Brexit or not Brexit:that is the question

EU Referendum


The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum is scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar on 23 June 2016.



The opening of the polls

Opening Poll.png

The opening of the poll will be at 7:00 GMT.

The Moon in Aquarius in the VII house is applying to Saturn in Sagittarius. The Moon is a general significator of people and course of events and she is actually received by Saturn. But who is Saturn? In events charts as in horary charts the judgement of the final outcome depends on the choice of the right significators.

We may think that the event chart reflects the question posed to the UK citizens. In that case the alternatives are signified by ascendent/descendent axis and their lords. Since UK is actually member of the EU the ascendent should be the ‘remain’ option and the descendent the ‘leave’ option as suggested also by their orders in the question. Therefore, as the Moon is received by Saturn the lord of descendent, we can say that the majority will choose to leave the EU.

On the opposite we may judge that, since this is an event chart, the ascendent is the actor involved, that is, the UK citizens and so Saturn is significator of the European Union as the seventh house is the mundane significator of international treaties and alliances.  In that case the UK will remain in the European Union.

The syzygy before the consultation

Syzygy before the consultation.png

In order to have a picture of the ‘weather’ during the consultation we inspect the previous syzygy that is also the closer one to the beginning of the summer quarter of the year. So it is meaningful not only for the incoming month but also for the whole season.

Mercury is the Lord of the Sun and also Lord of Horoscope and MC. It is at the MC in its domicile in Gemini and combust. Mercury is applying to retrograde Saturn. So Mercury is the Lord of the syzygy and since Saturn is Lord of the Sun by triplicity and terms it is the participating lord.  Mercury is dry and cold since it is devoid of light. Saturn is cold and dry. Mercury is with Aldebaran, a violent star with nature of Mars.

Ptolemy talking about the lords of the ecliptic syzygies outlines an useful model in order to judge also the annual syzygies. He says:

He [Mercury] is the cause of events taking place which concern the priestly code, the worship of the gods, the royal revenues, and of changes in customs and laws, from time to time, in consistency with his association with the other planets on each occasion.

The association with Saturn and with the star Aldebaran can be a sign that UK will choose to leave the EU.

Final considerations

As Ptolemy  always stresses in the Tetrabiblos that universal causes are more important and influential than specific ones, we have to consider the previous and more specific charts in the light of the more universal event of the lunar eclipse of 28 September 2015, since the effects of that lunar eclipse started in June and are going to more effective in July and August as I wrote in my previous post God save the Queen.

In the syzygy before the consultation we don’t see any configuration related to that lunar eclipse but on the 29 of June Mars, which was rising during the lunar eclipse, is doing its second station and will start again the direct motion, releasing its potential and so being able to accomplish the effects.


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