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Brexit or not Brexit:that is the question

EU Referendum


The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum is scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar on 23 June 2016.



The opening of the polls

Opening Poll.png

The opening of the poll will be at 7:00 GMT.

The Moon in Aquarius in the VII house is applying to Saturn in Sagittarius. The Moon is a general significator of people and course of events and she is actually received by Saturn. But who is Saturn? In events charts as in horary charts the judgement of the final outcome depends on the choice of the right significators.

We may think that the event chart reflects the question posed to the UK citizens. In that case the alternatives are signified by ascendent/descendent axis and their lords. Since UK is actually member of the EU the ascendent should be the ‘remain’ option and the descendent the ‘leave’ option as suggested also by their orders in the question. Therefore, as the Moon is received by Saturn the lord of descendent, we can say that the majority will choose to leave the EU.

On the opposite we may judge that, since this is an event chart, the ascendent is the actor involved, that is, the UK citizens and so Saturn is significator of the European Union as the seventh house is the mundane significator of international treaties and alliances.  In that case the UK will remain in the European Union.

The syzygy before the consultation

Syzygy before the consultation.png

In order to have a picture of the ‘weather’ during the consultation we inspect the previous syzygy that is also the closer one to the beginning of the summer quarter of the year. So it is meaningful not only for the incoming month but also for the whole season.

Mercury is the Lord of the Sun and also Lord of Horoscope and MC. It is at the MC in its domicile in Gemini and combust. Mercury is applying to retrograde Saturn. So Mercury is the Lord of the syzygy and since Saturn is Lord of the Sun by triplicity and terms it is the participating lord.  Mercury is dry and cold since it is devoid of light. Saturn is cold and dry. Mercury is with Aldebaran, a violent star with nature of Mars.

Ptolemy talking about the lords of the ecliptic syzygies outlines an useful model in order to judge also the annual syzygies. He says:

He [Mercury] is the cause of events taking place which concern the priestly code, the worship of the gods, the royal revenues, and of changes in customs and laws, from time to time, in consistency with his association with the other planets on each occasion.

The association with Saturn and with the star Aldebaran can be a sign that UK will choose to leave the EU.

Final considerations

As Ptolemy  always stresses in the Tetrabiblos that universal causes are more important and influential than specific ones, we have to consider the previous and more specific charts in the light of the more universal event of the lunar eclipse of 28 September 2015, since the effects of that lunar eclipse started in June and are going to more effective in July and August as I wrote in my previous post God save the Queen.

In the syzygy before the consultation we don’t see any configuration related to that lunar eclipse but on the 29 of June Mars, which was rising during the lunar eclipse, is doing its second station and will start again the direct motion, releasing its potential and so being able to accomplish the effects.


The Ecuador earthquake


On April 16, 2016 at 18:58 ECT, an earthquake occurred in Ecuador. The earthquake epicenter was located  approximately 27 km from the towns of Muisne and Pedernales in a sparsely populated part of the country and 170 km from the capital Quito. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.8. Widespread damage was caused, with structures hundreds of kilometres from the epicenter collapsing. At least 587 people were killed and at least 8,340 others were injured in the earthquake.It was the worst natural disaster to hit Ecuador since the 1949 Ambato earthquake.


The earthquake chart

Earthquake Ecuador 2016.png

The Moon is moving away from the Sun and applying to Mars, Lord of the Horoscope in Scorpio. Moreover the Moon is aspected in mundo by a dexter square of Mars. Altair, star of nature of Mars and Jupiter is rising. The benefics are debilitated and so they are not helpful: Venus cadent in exile in Aries; Jupiter in exile in Virgo. The malefics are conjuncted in Sagittarius and they square in mundo the Lot of Fortune. The Lot of Fortune is opposed by her lord Jupiter. Mars is stationary with Antares, the violent star in the heart of Scorpio.

The preceding syzygy

Earthquake Syzygy.png

The Luminaries are in Aries in the bound of Mercury at the horoscope, expected by a trine of Saturn and Mars. Saturn trines the Luminaries also in mundo. Mercury is doing the heliacal evening rising in the first house. The Moon is applying to Mars.So we can say that both Mars and Mercury  have the rulership over the syzygy. Mars is with Antares. Mars and Saturn are in a very close parallel of declination. Let’s note that the benefics are cadent and in exile.

The root cause: the Lunar eclipse on 27 September 2015

Lunar Eclipse Ecuador.png

The lunar eclipse occurred on 27th of September 2015 was visible from Ecuador. The eclipse started at 20.07 and ended at 23.27. Therefore the effect should have lasted for 3 month and 10 days. Since the syzygy occurred in the XI place the effects will start in the first fours month after the eclipse. We can estimate that the effects have to start after about four month after the eclipse, that is at the end of January 2016, as the Moon is almost on the cusp of the XI house. So the effect were to be expected between February 2016 and the middle of April. The intensification of the effect should have been around the end of February.

The earthquake didn’t occur around the end of February but definitely occurred in the temporal window influenced by the eclipse according to the Ptolemaic doctrine.

From the lunar eclipse chart we see that the Moon is separating from Saturn which is on the occidental horizon. Saturn has no dignity over the Moon place but has dignity over the preceding angle that is the MC in Aquarius.  So we can conclude that Saturn is the ruler of the eclipse in Ecuador. Let’s note that Mars is at the IC and aspects Saturn by a dexter square, that is, making an epidekateia on Saturn. This very powerful aspect is even more effective since it occurred over the angles.

Let’s note that the Pleiades are rising on the eastern horizon. Ptolemy says:

The sign of Taurus as a whole is indicative of both temperatures and is somewhat hot; but taken part by part, its leading portion, particularly near the Pleiades, is marked by earthquakes, winds, and mists

About the moment when the event could probably occur, Ptolemy says:

The beginnings of the particular abatements and intensifications of the event we deduced from the conjunctions which take place in the meantime, if they occur in the significant regions or the regions in some aspect to them, and also from the other movements of the planets, if those that effect the predicted event are either rising or setting or stationary or at evening rising, and are at the same time in some aspect to the zodiacal signs that hold the cause; for planets when they are rising or stationary produce intensifications in the events, but when setting, and under the rays of the sun, or advancing at evening, they bring about an abatement.

As we can see from the chart for the Ecuador Earthquake at that moment Mars was making its first station.

Mars station.png

If instead we look at the syzygy preceding the event we find that Mars trines the place of the Moon in the lunar eclipse. Let’s take a look to the preventive lunation before the earth quake. We see that the Sun is over the Moon place during the eclipse and Mars is exactly aspecting the Moon of the eclipse.

Earthquake Ecuador Preventive Lunation.png

Further considerations

I have already written an article about that lunar eclipse: God save the Queen. In that article I supposed that the eclipse should effect the UK and London since, according to Ptolemaic astrological geography, the northern Europe is under the influence of Aries where the Moon was during the eclipse. Verily almost the same astrological configuration occurred for Paris but I preferred London because during the eclipse Mars was in conjunction with the star Regulus, the ‘little king’ and UK is a monarchy unlike France. Those articles show how difficult is to predict events especially concerning where they will go to happen. Obviously Ecuador is not mentioned by Ptolemy in his astrological geography and so we don’t know which sign belong to, even if some conjectures could be done.  Moreover an eclipse can be a sign of multiple events in different parts of earth. The effect of that eclipse in UK (or France) should be expected later, about the next July and August. In order to verify if some effects will show up in UK we have to wait few more months. We have already seen that Cameron, the prime minister, was questioned  and weakened because of the recent scandal about the Panama Papers. In the next months UK will face important events as the EU referendum and the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

Bloody Easter in the city of gardens


Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park


On 27 March 2016 around 18,30, at least 75 people were killed and over 340 injured in a suicide bombing that hit the main entrance of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, one of the largest parks in Lahore, Pakistan and a popular venue with families.

The event chart

Lahore Attack.png

The benefics are cadent. Jupiter is in exile in Virgo in XII place. Venus in exaltation in Pisces in the VI place but with Cauda and with Aqua Aquari, azemena’s star. The Moon is moving away from Venus but void-of-course. Moreover the Moon is in detriment in Scorpio and opposing the Lot of Fortune in Taurus. The violent stars Antares and Aldebaran are exactly on the cusps of the III place and the IX place respectively. Mars is on the cusp of the III place. Mercury on the occident, under the Sun’s beams, is besieged by the malefics.

The syzygy

Lahore syzygy.png

In the previous syzygy we see Saturn at the IC squaring both Jupiter rising in Virgo and Venus at the occident with Aqua Aquari. Mars is the Lord of the syzygy since Mars is domicile lord of the Sun and it trines the Sun. Both the Moon and Mercury are applying to Mars.

The Ingress

Aries Ingress in Lahore.png

In the ingress chart Mars is at the occident with violent star Antares.  The Moon at the subterranean angle is moving away from Saturn and applying to Mars. Mercury, the Lord of the ascendent in Gemini, is combust and in exile and detriment in Pisces.

The fall of Constantinople

siege constantinople

    “The capture of Constantinople – I tell you the truth – threw me into a despair from which I lack the means to rise up when I think about the slavery of so many men, from what great fortune in what abyss of misery they have fallen, the ineffable beauty of the churches and the buildings, then I think that until now we had told ourselves that freedom and slavery consisted for the wise in something else from what is mentioned generally by common people, but now the meaning we gave to that distinction escapes me” from a letter of Cardinal Basilios Bessarion to Theodorus Gaza

The last siege of Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, took place in 1453. The Ottoman Turks, led by Sultan Mehmed II, captured the city on May 29, after about two months.

Although Constantinople had the safest and most impenetrable city walls of Europe, the Ottomans possessed a new war instrument, the cannon, able to chip away the Theodosian medieval walls . Despite the advanced technology used by Ottomans, that, however, was not entirely effective in destroying the Byzantines bastions, the Ottomans outnumbered Constantinople’s defensers: the ratio between Byzantines and Ottomans was one against eleven.

By the fall of the capital and the death in battle of Emperor Constantine XI Palaeologus, the Eastern Roman Empire after 1058 years ceased to exist.

 The preceding Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse was visible from Constantinople on 11th of December 1452. The obscuration lasted for 25 minutes and had its maximum at 8:29. Its effects, according to Ptolemy, would have started in four months after the eclipse and would have lasted for almost 6 months. The intensification of the effects would have been expected in the first third of its duration, that is, in the first two months from the beginning of the events.

The siege started on 6th of April, right after almost 4 months following the eclipse. Constantinople was captured on 29th of May, after almost two month later as predicted by ptolemaic doctrine.

Solar Eclipse 1452

The luminaries and the horoscope, the angle closer to the syzygy, are in the last degrees of Sagittarius,  in the domicile of Jupiter and the terms of Mars. The Moon is separating from Mars in its domicile in Aries and after the syzygy is applying to Saturn in its exaltation in Libra. Therefore the luminaries are besieged by the malefics which are both angular. Since the syzygy occurred in the terms of Mars and the Moon is separating from Mars, Mars rules over the eclipse.

The eclipse occurred close to the opposition of the horoscope of Constantinople’s inauguration and so in opposition to Venus and Jupiter in the inauguration chart. Moreover the Moon of inauguration is placed on the VIII house cusp of the eclipse and the Sun of inauguration is in opposition to Venus in the eclipse chart.

The syzygy before the beginning of the siege

Syzygy before the siege

Let’s look at the syzygy preceding the siege which started on April 6th.

The Moon and the Sun are respectively at the upper and at the lower pivot.  The Moon is applying to Mars. Mars in this chart is exactly in the same degree of Mars in the inauguration chart (15° Gemini). Moreover the star Altair of nature of Jupiter and  Mars is rising with Laguna, the nebula of nature of Mars and Moon.

The Lunar Eclipse during the siege

During the siege a lunar eclipse occurred at sunset on May 22nd. The event was considered an inauspicious omen by the defenders of the city. The lunar eclipse lasted for 1 hour and 10 minutes, so its effects would had been expected in the following month. A week later the city was captured.

Lunar Eclipse 1453

In this eclipse the axis of the luminaries is very close to the position of Mars and Mercury in the horoscope of Constantinople’s inauguration. Let’s note that Mars is the out-of-sect malefic in the inauguration chart.

The final assault

On May 29th shortly after midnight the final assault began. The Sultan Mehmed II  was advised by the astrologers to attack at a propitious time.

Final Assualt.png


The attackers are signified by the ascendent in Pisces and its lord, Jupiter. The defenders by occident in Virgo and its lord, Mercury. The city is the IC in Gemini and its lord Mercury.

We see here Jupiter in the I house dignified by triplicity. Mercury instead is peregrine and the Moon is separating from Saturn and applying to Mercury translating the light from Saturn to Mercury. Note that Saturn is on the cusp of the VIII place and it is its lord. Moreover Jupiter receives Mercury in Cancer making a dexter square to it.

The Dark sides of the Moon

kali_002Forward he cried, from the rear, and the front rank died – Us and Them – Pink Floyd

Just after the New Moon in Scorpio two terroristic attacks were launched against the cities of Beirut and Paris.

The New Moon

In both chart below the Moon with the Sun is moving from Jupiter in exiles in Virgo to the the sextile with Mars in the 29° of Virgo with Caput Draconis at the subterranean pivot. Venus is in her domicile in Libra besieged by malefics Mars and Saturn. Moreover Mars is sextile with Saturn which is making the heliacal setting.


In the New Moon chart for Beirut the stars Betelgeuse, of nature of Mars and Mercury, and Rigel, of nature of Jupiter and Saturn are rising. The planets which rule over the Horoscope are debilited: the Moon, devoid of light, in detriment in Scorpio, applying to Mars; Jupiter in exiles falling from the angle; Venus besieged by malefics.


In the New Moon chart for Paris the violent star Aldebaran, of nature of Mars, is rising at the horoscope. The Lord of the Horoscope is combust in the VI house. Saturn is with the Aculeus Scorpionis, the malefic Nebula of nature of Mars and Moon.

The Event Charts

Beirut Attack

The violent star Aldebaran is at the horoscope. The Moon and Venus are besieged by the malefics. The Moon is applying to the body of Saturn.

Paris Attack

The star Rigel, of nature Jupiter and Mars, is rising at the eastern horizon. Mars is at the subterranean pivot. Jupiter is in exiles falling from the lower meridian. Venus is still besieged by the Malefic. The Moon is in aversion with the horoscope. Tyche, the Part of Fortune, is with Asellus Borealis, of Mars and Saturn’s nature, with Praesepe, the nebula of nature of Mars and Moon, and with Procyon, star of nature of Mars and Mercury.

The Solar Eclipse

As stated in the good article Paris Attack from the Heaven Astrolabe blog we must look for an eclipse visible from the regions where the terroristic attacks took place. Eclipses which are not visible are unsuitable according to Ptolemy’s doctrine. The Solar Eclipse of the 20th of March 2015 was visible both from Paris and Beirut. In Paris the phenomenon was greater and more lasting than in Beirut though. The syzygy occurred in the last degrees of Pisces and during the obscuration time the Moon moved to the sign of Aries which rules, according to Ptolemy, the North Western Europe, including the north of France and Paris. Moreover the eclipse generally can effect also the region of earth which are ruled by the signs of the same triplicity. Beirut and Lebanon are ruled by Leo, sign of the fiery triplicity.

In Beirut the eclipse lasted only half an hour. Since the syzygy was at the supernal pivot the effects must start around six month later and last for six months, that is, between the end of September and the the end of next March. The intensification is in November.

Let’s note that the Luminaries are at the MC in the last degree of Pisces. We already have seen that Mars was in the opposite degrees in Virgo at the lunation before the attack and was still there during the terrorist attack in Beirut.

Beirut Solar Eclipse 2015

In the Solar Eclipse chart for Paris we see the violent star Aldebaran, of nature of Mars, rising at the eastern horizon. Saturn, to which the Moon is applying, is with the Aculeus Scorpionis. The syzygy was in the XI place and lasted for 2 hours and 18 minutes and so the effects started around the end of June and will last till the end of 2017. The intensification will be around the end of the next April.

Obviously also in this case we see that Mars during the lunation before the Paris attack was in the last degree of Virgo exactly opposing the place of the ecliptic syzygy. During the attack Mars has already moved to Libra but was in the first degree still opposite to the degree of eclipse.

Paris Solar Eclipse 2015

Paris and the Virgo


Coat of Arms of the City of Paris (detail)

Traditional attributions report, as in Lilly, that Paris is ruled by Virgo. Some fascinating speculations affirms that the city name comes from Par Isis, which means ‘near Isis’ or Bar Isis, that is, the Ship of Isis. Actually its roman name, Lutetia, and its greek name, Leukotekia, probably mean ‘marsh haven’. Anyway the coat of arms of the city of Paris depict a ship floating on the waters with sails unfurled and the motto “Fluctuat Nec Mergitur”, that is, “Tossed but not sunk”. During the First Empire (1811-1814) the coat of arms showed a ship with a star above it and the goddess Isis on the bow of the vessel. Isis was as Ceres associated with the asterism of Virgo.

The modern astrologer and occultist C.C.Zain (1882-1951), also known as Elbert Benjamine, says in his book “Mundane Astrology. Interpreting Astological Phenomena for Cities, Nations and Groups” that the city of Paris is ruled by the 29° of Virgo. I ignore the rationale behind that statement but in the New Moon before the attack Mars was in the very 29th degree of Virgo.

The dogs of war over Turkey


“Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war” William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

On 10 October 2015 two bombs exploded outside the Central Railway Station in Ankara, Turkey. People was gathering there to march in rally against the growing conflict between the Turkish Armed Force and the separatist Kurdistan Workers’Party. More than 105 people were killed and 400 injured by the attack, which is at present the deadliest in the history of modern Turkey.
No organisation has yet claimed responsibility for the attack which the government and the APK party, guiding the country till the next incoming election on the 1st of November, ascribe to fighters of the Islamic State. Instead the pro-Kurdish People Democratic party, having supposed to be the target of the bombing, accused the Turkish government to be the instigator of the attack and a threat to Turkey’s peace and security.

The explosion

The bombs exploded at 10:04 EEST.

Bombs Explosion

Mars oriental matutine, out-of-sect holds the upper pivot in Virgo. The other malefic, Saturn, is in the first place, near the Ascendent. Mars makes a Decimation or Epidecatéia on Saturn. The Moon is moving from the conjunction with Jupiter in exile in Virgo. Jupiter also is in conjunction in mundo with Mars, and squared by Saturn so it is not in a good condition. Venus, in its detriment in Virgo, falling from the supernal angle is in parallel of declination and parallel in mundo with Mars. Saturn also is in sextile with Mercury, Lord of the MC. So the malefics holds the angles and no benefic planet can help. Moreover Mars culminating trigger the violent and destructive event.

The Solar Eclipse of March 2015

As I wrote about the last solar eclipse in my previous post Darkened equinox, the Solar eclipse occurred in Pisces and so it’s supposed to effect the Anatolian peninsula.

Solar Eclipse 2015 Ankara

In Ankara the syzygy is at the upper pivot while the star Pollux, of nature of Mars is rising at the eastern horizon. The lordship over the syzygy is of Jupiter and Saturn as I noted in my previous post but the star Pollux cast a violent light over the syzygy. This star is very important because not only is rising but is squaring the Luminaries. Moreover Jupiter is making a parallel in mundo with its lord Saturn and Mars a parallel in mundo with Mercury in detriment and exile in Pisces.  Those two aspects are also important because they occur around the central axis of the IC and MC where the syzygy is placed. Mars in this chart gives an important contribute because it is strong in the X place in its domicile in Aries also dignified by egyptian term and it’s the Lord of the culminating angle close to the syzygy place.

As I have already said in my previous post the events will start around the first months of summer 2015 and will last till the end of 2017. The effects will be more intense between June 2016 and March 2017. So the bomb attack took place in the range of influence of the solar eclipse.

The syzygy before the attack

Syzygy before the attack

The syzygy before the attack was also a lunar eclipse partially visible from Ankara. Mars rules over the syzygy because it’s lord of the Moon in Aries and of the occidental angle in Pisces, which is in the bound and triplicity of Mars. Mars, which is Lord of the eightieth place, is in parallel in mundo with Mercury, Lord of the Ascendent, in the first place and squares Saturn both in mundo and in the zodiac. The Moon is moving from the trine with Saturn to the diameter of the Sun. Jupiter and Venus are peregrine in the twelfth place.

Say Ptolemy in the II book, chapter ‘Of the Time of the Predicted Event’:

The beginnings of the particular abatements and intensifications of the event we deduced from the conjunctions which take place in the meantime, if they occur in the significant regions or the regions in some aspect to them, and also from the other movements of the planets, if those that effect the predicted event are either rising or setting or stationary or at evening rising, and are at the same time in some aspect to the zodiacal signs that hold the cause; for planets when they are rising or stationary produce intensifications in the events, but when setting, and under the rays of the sun, or advancing at evening, they bring about an abatement.

It is notable that the Moon in this syzygy exactly trines Saturn in the Solar Eclipse of March 2015 and she has just passed over the point of Luminaries in the Solar Eclipse of the March 2015. So, according to Ptolemy, shortly after this syzygy we could expect something predicted by that Solar Eclipse.

Middle East: a powder-magazine

Middle East is a potential explosive area which can infect far beyond its borders. Many conflicts in the second half of the last century and last decades have afflicted the middle eastern countries: Palestine and Israel ongoing conflict, the Israel Lebanon war, the Israel Jordan wars, the Gulf War in Iraq, the Civil War in Syria,  the rising of Islamic State etc. Also Turkey which is the European door to Asia was implicated in the repression of the Kurds who live in the Kurdistan region. Moreover the Middle East is a tangle of many political, nationalistic, religious and economic interests.

Ptolemy Map

Ptolemy Map

If we take a look to the astrological chorography of Ptolemy we see that he subdivides the ecumene in four triplicity quadrants.

Each quadrant has a inner part ruled by an element and signs belonging to it triplicity and an outer part ruled by the another element and signs belonging to its triplicity. So the inner part of the north eastern quadrant, where Turkey and Syria are located, belongs to the water triplicity and in particular the central part of Turkey and it south coasts are ruled by Pisces. The inner part of the south eastern quadrant, where Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Arabic peninsula are located, belongs to the triplicity of fire and in particular the north of Syria, Palestine and Israel are ruled by Aries.

The syzygy of Luminaries during the Sun Eclipse of March 2015 occurred in the last degree of Pisces and during the phenomenon, which lasted about two hours, the Moon shifted in Aries. So we can suppose that predicted events will involve Turkey,  Syria, Palestine and  Israel.

Moreover since the Libya is under Pisces and North Europe under Aries we can expect that those event will effect also those countries.

In the last months a river of refugees from Syria and Middle East reached the borders of many European countries as Hungary, Austria, Germany, Poland, Croatia passing  through Turkey and Balkans. Those events could be only the beginning of a difficult period which will intensify in the next months and years.

The roof of the world shakes


“If there is a deep mountain
Without shake it should maintain” – The Six Similes of Meditation – Milarepa

The Nepalese earthquake that happened in April was one of the worst ever occurred: more than 8,800 people were killed and 23,000 injured. Many people were made homeless and entire villages were flattened and houses and historical buildings completely destroyed.

According to Ptolemy in mundane astrology we should expect to find a suitable eclipse which acts as herald announcing the incoming event. But if we search in the previous months and years we don’t find an eclipse visible from Nepal which occurred in the suitable range of time. The only eclipse which fulfill such requirements was the Moon eclipse on the 4th of April 2015. I was prepared to find something more rare and striking than a trivial lunar eclipse. I noted though that the epicenter was close in longitude to the places of earth when the comet Lovejoy was at the meridian during the new moon of January. As I wrote about Kolkata in a previous post The emerald messenger, during the new Moon after the first visibility of the comet by necked eye, the comet Lovejoy was at the Medium Coeli in localities which have roughly the same longitude of Kolkata. Below we can see the sky during the new Moon in January 20th 13:13 UT for the epicenter Besisahar, Lamjung, Nepal.

Comet Loverjover over Lamjung

Comet Loverjover over Lamjung



The comet Lovejoy is close to the Meridian, reaching the upper pivot. It has already crossed the ecliptic and it is just north of the ecliptic in the constellation of Aries near the stars of the tail of Aries as Botain. Moreover the comet is roughly at the zenit over Besisahar.

Gerolamo Cardano  in the Libellus de Supplemento Almanach, chapter X, wrote:

“Habent hae stellae potestatem magnam supra loca, quoniam semel qualibet die supra civitatem perpendiculariter insistunt”

“The stars have great power over those places over which once in a day are perpendicular”

Below we see the chart for that moment.
Lovejoy Nepal

The comet is with the malefic star Algol, the Head of Medusa at the Medium Coeli. Since the comet is in the sign of Taurus affects those places under the influence of the triangle of earth and sign of Taurus. and Nepal is under the influence of Capricorn as India then the comet has lordship over it. Furthermore the comet is greenish, quick, with a long tail so its nature is mainly of Mercury and secondarily of Venus. As Cardano says

If it’s mercurial makes lighting bolts, thunders, earthquakes, strong winds and destructive tempests also new arts and inventions though dangerous for humans.

Let’s look at the chart for the Moon eclipse on the 4th of April.
Lunar Eclipse Nepal


The lord of the Moon, Venus is in Taurus but in aversion with her, doing no aspects (feralis) and  with the place where comet was in the previous chart. Moreover Saturn which has lordship over the syzygy is with the Graffias, the star of the head of Scorpio.

Below we see the chart for the earthquake. The Sun, Lord of the horoscope, is at the Medium Coeli. The Moon is in the XII house with Sirius moving from Mercury and  Mars in Taurus in the X house to Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury and Mars are conjuncted with the star Algol in the place where the comet was at her first appearance during the new Moon of January.

Nepal earthquake