French Presidential Election: part 1

Elections présidentielles 2017 France-1

The French will go to the polls in April and May this year to choose the new president. Since France is one the major countries in the EU, the new president will definitely make a difference in the political scenario of the next years in Europe and probably also in the rest of the world. After the Brexit consultation which brought the UK on the road to leave the EU, the mounting dissatisfaction with the European policy in France can put in power an eurosceptic president.

In this article we will analyze the genitures of the five candidates in order to see who has the most significators of eminence and dignity. In a next article we will check the solar revolutions, the protections and the directions for each candidate in order to have a picture of the possible pool outcome.

Significators of Eminence

Ptolemy says:

It will be needful to determine the questions of dignity and happiness resulting therefrom from the position of the luminaries and the familiarity to them of their attendant planets. For if both the luminaries are in masculine signs and either both of them, or even one of the two, angular, and particularly if the luminary of the sect is also attended by the five planets, matutine to the sun and vespertine to the moon, the children will be kings. And if the attendant planets are either themselves angular or bear an aspect to the superior angle, the children born will continue to be great, powerful, and world-rulers, and they will be even more fortunate if the attendant planets are in dexter aspect to the superior angles. But if, while the others are in this position, the sun alone is in a masculine sign, and the moon is in a feminine one, and one of the luminaries is angular, they will be merely generals, with power of life and death. If, however, besides this the attendant planets are neither angular nor witnessing to the angles, they will be merely great and will enjoy partial dignities, those which involve the wearing of chaplets, or those of superintendence or of military command, and not those of first rank. But if the luminaries are not angular, and most of the attendant planets are either angular or in aspect with the angles, they will not attain the more conspicuous honours but rather civil leadership and moderate advancement in their careers. If, however, the attendant planets are not associated with the angles, they are rendered obscure in their actions and without preferment, and they are entirely humble and miserable in their fortunes when neither of the luminaries is angular, or in a masculine sign, or attended by the beneficent planets. The general outline, then, of the investigation before us involves a gradation of dignities of this sort. Since there are very many conditions intermediate between these grades, one must estimate them from the specific qualities of the luminaries themselves, and the particular variations in the manner in which they are attended, and the government of the attendance. For if their attendance consists of planets of the same sect, or of the beneficent planets, greater independence and security will attend the dignities; but if it involves the opposite sect, or the maleficent planets, there will be dependency and less security. The kind of future honour is to be divined from the quality of the attending planets; for if Saturn governs the attendance, he brings about power based on wealth and the amassing of riches, but Jupiter or Venus that which rests upon favours, gifts, honours, and magnanimity; Mars brings power founded on generalships, victories, and the fears of subordinates, and Mercury that which depends upon intelligence, education, and the care and management of affairs.

As we see front the passage above, Ptolemy assigns the rank of the native in decreasing order from the most dignity in the following manner:

  • Both luminaries in masculine sign
  • both or one angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • doriphories angular or in aspect to MC
  • Both luminaries in masculine sign
  • both or one angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • Sun in a masculine sign, Moon in a feminine sign
  • one angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • doriphories angular or in aspect to MC
  • both luminaries or one angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • no luminary angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • most of doriphories angular or in aspect to MC
  • no luminary angular
  • luminary of the sect has doryphory
  • no luminary angular
  • no doryphory


In the table below for each candidate are displayed the main significators, which are the ptolemaic significator of eminence and secondary significators according to Valens, Rhetorius and Porphyry.

The doryphory to the Sun is an oriental planets which is in aspect with the Sun; the doryphory to the Moon is a planet which the Moon is applying to.

Rex and Miles are, according to Cielo e Terra and Gerolamo Vitali, are respectively the lord of the 5 hylegiacal place (Sun, Moon, Ascendent, Tyche, Prenatal Syzygy), and the  most dignified planet in the char both by essential and accidental dignities.

Marine Le Pen Francois Fillon Emmanuel Macron Benoit Hamon Jean-Luc Melenchon
Mainly significators
 Light of the Time Sun in masc. Leo (dom.) in X Moon in fem. Pisc. in V, combust Sun in masc.  Sag. in XI Sun in fem. Cancer, cadent XII Sun in masc. Leo (dom.), in XI
Other Light Moon  in fem. Capr (exile), in III Sun in fem. Pisc. in V  Moon in fem. Taurus (exal.) in III  Moon in masc. Aquar., IX  Moon in fem. Pisces, angular VII
 Doryphory to the Light of the Time Saturn in VII in Aries in his terms by trine  Mars in III in Sag. peregrine by square  Saturn in Aries in X by square  Mars in XI in Leo peregrine
 Doryphory to the other Light Mars in III in Sag peregrine by square; Jupiter in IX Gem exile by square  Moon void of course  Mars in XI in Leo peregrine by trine
Doriphory angular or in aspect to MC  Saturn angular in VII  Saturn angular in X
Secondary significators
 Aspects to Doryphory Mars square, Venus trine, Moon trine, Jupiter trine  in mundo Mars: Jupiter opposition, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon square  Venus trine, Jupiter trine, Sun square, Mars opposition Moon trine, Hor sextile, Saturn sextile
MC  in Cancer  in Cancer in trine with Venus, Sun and Saturn (all dexter)  in Scorpio  in Pisces trined by Jupiter  in Gemini squared by Moon (dexter) and Saturn, in sextile with the Sun
Planets in X house  Sun e Mercury in Leo, Mars in Cancer Cauda  Saturn in Aries
Almuten of X house  Jupiter in Virgo in XI applied by the Moon and in trine with Saturn in mundo Jupiter in Gem in IX in opposition to Mars, in square to Venus, Sun and Moon  Mars in Leo in VII in trine with Moon and Venus  Venus in Leo in II, trine of Mars, opposition of Moon, sextile of Mars and Sun  Mercury in Virgo retrograde, in XII, with Venus
 Phase  Venus: evening rising; Saturn: first station Venus: evening rising
 Tyche in Pisces  at the Hor  in Gem. squared by Saturn  in Pisces parallel in mundo with Mars  in Aries squared by Mars
 Daimon  in Taurus squared by Venus and in sextile with Mars  in Libra in trine with Jupiter and in sextile with Mars  in Scorp. sextile with Mars  in Libra with Mars, opposed by Saturn  in Aquar. opposed by Sun
 11th from Tyche Moon in Taurus
 Stars  Alphecca rising, Castor culminating  Bellatrix with Jupiter, Tyche with Arcturus  Markab,Shaula at Hor, Alphecca at MC, Sun with Laguna, Saturn with Regulus  Hor with Pollux and Betelgeuse, Jupiter with Sirius, Mars with Spica  Moon and occident with Deneb
 Miles Saturn  Venus Jupiter  Jupiter Saturn  Saturn
 Rex  Venus  Venus  Venus  Venus  Mars

Candidates in order of Eminence

Marine Le Pen

Marin Le Pen
Marine Le  Pen has the light in sect, the  Sun, angular in X, in Leo, a masculine sign, and Saturn is a doryphory of the Sun since Saturn is oriental, diurnal and he trines the Sun and has ruleship over the Sun by term. Saturn, the doryphory, is angular. So the geniture falls into category 3. Saturn is in his term but he is in fall in Aries. Saturn is doing the first station, so he is quite strong. Saturn has familiarities by trine with the Moon, which is concord with diurnal sect of Saturn since she is waxing; he has familiarity by trine with Jupiter and Venus, which doing the evening heliacal rising and by square in mundo with Mars which is his lord by domicile . Saturn is Miles, that is the most dignified planet in the chart. So Saturn is  strong signifier of eminence. Moreover we see that three star, the Sun, Mercury and Mars are in the X place.


Jean-Luc Melenchon

Jean-Luc Melenchon
Jean-Luc Melenchon has the light out of sect, the  Moon, angular in VII in Pisces, a feminine sign and Mars is a doryphory of the Moon since the Moon is applying to him and Mars has ruleship over the Moon by term and the Moon is waning. Mars, the doryphory, is nor angular neither he aspects the MC. Mars is nocturnal and oriental. So the geniture falls into category 4. Moreover Mars is peregrine in sextile with the Horoscope and Saturn which is on the oriental horizon. Saturn is in domicile in Libra is opposing the Moon which is on the occidental horizon. Mars is Rex, Saturn is Miles. Tyche is in Aries in square with her lord Mars. This geniture is far less eminent than Le Pen’s geniture.


Benoit Hamon

Benoit Hamon

Benoit Hamon has no angular light. Saturn is doryphory to the the light of time, the Sun, since Saturn is oriental, diurnal and squares the Sun. This doryphory is weak since Saturn has no ruleship over the Sun. Saturn is angular in the X. The geniture falls into category 5. Saturn is in fall in Aries and he is opposed in mundo by his lord Mars in Libra. Saturn is also in trine with Jupiter and Venus which is the almuten of the X. Saturn is Miles. The MC is in trine with his lord Jupiter. Some fixed star are notable: Betelgeuse  and Pollux at the horoscope; Sirius with Jupiter; Spica with Mars. I think that this geniture is quite close to the Melenchon’s geniture about eminence.


Francois Fillon

Francois FillonFrancois Fillon has no angular light. Mars and Jupiter are doryphory to the light of time, the Moon, since the Moon is applying to Mars and Jupiter and Mars has ruleship over the Moon by triplicity and Jupiter by domicile. Mars is nocturnal and oriental; the Moon is waning. Jupiter is diurnal and occidental in fall in Gemini so Jupiter is not in a very good condition as bodyguard; also is not of the same sect of the Moon.The geniture falls into category 6. Mars is peregrine and he is in opposition to Jupiter, his lord by domicile and triplicity. Mars is also in square in mundo with Venus, her lord by terms. Moreover is in square with the Sun.  The MC is in trine with Venus, Saturn and the Sun. Venus is doing the evening heliacal rising and is also Rex and Milex with the participation of Jupiter. Bellatrix is with Jupiter. Also this geniture is not so distant from the two previous genitures.


Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron has no angular light and the lights have not doryphory. The geniture falls into category 7. The almuten of the X, Mars, is angular in the VII in trine with Venus and the Moon.  The Moon in exaltation in Taurus in the acquisitive place. This geniture doesn’t show significative marks of eminence.



Final Considerations

Marine Le Pen’s geniture is the most dignified among the candidates to the French Presidential Election. Emmanuel Macron who is credited for passing the first round has definitely the less dignified geniture. The other three candidate are in the middle between those two extremes, close to each others.



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