The common terrorist

The deeds were monstrous, but the doer was quite ordinary, commonplace, and neither demonic nor monstrous. Banality of Evil – Hannah Arendt

Omar Ismail Mostefai was  the 29-years-old  French terrorist of Algerian origin who attacked with other two terrorists at the Bataclan theatre, where a rock concert with 1500 people in the audience took place. He blew himself up with suicide west in Bataclan theatre after having killed 87 members of the audience.

He was raised in the Parisian suburb of Courcourronnes, where he lived with his large family and he was involved in petty crime and arrested eight times but never put in jail. He was known by investigators as a possible radical muslim but he never underwent further investigations.

He was a young guy, used to hang out with mates and spend time racing car. One of his acquaintances remember him as a good person, the kind of guy who, if you had an issue with a group from another area, would help you out.

In the last few years Mostefai had a young daughter and moved in the area of Chartres.

The geniture

Omar Ismail Mostefai.png

I rectified the geniture for the day of his death.

Since the nativity is diurnal and the Sun is on the cusp of the IX place, the Sun is the Apheta. But the Moon in the first place applying to the Sun is also quite powerful. The out-of-sect malefic is Mars in exile in Libra in the  VII place.

The direction of  death

By direction the bounds of Saturn reached the Moon at the end of July 2012 then the bounds of Mars reach the Moon in 25th November 2015. Just before the shift from bound of Saturn to bounds of Mars, Mars of direction makes a parallel in mundo with the Moon.

Death's direction.png

The last Solar Return

Solar Retun 2014.png

The Luminaries are in the VIII place in aversion with the horoscope. Also Mercury,Venus and Saturn are in the VIII place. Venus and Saturn are combust. The Moon in fall in Scorpio. Jupiter is in the cadent VI place. All planet are peregrine except Saturn in its own terms and Mars in exaltation in Capricorn. Mars, lord of the horoscope, square in mundo both the Moon and Mercury. So no benefic planet can help and the out-of-sect Mars receives the Moon.

The profection

Mostefai's profection.png

In the protection for the day of the terroristic attack, the profected horoscope is on the occident of the nativity. Moreover the Mars of profection is almost in conjunction with the Moon of nativity.

The Lord of Activity

Venus is oriental but it’s not making an appearance so it couldn’t be the lord of activity. Also Mercury, retrograde, under the sun rays is not suitable.


Mars is oriental, doing the heliacal rising so Mars is the Lord of activity. Mars is out-of-sect in detriment in Libra but it is in the angular VII house and so it is able to act but in a very unpleasant and harmful way.

Mars is in aspect with Jupiter and Mercury, and in parallel of declination with the Moon.

Valens say about Mars which trines with Jupiter:

They become bunglers of army and naval battles; they become bandit chiefs, violent leaders, sadists, drinkers of blood. If the nativity is professional, e.g. a notary or a lawyer, the native becomes an informer. If the configuration includes Mercury, and if the moon has contact with Mars, the situation is quite terrible: such men become worse than wild beasts.

Moreover Rethorius says about the seventh place:

Mars in this place, in the day, makes those who are full of trouble, wicked, violent murders, torturers, traitors. Some are short-lived, especially if this star aspects the angular Moon. Indeed, in general, Mars in this place, and in the night than in the day, makes those who suffer a violent death. When in alien places it causes sickness and causes hardships, injuries and falls. By night creates troubles and upheavals in every activities;also it brings burns or iron wounds or hidden pain when the year comes to its government. It brings activities connected with iron or fire or with military art or violence or torture and killing of men or convictions.

The Lord of the Soul

Jupiter rules over Mercury and the Moon, being the lord of their domicile, and also is in aspect with Mercury. Moreover the Moon is applying to Sun and Saturn and Jupiter and Saturn are in parallel of declination. Also between Jupiter and Saturn there is commutatio, that is, they dispose of each other, being the lord of the domicile of the other one. This familiarities bound the two planets.

Jupiter is occidental, peregrine and cadent in the XII place, Saturn is combust, peregrine in a succedent house so they are both debilited and weak.

Ptolemy says:

Saturn, allied with Jupiter in the way described, again in dignified positions, makes his subjects good, respectful to elders, sedate, noble-minded, helpful,critical, fond of possessions, magnanimous, generous, of good intentions, lovers of their friends, gentle, wise, patient, philosophical; but in the opposite positions, he makes them uncultured, mad, easily frightened, superstitious, frequenters of shrines, public confessors of ailments, suspicious, hating their own children, friendless, hiding within doors, without judgement, faithless, knavishly foolish, venomous, hypocritical, ineffective, unambitious, prone to change their minds, stern, hard to speak with or to approach, cautious, but nevertheless foolish and submissive to abuse.


3 thoughts on “The common terrorist

  1. Pod nieboskłonem

    Hi! It’s again me and my questions 😀

    “Venus is oriental but it’s not making an appearance so it couldn’t be the lord of activity.” – ok, although it’s ~15 degrees from Sun, it’s according to your astro program visible also 7 days before and after nativity, there’s nothing change in this 2 weeks period, so it isn’t making appearance.

    However, “Mars is oriental, doing the heliacal rising so Mars is the Lord of activity.” – why? Mars is far away from Sun, much, much more than 15 degrees, and according to your program – the same situation like with Venus – Mars is visible 7 days before, during, and after nativity.

    I’m still beginer in hellenistic approach, so soory for silly questions… How should I understand making phasis to follow you?

    All the best and again thank you for your blog posts!

    1. devitacoelituscomparanda Post author

      Hi! 😉 Checking if a planet is making an appearance is not easy. It depends on many factors: difference of the planet’s azimuth and Sun’s azimuth, magnitude of the planet, condition of the atmosphere, refraction. Actually to calculate the appearance of a planet the arcus visionis is used with some corrections. The arcus visionis is defined as the difference in altitude between the star or planet and the Sun at the moment when the star or planet is observed at the horizon, calculated without the effect of refraction. The astrology software Phasis uses an algorithm based on arcus visionis of the planet or star to estimate if that planet or star is visible. So relying only to zodiacal distance of the planet from the Sun is not accurate.
      In this case Mars is visible, oriental and fast. It’s not making a heliacal rising though, you are right! Because in order to make an heliacal rising it shouldn’t have been visible in the preceding 7 days. This is not the case as Mars started to be visible in September 1985. You can check the visibility of a planet also with the software Alcyon (
      Anyway a planet makes a helical rising only few days in the whole year and in order to find the Lord of Acitivity, as Ptolemy says, we must look only for heliacal rising of fastest planets, that is, Mars, Venus or Mercury and from planet close to the upper angle in particular is the Moon is applying to it. In many genitures it’s not possible to find any planet fulfilling the previous conditions. In such cases Ptolemy says that the native will not have a specific profession. In fact he says: “But if not one is found which either has made an appearance or is at mid‑heaven, we must take the lord of the latter region, with reference however to the occasional pursuits of the subject, for persons with such genitures are for the most part inactive.” But what Ptolemy is showing to us is the perfect occurrence, the paradigmatic model and in judging a particular geniture we must to make some adjustments, to evaluate the chart looking at the spirit of his teaching not simply the letter. In Mostafai’s geniture the perfect model does not apply. We can say that he will not have a stable and specific profession. It could be the case. I don’t know his professional history so I can’t be sure about it. Anyway even he hadn’t any vocation, talent or characteristic profession he definitely had a modus operandi a way of acting. This is what I was investigating here. So returning to his geniture we see that Mars is visible, oriental, fast and its phase between the matutine heliacal rising and the mean motion. Instead Venus is going toward the Sun heading to its matutine helical setting even if in more than 7 days. Mercury is retrograde, heading to its evening heliacal setting. So the only possible planet which can gives us an idea of the Mostafai’s mudus operandi is Mars. The lord of Mc is Jupiter by domicile and Mercury by bounds. Also Mars is in aspect with Jupiter and Mercury. So I can conclude that Mars with the testimonies of Jupiter and Mercury is the Lord of Activity.

      1. Pod nieboskłonem

        Thank you for your comprehensive answer!

        I know that checking if a planet is making an astronomical appearance is not easy, especially after reading where author wrote that all softwares are wrong, also Alcyone. I could see in the internet that many astrologers look only on ecliptic distance between planet and the Sun. I started a discussion on Delphic Oracle Fb group and arrived at the conclusion that there is not possible to be really sure when heliacal rising/setting because it depends on too many factors.

        I hope that Alcyone can give enough good results, but I’m not sure how to configure it to have the most accurate results. In “visibility parameters” I chose “variable” (insted of default “fixed”) but I don’t know if I should change the formula or critical altitude. Where to find it? I don’t know.

        Thank you again for your answer and interesting article! 🙂

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