The Malefics threaten the South East Africa

On the 1st of September 2016 a solar eclipse will be visible in Africa mainly in the southern hemisphere. The greatest eclipse will occur at the border between Tanzania and Mozambique at 9:06 UT.


Planets and stars during the eclipse


The chart for Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Solar Eclipse Tanzania.png

Let’s have a look at the chat for Dar Es Salaam. The eclipse will start at 7:13 UT and it will end at 10:56 UT. The maximum will be at 9:04 UT. The syzygy will be in the X place and lasted for 3 hours and 43 minutes and so the effects will started around the beginning of March 2017 and will last till the end of 2022. The intensification will be around the half of July 2019.

The syzygy will be in the 10° of Pisces since Dar Es Salaam is in the southern hemisphere and so the tropical signs are reversed. Jupiter and Venus are the Lord of Pisces by domicile and exaltation but Mars is the lord of bounds. Nor Jupiter neither Venus are in aspect with the Moon and the Sun. On the other hand Saturn and Mars, the malefics, are rising at the horoscope and they aspect the syzygy by a square both in the zodiac and in mundo. The Moon is applying to Saturn. Moreover Antares, the violent star of nature of Mars and Jupiter, is rising at the eastern horizon while Aldebaran, star of nature of Mars, is at the occident.

Since Mars is at the horoscope and he is lord of the bounds of the syzygy and the Moon is applying to Saturn, both the malefics are lords of the syzygy. Those planets can be a sign of great troubles. Since the eclipse occurs in Pisces may concern water and rivers, but being near the MC and in a common sign can involve people or a leader. Also a calamitous natural  event can be the outcome as a hurricane or a earthquake.






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