Mad as a March Hare


The March Hare will be much the most interesting, and perhaps as this is May it won’t be raving mad – at least not so mad as it was in March.  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


The first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox is coming renewing the promise of a new beginning. In many cultures around the world the Moon is associated with hares and rabbits as in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese folklore and in the Aztec mythology. Also in European mythology the hare, which in march is running madly for the beginning of the breeding season, is sacred to Aphrodite.

This time the Full Moon after Equinox is also a lunar eclipse. But unfortunately Venus will not be the eclipse ruler, as we will see, even if the Moon is in Libra, the sign of Venus. The Moon as mad as a march hare will shadow her true face and will make difficult to judge her effects.

Since the Moon is in Libra,  Saturn or Venus, should be the ruler. But neither Venus nor Saturn are aspecting the Moon which is applying to Mercury. Actually Saturn is the almuten of the Moon because it rules the Moon by exaltation, triplicity by day and terms. Moreover Saturn is doing the first station. So we can judge that Saturn and secondly Mercury rule the syzygy.

Saturn's phase.png

Saturn is stationary


Ptolemy says:

Saturn, when he gains sole dominance, is in general the cause of destruction by cold, and in particular, when the event concerns men, causes long illnesses, consumptions, withering, disturbances caused by fluids, rheumatisms, and quartan fevers, exile, poverty, imprisonment, mourning, fears, and deaths, especially among those advanced in age. He is usually significant with regard to those dumb animals that are of use to man, and brings about scarcity of them, and the bodily destruction by disease of such as exist, so that the men who use them are similarly affected and perish. With regard to weather, he causes fearful cold, freezing, misty, and pestilential; corruption of the air, clouds, and gloom; furthermore, multitudes of snowstorms, not beneficial but destructive, from which are produced the reptiles harmful to man. As for the rivers and seas, in general he causes storms, the wreck of fleets, disastrous voyages, and the scarcity and death of fish, and in particular the high and ebb tides of the seas and in rivers excessive floods and pollution of their waters. As for the crops of the earth, he brings about want, scarcity, and loss, especially of those grown for necessary uses, either through worms or locusts or floods or cloud-burst or hail or the like, so that famine and the destruction of men thereby result.

Since the eclipse will occur in the constellation of Virgo the events will concerns men  and because it will be in the equinoctial sign of Libra the weather and harvests.

During the lunar eclipse the Moon will be in the sign of Libra. Libra, as  Ptolemy says, has rulership over the north east part of Asia as China.

Let’s now look at some notable charts in different locations. Firstly, according to Ptolemy, in the region in the north east of Asia.

The lunar eclipse over Lhasa

Lunar Eclipse Lhasa.png

The eclipse is already ongoing at sunset and it will last for 1 hour and 50 minutes. Therefore, since the eclipse occurs on the eastern horizon, the effects will start to show up in the first the four months after the eclipse, they will last about two months and they will more intense in the first twenty days.

The lunar eclipse over Guadalajara

Lunae eclipse 2016 Guadalajara.png

The eclipse in Guadalajara is notable because Saturn, the ruler, is at the MC. We see also that Venus is rising but Saturn aspect her with a right square.

The eclipse will last for 3 hour and 20 minutes. Therefore, since the eclipse occurs close the western horizon, the effects will start to show up after eight months after the eclipse, they will last about three months and a half and they will more intense in the last month.



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