The leonine Lunar Eclipse

moonleoOn 21 January 2019 there was a total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon, visible from Americas, Europe and Africa.

The eclipse was visible for the whole duration in the  Americas. In Europe it was partially visible.

The Moon during the eclipse was at the beginning of Leo and therefore, according to Ptolemy, the parts of earth affected by the eclipse should be the ones ruled by Leo, i.e. Italy and Palestine, Libanon, Kuwait, south of Iraq and north of Saudi Arabia and Giordania. Since in those parts the lunar eclipse was only partially visible the effects will be weaker. In the Americas the phenomenon was visible for the its entire duration and therefore the effects will be stronger.

Since the Moon is in Leo, domicile of the Sun, in terms and triplicity of Jupiter and she is moving away from the opposition to Mercury and going toward the Mars and then Venus and Jupiter which are, though, outside the vis luminis of the Moon. The Sun, which is the lod of the Moon, is in Aquarius and in sesxtile with Mars, Venus and Jupiter. So in general we can note that no clear and evident rulership on the eclipse appears but anyway we can judge that Mars and Jupiter have something to say about it. Since Jupiter is involved the eclipse can be in a certain way beneficial and can brings abundance and prosperity but the influnce of Mars in his domicile in Aries, on the other hand, can be dangerous. The star Pollux, which is a helpful star, is in the vis luminis of the Moon, during the eclipse and therefore it gives us hope that the predicted events will be nt to be feared.

Let’s consider some locations which are very notable for the caracteristics of the sky above them.

The eclipse in the Americas

The eclipse maximum in the Americas was around the local time midnight  so the Moon was close to the MC for those locations.

Washington D.C.

In Washington the eclipse maximun occurred at the MC and its duration was 5 hours and 12 minutes, therefore the effects will start around the end of July 2019 and will last for about 5 months.  The helpful star Spica is rising at the horoscope and Jupiter and Venus are with Sirius. Since the eclipse is at the MC it will concerne the presindent of USA and the religions.


Houston, Texas

As in the previous figure the effect will start around July and will last for about 5 months. Here we see that the malefics Mars and Saturn are angular and in their domicile in square to each other. Mars is the ruler and since the Moon is in the constellation of Cancer and so concerning the sea, the effects can be a violent hurricane or a seaquake.


The eclipse in Europe

In most part of Europe the eclipse wasn’t visible for its whole duration because it occurred close to the Moon setting. In Dubline though the whole phenomenon was visible.

Dublin, Ireland

The effect will start around November 2019 and will last for about 5 months. We see that Jupiter and Venus are rising at the horoscope and Mars is at the subterranean pivot. The Moon is with Pollux and Jupiter with Antares. Jupiter and Venus at the horoscope are undoubtedly beneficial but the presence of the violent star Antares and of Mars at the FC show that something violent is incumbent. Maybe Ireland will gain beneficts from the difficulties UK will face during the final act of brexit but some problems will show up at the frontiers with the Nothern Ireland.



Siracusa, Italy

The eclipse in Siracusa will last for 3 hours and 40 minutes, so we expect that effects will start around the december 2019 and will last for little less than 4 months. Here we see that Saturn is rising at the horoscope in his domicile in Capricorn. This suggest that some effects related to eccessive cold or pullution of the water can show up. The star Arcturus at MC can point at violent storm or lasting bad weather.



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