Stopped pulse


“He who robs us of our dreams robs us of our life.”

― Virginia Woolf, Orlando

On June 12, 2016, Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida was attacked. Fifty people were killed in the shooting, and another 53 were injured. The attack is the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in United States history, the deadliest incident of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of the United States.

The event chart


The first degree of Aries is rising. The Moon is applying to the square of the Sun. The Moon trines  her lord Mercury  both in the zodiac and in mundo. Mars is opposing Mercury. A harmful nebula in the Aculeus Scorpionis is culminating with another harmful nebula, the Laguna in Sagittarius.

The preceding syzygy

Syzygy preceding shooting.png

Mercury and Venus are lord of the syzygy. Mercury is lord of the Luminaries and Venus is conjunct with both the Moon and the Sun which are in the terms of Venus. Mars in domicile in Scorpio in the X place is in opposition to Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius which is in opposition to  Venus and the Luminaries. Algol, the malefic star in the Head of Medusa, is in conjunction with Mercury.

The solar ingress

Aries Ingress.png

Mars is rising in Sagittarius and oriental. Jupiter, the lord of the horoscope, is culminating in Virgo.  The Moon is separating from Saturn and applying to Mars.  Since Jupiter is retrograde and in exile and Mars is receiving the application of the Moon, Mars is stronger and takes the lordship of the figure. Let’s note that the Moon is besieged by malefics.

The attacker

Omar Mateen, the murderer,  was born in New York on 16 November 1986 at 19:00.

Omar Mateen.png

Cancer is rising. The Luminaries are both cadent and in aversion with the horoscope. The Moon is Full since the preventional syzygy occurred about twelve hours before his birth. So the Moon is separating from Sun and the right square of Mars and applying to the opposition of Saturn. The malefics hold the cadent Luminaries and this is not a good sign. The Moon is with the Pleiades, very wet stars of nature of Moon and Mars, which arouse passions in the sensitive soul.

Jupiter in domicile in Pisces is culminating. But Jupiter is aspected by a right square of Saturn and he is out-of-sect so he is not very beneficial.

Mars is the Lord of the Soul since he has dignities over both the places of Mercury and the Moon and aspects them. According to  Ptolemy:

Mars alone, given the domination of the soul, in an honourable position makes his subjects noble, commanding, spirited, military, versatile, powerful, venturesome, rash, unruly, indifferent, stubborn, keen, headstrong, contemptuous, tyrannical, active, easily angered, with the qualities of leadership. In a position of the opposite kind he makes them savage, insolent, bloodthirsty, makers of disturbances, spendthrifts, loud-mouthed, quick-fisted, impetuous, drunken, rapacious, evil-doers, pitiless, unsettled, mad, haters of their own kin, impious.

Mars is cadent, occidental, near to his heliacal setting, so is very dry. Moreover Mars square Saturn in mundo mixing the cold and hot qualities of the two planets.
Therefore he makes the native violent and unstable.
Let’s note that the Moon, Mercury and the Ascendent don’t have any familiarity to each others. In the Tetrabiblos Ch. XIV Book III, Of Diseases of the Soul, Ptolemy says:

Since the account of the principal diseases of the soul, in a sense, follows upon that of the soul’s characteristics, it is in general needful to note and observe the positions of Mercury and the moon relative to each other, to the angles, and to the planets whose nature it is to do injury; for if, while they themselves are unrelated to each other, or to the eastern horizon, they are overcome, or surrounded, or held in opposition by unfamiliar stars in injurious aspect, they cause the incidence of various diseases which affect the soul’s character. Their interpretation again is to be calculated from the previously described qualities of the planets which are familiar to the places in the sky.

Therefore the native is unstable and without self control since his sensitive soul and the rational soul are unrelated. Mars takes the dominion over both of them and gives him an uncontrolled violent and destructive behavior. At school he was a bully and he suffered from poor scholarly performance due to many instances of behavioral problems. Behavioral problems and violence emerged again in his career and personal life.


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