The Ides of October

Max Klinger - Death of Caesar

Max Klinger – Death of Caesar

Et tu, Brute? Shakespeare – Julius Caesar

On the 30 of October the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, was forced to leave.
He was elected Mayor of Rome in June 2013. Due to an expense scandal on 12 October 2015, Marino resigned from the Office of Mayor but on 29 October he retired the resignation, after some demonstrations by his supporters who asked him to remain in charge. Nevertheless, on 30 October he decayed from his position after 26 of the 48 members of the City Council resigned. The whole story appears both farcical and dramatic. In November 2014, the Mayor Marino was accused of having enter with his car the restricted traffic area in the center of Rome eight times without permission and without paying the fines. In this regard, the investigative office of Rome, in February 2015, ascertained that the computer system was hackered to sabotage the transit permission of the mayor. Afterward he was accused of alleged irregularities in certain payments made to employees by Imagine, non-profit organization he founded in 2005. Due to this new scandal he was left without the support of his political party, the centre-left Democratic Party and he reacted weakly and without shrewdness to the situation making him to lose credibility in the public opinion and finally leading him to resign. Marino was unable to secure himself and his political activity from the strategies of his opponents who wanted to get rid of him. He was a hindrance to many established power in Rome, both illegal and legal, as corrupted politicians and criminal organizations and the Roman Catholic lobbies and Vatican. In fact shortly after his victory in the elections he was approached by an organised crime network which rigged public contracts and embezzled funds. Marino took the case to prosecutors, starting the 2014 corruption scandal, involving the government of the city of Rome, in which alleged criminal organizations misappropriated money destined for city services. Moreover, though he is catholic, he actively operates to promote gay rights, gay civil partnership and to legally recognize the right of people engaged in gay marriage acquired abroad. Also he strongly supported the introduction of a law about the advance health care directive or living will, writing books, articles and debating with conservative catholics and politicians. His opinion is very authoritative because he is a renowned and famous surgeon. He trained with Thomas Starzl, who had pioneered liver transplantion in humans. In the United States he has held chairs as Professor of Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh and at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Moreover he founded in Palermo the ISMETT (Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies), the first liver transplant centre in Sicily.
Marino has personally performed over 650 transplants.

The Nativity

Ignazio Marino


Since the Moon in Libra at the supernal pivot squaring the horoscope and applying to Venus, Venus is a Lord of Temperament. Jupiter also participates because is the Lord of Horoscope by domicile, triplicity and bounds and it is exalted in Cancer.

The two benefic planets give a pleasant complexion. Venus gives him a round shaped face and bright eyes

Lord of the Soul

As we have already seen, Venus rules over the Moon and so Venus is also Lord of the Soul. Since Mercury in Aquarius is squared by its lord Saturn, and the Moon is in the exaltation and bounds of Saturn and in sextile with it, Saturn participates.

Ptolemy says

Allied with Venus in honourable positions Saturn makes his subjects haters of women, lovers of antiquity, solitary, unpleasant to meet, unambitious, hating the beautiful, envious, stern in social relations, not companionable, of fixed opinions, prophetic, given to the practice of religious rites, lovers of mysteries and initiations, performers of sacrificial rites, mystics, religious addicts, but dignified and reverent, modest, philosophical, faithful in marriage,self-controlled, calculating, cautious, quick to take offence, and easily led by jealousy to be suspicious of their wives.

Venus, the benefic planet is predominant so his manners are slightly effected by the cold influence of Saturn, cadent, retrograde and peregrine. He is dignified and reverent, modest, self-controlled but also neat and cheerful though clumsy in hostile environment.

Lord of Activity

Mercury in Aquarius is the oriental closest planet to the Sun and it is also Lord of the MC in Virgo so it is the Lord of Activity. Mercury is squared by Saturn in Scorpio and in antiparallel of declination with Mars in Taurus. Moreover Mars is the bound lord of Mercury and the MC.

Mercury is the Lord of Activity but I think Mars it should be considered as participating since it is in aspect with Mercury, being also its bound lord and though it is not oriental, it is very fast in motion being very close to the heliacal setting. Saturn is too weak, being cadent in the twelfth place, peregrine and retrograde, to be able to really testify.

Ptolemy says:

If Mercury and Mars together assume lordship of action, they produce sculptors, armourers, makers of sacred monuments, modellers, wrestlers, physicians, surgeons, accusers, adulterers, evil-doers, forgers.


We must note that the Moon is very close to the MC and that she is applying to her lord Venus, which is also oriental to the Sun. Venus receives Mars from Taurus by square.

Ptolemy says:

But if Venus and Mars together dominate action, they produce dyers, perfumers, workers in tin, lead, gold, and silver, farmers, dancers in armour, druggists, physicians who employ drugs in their treatments.

Mercury as a lord of Activity is located in the sign of Aquarius so the activity concerns scientific pursuits or those useful to man.
Since the Moon is located at the supernal pivot in Libra, a popular sign, his actions are public and popular and he is also involved in political and social activities.

About the Moon at the MC, Rethorius says:

The Moon in the culminating sign, angular, in sect makes a man great, mighty, king, lord of life and death.

Moreover Venus is doryphoros of the Moon since the Moon in Libra is applying to Venus and Venus is domicile lord of Libra. This is a sign of eminence.

The treachery

The 30 October more than half of the members of the City Council resigned and so Marino decayed from Mayor of Rome. His political party, the Democratic Party (PD) sacrificed him to realpolitik.

The solar return

Solar Return 2015

Solar Return 2015

The Moon is void of course in the IV place in fall in Scorpio.  The Sun, Lord of the Horoscope, is peregrine, cadent in the IX place. The star Procyon, of nature of Mars and Mercury at the horoscope, rising in the day it’s a sign of risk, of intrigue and lack of friends. Also Presaepe, the nebulae of Cancer, is at the horoscope, which is, regarding the actions, a sign of inconstancy and decrease. The Liber Hermetis calls the nebulae Presaepe velamen secularium rerum, that is, the concealment of worldly things.

Jupiter is in the first place but retrograde and peregrine. Jupiter is in trine with Mars.

Mars the malefic out-of-sect, lord of MC, is in its domicile in Aries at the Midheaven with Cauda. Mars here is strong but not beneficent. Venus the Lord of the IC is conjuncted with MC in detriment in Aries. Tyche, the Part of Fortune, is in the VIII place, in aversion with its Lord, Jupiter and squared by Saturn. Saturn is with Antares, star of violent nature.

Notable is that Saturn of Revolution is over the Horoscope of Nativity. Saturn in the geniture is the out of sect malefic and  is on the cusp of the XII house possibly meaning hidden enemies and obstacles.

The Mc reached the bounds of Saturn by direction on April 2013 just one month before he was elected Mayor of Rome and will remain in Saturn bounds till September 2019. Meanwhile the Moon was in parallel in mundo with Saturn by direction at the beginning of 2015.

The Embolismic Lunation

Embolismic Lunation October 2015

Embolismic Lunation October 2015

Let’s look to the comparison between Marino’s geniture and the Embolismic Lunation of October 2015. The Embolismic Lunation occurs when the Moon has the same aspect with the Sun as she had in the geniture, that is, after a integer numbers of lunar months after the nativity. Here we see the Moon in the Embolismic Lunation of October 2015 in opposition to Saturn of Nativity.



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