De Vita Coelitus Comparanda namely On Obtaining Life from the Heavens is a blog about Traditional Astrology and Hermetic Philosophy. Inspired by work of the famous Florentine  Renaissance Philosopher Marsilius Ficinus scholar in Platonic and Hermetic Philosophy and Astrology, we will research and converse about Astrology and Natural Magic. With the help of works of famous Astrologers and Magi and our Intellect and Reason we will try to find a path that lead to the Stars and bring back to Earth their influx and favor.

Our papers will be concerned about many different topics:

– how Stars effect the sublunar world and our lives though the study of geniture, mundane astrology and astrological tools for future times as directions, solar returns and profections

– how we can attract favorable influx from the Stars and how we can avert their malefic one

– how we can fortify beneficial virtues in genitures and soften malefic signs

– Iatromathematics or Medical Astrology: how to discovery diseases, predispositions and how to find natural remedies

– Interrogations or  Horary Astrology

– Katarchic or Electional Astrology

Our astrological techniques are based on the Traditional Astrology ones, developed during centuries from Hellenistic period through European and Arabic Middle Age to Renaissance but reconsidered and enlighten by Placidus de Titi magistral astrological thought and Reason.


5 thoughts on “About

    1. devitacoelituscomparanda Post author

      Thank you very much! I started this blog as a mean of self-discipline in my studies of traditional astrology and for keeping records of my writings for later reviews and feedback from readers. I decided to keep private my identity because I want my works to be received without any positive or negative prejudice, only as they are. Maybe in the future I will add a short biography, but I think its absence does not cause the lack of an essential element.

      1. Jason Youngman

        Deleted my facebook account a while ago and forgot to retrieve the messages you sent about my natal chart. Could you resend this info through my wordpress site; in the menu section you’ll find my Contact page. Regards, JY

    1. devitacoelituscomparanda Post author

      Hi Scott, that software is called “Phasis”. The software was developed by Marco Fumagalli according to the teachings of Italian Classical Astrology Association “Cielo e Terra”. As you can see on the right side of my blog I added the link to the software website but at the moment the link is broken. Unfortunately Fumagalli, who managed the website, passed away and now the “Cielo e Terra” Association is taking in charge of the software and soon a new website will be available. As soon as it will be online I will let you know.


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