conservans tuos supplices, proba puella

Orphic Hymn to the Moon (translated by Marsilio Ficino)

During the past months planning the journey for my incoming summer holidays I decided to prepare a talisman to help me to have a safe and pleasant trip. So I took the  Picatrix book and found the description of a suitable talisman:

Ymago Lunae. Si ex formis Lune feceris formam hominis caput avis habentis, et se supra baculum sustentantis, et in eius manu similitudinem arboris floride habentis, in hora Lune sub ascensione eius exaltacionis, ipsa in ea existente, qui hanc ymaginem secum detulerit numquam in itinere erit fessus undecumque vadat.

Moon Talisman. If for the image of the Moon you will make the shape of a man having the head of a bird, leaning on a stick and having in his hand a branch in blossom, in the hour of the Moon while her exaltation sign is ascending, herself being there, the one who will carry such image will not be in trouble during his journey wherever he will go

The talisman election

I found a suitable moment for drawing the talisman:

Moon Talisman

The Moon is in Taurus in her exaltation, rising at the horoscope. The planetary hour was of Venus instead of the Moon, though Venus is the Lord of the Moon and of the Horoscope and it is with Jupiter in Leo in the V place, a succedent house, house of joy of Venus. The malefic planet are not harming: Mars is cadent and Saturn close to the VII house cusp in aversion with the horoscope and the Moon.

The image of the Moon

From the Picatrix description of the Moon image it not difficult to recognize the egyptian god Thoth. The ibis headed Thoth is a god of the Moon. He is connected with wisdom, science and measuring of time and space.  So the image of the Moon in Picatrix can be interpreted as the god Thoth holding a stick and a bunch of lotus flowers. The lotus flower is a symbol of the power of healing and regeneration.


Drawing the talisman

Though I recognize the god Thoth in the Moon image of Picatrix I decided to depict the image in a hermetic style.


After the drawing of the talisman I consecrated it by chanting the Orphic Hymn to the Moon as translated in latin by the beloved master Marsilio Ficino.

1 thought on “A travel companion

  1. ariadnerainbird

    Ive been trying to find all of Ficino’s translations of the Orphic Hymns in Latin (I know he only actually translated a few of them.) A couple of years ago I found a website which had a few of them on, but that website no longer exists. Yours is the only one I can now find which has any of them in Latin at all. Just wondering what your source is for Ficino’s Latin translation of the Hymn to the Moon, and if you have any sources for Ficino’s translations of the Hymns into Latin? Do yo have any of his other Latin translations? Or any Latin translations by anyone else of any of the Orphic Hymns? Would be much appreciated if you could help?


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