The singing teacher


I started off on the sinister foot since my early childhood. Paolo Poli

Among his many hidden faces there is mainly the one of a sweet, good mannered Genius of Evil : he is a wolf under lambskin and in his farces both wolves and lambs, the ferocius cruelty and the wise innocence are mocked. Natalia Ginzburg about Paolo Poli

Paolo Paoli was, as the journalist and writer Camilla Cederna said, a singing teacher. Singing because he loved to entertain his audience with popular song from the first half of the XX siecle, with lullabies, with musical recitation using his subtle, ductile and expressive voice. Teacher because he was well educated, having a master degree in French literature, and he used to recite pieces, which he often personally assembled and adapted from different masterpieces of niche leterature mingled with popular songs and pop culture. Teacher also because his shows were a sort of  life and sentimental education through an unprejudiced , witty, well-read and ludicrious eye.
It’s very hard to outline his verve, his ironic and irriverent vein, his ability to switch from a character to another, his expressive virtuosism both by voice and body without having seen one of his show. His plays were characterized by a strong comic connotation, like surreal and dreamlike comedies which he often recited en travesti.

The mercurial daemon

Poli geniture.png

The temperament and the body

At a first look it’s not so easy to identify the lord of temperament. Jupiter, the Lord of the Moon by domicile, triplicity and bounds, is neither in aspect with the Moon nor with the Ascendent. Moreover Jupiter is combust. Saturn, the domicile Lord of the Horoscope, is aversion both with the Horoscope and the Moon and cadent. Therefore both Jupiter and Saturn are too weak to be our candidates. The Moon is void of course but defluxing from Mars. Mars is also the exaltation Lord of the Horoscope. Furthermore Jupiter, Lord of the Moon, is squaring in mundo Mars. So Mars is the Lord of temperament. Mercury, dignified by domicile and triplicity, though, is in opposition to Saturn and in anti parallel of declination with the Moon, so Mercury can be the second Lord of temperament.

Mars occidental in Leo is hot and very dry; Mercury heading to the first station is hot. The Moon is close to the full Moon so she is hot. The temperament is therefore hot and dry.


A young Paolo Poli

Ptolemy says:

When Mars is setting, he makes them in appearance simply ruddy, of middle height, with small eyes, not much hair on the body, and straight yellow hair; their temperament exceeds in the dry.

In the occident Mercury makes them, in appearance, of light but not of good colouring, with straight hair and olive complexion, lean and spare, with glancing, brilliant eyes, and somewhat ruddy; in temperament they exceed in the dry.

Poli was tall and with fair skin and hair.

The soul and the intellect

Mercury is in his own dignity by domicile and triplicity. Venus is in sextile with Mercury but the aspect will not be perfected because Mercury turns retrograde in few days. So Mercury and Mars are lords of the soul. Mercury is lord of the intellect, Mars of the sensitive soul. Mercury gives him the clarity of mind, the versatility, the linguistic proficiency; Mars gives the sharp irony, the irreverent verve, the tireless devotion to his work.

Ptolemy says

Allied with Mercury, in honourable positions Mars makes his subjects leaders of armies, skilful, vigorous, active, not to be despised, resourceful, inventive, sophistic, painstaking, rascally, talkative, pugnacious, tricky, unstable, systematic workers, practising evil arts, keen-witted, deceitful, hypocritical, insidious, of bad character, meddlers, inclined to rascality but nevertheless successful and capable of keeping contract and faith with persons like themselves, and in general injurious to their enemies and helpful to their friends.

Let’s note the dexter square in mundo of Saturn to Venus: that is an epidekateia. Since Saturn is on the right side and is the out-of-sect malefic Saturn has a strong corruptive influence. Moreover Saturn is in wide opposition  to Mercury in the zodiac. Poli was homosexual but he didn’t engage in long term relationships preferring to be single and have one night stand encounters.

The profession

No planet is at the MC. The Moon is void of course. No planet is doing an heliacal rising: Mars is occidental, Venus is oriental between the second station and the mean motion, Mercury is occidental heading to the vespertine heliacal setting in the next seven days. So no planet properly matches the ptolemaic requirements but anyway we can say that Venus is in a phase pretty close to the heliacal rising. So Venus is significator of actions. Let’s note, though, that Mercury is in its domicile and making a phase: the evening heliacal setting  Mercury is out-of-sect doryphoros to the Sun because it is making a phase to the Sun and it is the domicile lord of the Sun but it is of the nocturnal sect because it is occidental. Moreover Mercury is in sextile with Venus. So Venus tell us about Poli’s profession with the additional influence of Mercury.

Ptolemy says:

Again, when two planets are found to rule action, if Mercury and Venus take the rulership, they bring about action expressed by the arts of the Muses, musical instruments, melodies, or poems, and rhythm, particularly when they have exchanged places. For they produce workers in the theatre, actors, dealers in slaves, makers of musical instruments, members of the chorus, makers of strings, painters, dancers, weavers, and wax-moulders

The length of life and death

The Moon is the Apheta because she is the light of the Time and she is in an aphetical place. Mars is the alchocoden and since it is in an angle it gives its greater years: 66. Mars  is in sextile with the Sun so he adds 19 years which gives 85 years. Poli was 82 year old when he died.

In the last revolution we see Mars opposing the natal Moon at 6° of Sagittarius. Also Saturn is close to the Moon of nativity. Moreover Mars is also the Lord of horoscope of revolution; Mars is in aversion with the horoscope on the cusp of the VIII house. In the solar return the Moon is moving from Mars applying to Mercury, lord of the VIII house and also on it cusp.

Poli's Revolution.png

In the protection the profected Moon reaches the opposition of Mars.


The day of Poli’s death the apheta, the Moon, reaches the occidental horizon.




6 thoughts on “The singing teacher

  1. dongonzy100

    Hi, (I don’t know your Name, may it is Scotti?)
    I did read you posting to Paolo. I will get Jupiter as Alcocoden and this gives 79 years. So its only 3 year diff. to the real lifespan.Moon is Hyleg. This will be also in diff. Methods of written texts from antic time. Also in the way of Ptolemaeus. I have the program Phasis, I still have to look if this (your result of alcocoden) is from there or..

  2. devitacoelituscomparanda Post author

    Hi Wolfgang, you are right. The Alcocoden is the planet that has some dignity over the place of the Hyleg and aspects it. In Paolo’s nativity Mars has no dignity where the Moon is located on the contrary Jupiter is her lord by domicile, triplicity and terms. Though I preferred Mars instead of Jupiter because the Moon is moving away from Mars but she still very close to him (less than 2 degrees) while she is also moving away from Jupiter which is much more distant (more than 11 degrees) therefore on the boundary of her vis luminis. The union of the lights of Mars and the Moon is much stronger than the lights of Jupiter and the Moon. Actually Jupiter is combust so he has no light and strength and so he cannot be the Alcocoden in my opinion. Anyway Jupiter gives his greater years, that are 79, only if he is in his best condition therefore not in this case where he is combust. I noted that it’s not possible in several cases to determine an Alcocoden if we strictly stick to the rules. It’s clear that in this case we have to renounce to some requirements. You choose Jupiter which has dignity but he is combust and I preferred Mars which has not dignity but he is visible. Both those choices have their rationale.

    1. dongonzy100


      As you correctly say there is to it (alcocoden) no clear statement or interpretive.
      It is also important which house system to apply because of the different rules, different results can occur.

      So with whole sign house system, by Dorotheus is Ascendant Hyleg and Venus (82 years) alcocoden!
      Would indeed fit well!
      It would be the same even with the rule according to Porphyry so is Ascendent Hyleg and Venus would be alcocoden!

      With Placidus house system the rules would make no Hyleg etc. according Dorortheus but after Ptolemy the moon would also be Hyleg and Jupiter in turn is also alcocoden.

      Now we will not get so to a clear conclusion or an agreement, but we see that the old rules with the newer rules and the subsequent house systems, etc. are not easily compatible and do not give unambiguous results. However, I am inclined to the rules of Hyleg and alcocoden more by porphyry (also whole sign system) as well as the consideration of the full calibration houses in the evaluation.


      1. devitacoelituscomparanda Post author

        Hi Wolfgang, for sure the apheta depends on the house system we use. Determining which house system is the best it would take a long time and I don’t want to start this discussion. I just want to say that I don’t use the whole sign house system neither use the equals house system because I think that house divisions are division of the local sphere by the motion of the prime mobile. The movement of the stars are composed by two motion: the planetary movements along the ecliptic by their own motion and the fixed stars and planets movements by the prime mobile motion, this is, by daily apparent movement of the sky by rotation of the earth. Those two motion are independent one from the other one. So reducing the motion of the prime mobile in the local sphere to the ecliptic division of 30° degree which pertains only to ecliptic I think it’s not correct from an astronomical and philosophical point of view. The Placidian house system instead is a temporal division of the prime motion which is actually what the prime motion does: giving a measure of the time during day and night. That’s why I use the Placidian house system.

      2. dongonzy100


        Yes I know, or better I understand the system of Placidus. It fits best the “rules” of Ptolemey. The only problem which I see, and that was my main reason is, that the rules for finding an apetha are older than the placisus-house-system, or Regiomontanus etc. That is the reason why I look also the older house system to see why or why not are the “results” different. And than I can better see what fits better or better to see how the old rules are work. Only to use Placidus system is not way to be on the best side; you have to have always a look to the old base and take in account!
        But this should not open a discussion, it is only to tell to you my insight in this “problem”.


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