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The emerald messenger


“When beggars die there are no comets in the sky. The heavens only announce the deaths of princes”  Julius Caesar – Shakespeare

The green comet  C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) is now visible by naked eye in the northern hemisphere. It was discovered by Australian comet-hunter Terry Lovejoy in the last August.

Comets tend to brighten as they draw nearer the sun that binds them in orbit. Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy  over the past months, has been getting brighter at it heads toward its January 30 perihelion or closest point to the sun. The comet’s coma (or atmosphere surrounding the comet’s icy nucleus) has grown as the comet has neared the sun. Moreover Comet Lovejoy was closest to Earth on January 7, 2015 so that date marked the beginning of the best time to see the comet. The comet will reach the peak of brightness at magnitude 4.2 on 11 Jan 2015.

Stars and heavenly bodies are visible by naked eye if they have magnitude less than 7. As we can see here for the observation point placed in Rome the comet became visible from naked eye from the second half of last month:Comet Ephemeris

The comet will cross the ecliptic around the half of January in the constellation of Taurus and Aries.

Cometa C2014 Q2 LovejoyC

Cardano in his commentaries to the Ptolemaic Quadripartitum reports an example of a comet chart from the astrologer Haly. The chosen time for its erection was the time of the new Moon after the first visibility of the comet. We know that syzygy are crucial moment for forecasting the climate of a period till the following syzygy and that they were used very much in world astrology. In studying a comet the new moon was chosen by Haly because in absence of Moon light the comet would have been more bright and visible.

So let’s draw our comet chart for the new moon after the time of its greater brightness. The new moon will be on 20th Jun 2015. As we have already seen from the ephemeris the comet will cross the constellations of Taurus and Aries. So the comet will be in the sign of Taurus.

Ptolemy says about the comets:

We must observe, further, for the prediction of general conditions, the comets which appear either at the time of the eclipse or at any time whatever; for instance, the so‑called “beams,” “trumpets,” “jars,” and the like, for these naturally produce the effects peculiar to Mars and to Mercury — wars, hot weather, disturbed conditions, and the accompaniments of these; and they show, through the parts of the zodiac in which their heads appear and through the directions in which the shapes of their tails point, the regions upon which the misfortunes impend. Through the formations, as it were, of their heads they indicate the kind of the event and the class upon which the misfortune will take effect; through the time which they last, the duration of the events; and through their position relative to the sun likewise their beginning; for in general their appearance in the orient betokens rapidly approaching events and in the occident those that approach more slowly.

A comet in the triplicity of earth will effects some regions, according to Ptolemy:

The parts of this quarter which are situated about the centre of the inhabited world, Thrace, Macedonia, Illyria, Hellas, Achaia, Crete, and likewise the Cyclades, and the coastal regions of Asia Minor and Cyprus, which are in the south-east portion of the whole quarter, have in addition familiarity with the south-east triangle, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and its co‑rulers Venus, Saturn, and Mercury


Of the second quarter, which embraces the southern part of greater Asia, the other parts, including India, Ariana, Gedrosia, Parthia, Media, Persia, Babylonia, Mesopotamia, and Assyria, which are situated in the south-east of the whole inhabited world, are, as we might presume, familiar to the south-eastern triangle, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and are governed by Venus and Saturn in oriental aspects.

Since the comet will be in the sign of Taurus we can expect that something will happen in those regions of earth which are under the lordship of the triangle of earth and in particular of the sign of Taurus. The comet will be at the Midheaven on the 20th from places like eastern India, Bangladesh, Tibet which are under the influence of Capricorn sign.
For places like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan which are under the sign of Taurus the comet will be between the upper pivot and the XI place.
For places like Balkans, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey which also are under the sign of Taurus will be around the XI place.


Ptolemy says that comets have nature of Mars and Mercury and also the nature shown by its color. The greenish bluish comet so should have nature of Venus and Mercury since green is related to Venus and multi coloring to Mercury. Also the it shape shows it’s mercurial as Cardan says that mercurial comets are with coma, little, bright, of many colors and with a long tail.  The comet will be close to the stars of the tail of the Aries as Botein which have nature of Venus and is a star of passionate nature.  Since the comet is occidental to the Sun the event will start lately,  Cardan says. Moving from south to north an event coming from the south will effects places which are more in the north. The comet is moving also slightly against the order of zodiacal sign indicating, says Cardan, a change in a religion or disorder related to religious matters. Since Venus is a natural signifier of Islamic religion the event could effect some countries with a significant presence of Muslims or involving Muslim groups. Moreover Cardan says

If the comet is venereal it produces ravenous illness, paralysis, violent fevers, heretics, seditious and demagogic leaders, seditions especially in the Muslim religion. If it’s mercurial makes lighting bolts, thunders, earthquakes,  strong winds and destructive tempests also new arts and inventions though dangerous for humans.

So in brief we can say that the comet will bring an event in countries placed in the south east of Europe or in the south of Asia. The event will not show soon and will be probably related to social disorder concerning Muslim religion or a sudden natural disaster.

Let’s look at the following three chart below which are indicative of chart for three regions which could be effected by comet transit. The Moon in Aquarius is moving from the syzygy to  Saturn, her Lord, in Sagittarius  with the star of the froth of Scorpio. Venus the Lord of the comet is in Aquarius opposed to Jupiter in Leo.

The first one for Nicosia in Cyprus. Here the Moon is on the VIII cusp and Venus is on the IX cusp. The Moon is also the Lord of the horoscope and Betelgeuse, of Mars Mercury nature, is rising. The comet is in the XI place with its tail toward the XII place. This figure is not good at all since the Moon, lord of Ascendent, is in aversion with the horoscope and Venus on the XI house indicates religious or ideological conflicts.

Comet Nicosia


The second chart for Tehran, Persia.

Comet Tehran

The third chart is for Kolkata in India. India is under the Capricorn but still belongs to the earth triplicity and in eastern India the comet will be at the upper pivot. Here Jupiter, the Lord of the VIII house is rising and opposes Venus and Mercury at the occidental angle.