Black Hole Sun


Black hole sun
Won’t you come
Won’t you come Soundgarden

A total solar eclipse will be visible in America on August 21, 2017. The so-called Great American Eclipse will darken skies across the USA where the eclipse will be total in a narrow path from the west coast to the east coast as we can see in the picture below.


We have already seen in the previous article The American Midas that this solar eclipse will involve the actual President of the United States, Donald Trump. We are going now to consider the general effects of the eclipse and some specific places where those effects can be stronger.

Since the Solar Eclipse will last for about 3 hours and half, the beginning of its effects will start at the end of April 2018 and will last till the end of October 2021. The intensification will start at the end of August 2020.

The Luminaries are at the end of Leo, in the bounds of Mars, with the star Regulus and moving away from the conjunction of Mars applying to the conjunction of Mercury in Virgo. Moreover they are moving away from the trine of Saturn in Sagittarius soon becoming stationary and from the hexagon of Jupiter in Libra.  Mars and Mercury rules over the Luminaries but they are combust and invisible so Jupiter participates since Jupiter is the second triplicity ruler of the Luminaries and they are in sextile with him. Let’s note that the angle closer to the syzygy is the MC which is in Virgo for most of the places across the USA. So Mercury is a very important ruler.


According to Ptolemy, since the syzygy will occur in the constellation of Leo, the effects can concern wild animals and those which injure the human race; since the Luminaries are close to the autumn equinox they concern the sowing, the hay crops and because the syzygy is close to the MC they concern the kings and religion. The star Regulus in close proximity to the Sun and the Moon can effect the President of the USA, Donald Trump, as the ‘king’ of the country.

The rulership of Mercury and Mars can bring hurricanes, earthquakes and drought and loss of crops by drying or important changes in customs and laws.



Carbondale, Illinois

In the place of the greatest eclipse, Carbondale, Mercury is exactly at the MC.



Nashville, Tennessee

Also in Nashville Mercury is at the MC.



Lincoln, Illinois

In Lincoln Mars is at the supernal pivot.



Kansas City, Missouri

In Kansas City also Mars is at the MC

Kansas City.png

Outside the USA


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Here Saturn is on the oriental horizon so Saturn adds his influx.

Santo Domingo.png


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