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Stopped pulse


“He who robs us of our dreams robs us of our life.”

― Virginia Woolf, Orlando

On June 12, 2016, Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida was attacked. Fifty people were killed in the shooting, and another 53 were injured. The attack is the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in United States history, the deadliest incident of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of the United States.

The event chart


The first degree of Aries is rising. The Moon is applying to the square of the Sun. The Moon trines  her lord Mercury  both in the zodiac and in mundo. Mars is opposing Mercury. A harmful nebula in the Aculeus Scorpionis is culminating with another harmful nebula, the Laguna in Sagittarius.

The preceding syzygy

Syzygy preceding shooting.png

Mercury and Venus are lord of the syzygy. Mercury is lord of the Luminaries and Venus is conjunct with both the Moon and the Sun which are in the terms of Venus. Mars in domicile in Scorpio in the X place is in opposition to Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius which is in opposition to  Venus and the Luminaries. Algol, the malefic star in the Head of Medusa, is in conjunction with Mercury.

The solar ingress

Aries Ingress.png

Mars is rising in Sagittarius and oriental. Jupiter, the lord of the horoscope, is culminating in Virgo.  The Moon is separating from Saturn and applying to Mars.  Since Jupiter is retrograde and in exile and Mars is receiving the application of the Moon, Mars is stronger and takes the lordship of the figure. Let’s note that the Moon is besieged by malefics.

The attacker

Omar Mateen, the murderer,  was born in New York on 16 November 1986 at 19:00.

Omar Mateen.png

Cancer is rising. The Luminaries are both cadent and in aversion with the horoscope. The Moon is Full since the preventional syzygy occurred about twelve hours before his birth. So the Moon is separating from Sun and the right square of Mars and applying to the opposition of Saturn. The malefics hold the cadent Luminaries and this is not a good sign. The Moon is with the Pleiades, very wet stars of nature of Moon and Mars, which arouse passions in the sensitive soul.

Jupiter in domicile in Pisces is culminating. But Jupiter is aspected by a right square of Saturn and he is out-of-sect so he is not very beneficial.

Mars is the Lord of the Soul since he has dignities over both the places of Mercury and the Moon and aspects them. According to  Ptolemy:

Mars alone, given the domination of the soul, in an honourable position makes his subjects noble, commanding, spirited, military, versatile, powerful, venturesome, rash, unruly, indifferent, stubborn, keen, headstrong, contemptuous, tyrannical, active, easily angered, with the qualities of leadership. In a position of the opposite kind he makes them savage, insolent, bloodthirsty, makers of disturbances, spendthrifts, loud-mouthed, quick-fisted, impetuous, drunken, rapacious, evil-doers, pitiless, unsettled, mad, haters of their own kin, impious.

Mars is cadent, occidental, near to his heliacal setting, so is very dry. Moreover Mars square Saturn in mundo mixing the cold and hot qualities of the two planets.
Therefore he makes the native violent and unstable.
Let’s note that the Moon, Mercury and the Ascendent don’t have any familiarity to each others. In the Tetrabiblos Ch. XIV Book III, Of Diseases of the Soul, Ptolemy says:

Since the account of the principal diseases of the soul, in a sense, follows upon that of the soul’s characteristics, it is in general needful to note and observe the positions of Mercury and the moon relative to each other, to the angles, and to the planets whose nature it is to do injury; for if, while they themselves are unrelated to each other, or to the eastern horizon, they are overcome, or surrounded, or held in opposition by unfamiliar stars in injurious aspect, they cause the incidence of various diseases which affect the soul’s character. Their interpretation again is to be calculated from the previously described qualities of the planets which are familiar to the places in the sky.

Therefore the native is unstable and without self control since his sensitive soul and the rational soul are unrelated. Mars takes the dominion over both of them and gives him an uncontrolled violent and destructive behavior. At school he was a bully and he suffered from poor scholarly performance due to many instances of behavioral problems. Behavioral problems and violence emerged again in his career and personal life.


Nomina nuda tenemus


“We live for books. A sweet mission in this world dominated by disorder and decay.” The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco

Few days ago the italian writer, professor, semiologist and critic Umberto Eco passed away. His contribute to the contemporary culture both national and international, high and popular was invaluable. In a time of extensive web communication and non hierarchical access and production of informations he remained an authoritative intellectual as we were used to during the last decade of the XX century before the inflation, distortion and even widespread fabrication of information.

The eminent son of Jupiter

Umberto Eco.png

The temperament and the body

The lords of the temperament are Jupiter and Venus. The horoscope is in Leo in the terms of Jupiter so  Jupiter rules the horoscope by triplicity and terms. The lord of the horoscope is in Capricorn in the bounds of Venus. The Moon is in Sagittarius in the terms of Venus and she is received by Jupiter in Leo, dignified by triplicity. Moreover the Moon is defluxing from Venus and applying to Jupiter. Jupiter and  Venus give a sanguine temperament. The waning Moon close to the new Moon is quite melancholic. So the warmth of his sanguine temperament and in particular his irrational soul, is temperated by the the cold and dry qualities of the Moon.

Ptolemy says:

Jupiter, as the ruler of the aforesaid regions, when he is rising, makes his subjects in appearance light of skin, but in such a way as to have a good colour, with moderately curling hair and large eyes, tall, and commanding respect; in temperament they exceed in the hot and the moist. When Jupiter is setting, he makes his subjects light, to be sure, but not as before, in such a way as to give them a good colour, and with lank hair or even bald in front and on the crown, and of average stature; in temperament they have an excess of the moist.

His body is flashy, is face round and jovial, wide and bearded, his nose bulbous, his forehead bold.

The soul and the intellect

The lords of the Soul is Jupiter. Mercury is in Sagittarius and it is received by Jupiter by a trine. We have already seen that the Moon is in Sagittarius and applying to Jupiter.

Jupiter is retrograde but dignified by triplicity and terms; moreover it is oriental in a angular house and free from malefics.

Ptolemy says:

If Jupiter alone has the domination of the soul, in honourable positions he makes his subjects magnanimous, generous, god-fearing, honourable, pleasure-loving, kind, magnificent, liberal, just, high-minded, dignified, minding their own business, compassionate, fond of discussion, beneficent, affectionate, with qualities of leadership.

Malefics in Eco’s geniture are harmless because they are combust, in cadent house and dignified in Capricorn; Mars by exaltation, Saturn by domicile.

Jupiter out-of-sect and retrograde but is strengthened by Ideoprosopia, Almugea or proper face, which is the figure of a planet relative to the Sun or the Moon when it is in a sign that is as distant, in the proper direction,  from the Luminary as its diurnal domicile is away from  Leo in case of the Sun, or its nocturnal domicile from Cancer in the case of the Moon. Here Jupiter is  as distant from the Moon as Pisces from Cancer.

Ptolemy says

Of configurations, positions in the orient and at the horoscope, and in particular those which are in proper face,produce liberal, simple, self-willed, strong, noble, keen, open souls.

Ali ibn Ridwan explaines:

If the planet dispositor of the actions of the soul finds itself in this situation, that is proper face, it means that the soul is outspoken and independent in his judgment,strong, sharp, acute and which never draws back. Because planets in such position have been a great strength and a good condition and so the judgment follows.

We see that Mercury is in the vis luminis of the Moon which harmonize the irrational soul and the intellect. Both Mercury and the Moon are in a sign of right ascension which gives straightforwardness to his feelings and thoughts. Mercury is in exile in Sagittarius  but it is received by Jupiter. Mercury by phase gives speed of thought, openness of mind and propensity to act.

Daimon, the Lot of Spirit, is in Leo with Jupiter. Paulus alexandrinus says:

Spirit happens to be lord of soul, temper, mindfulness, and every power; and sometimes it also cooperates in the determination concerning what one does.

So Jupiter which is Lord of Daimon by triplicity and terms e in conjunction with it dignifies the native with a good and well disposed intellect and indicates that the activity of the native is concerned with high studies and philosophy as we are going to see.

The profession

Venus is visible between its vespertine heliacal rising and the mean motion, Mars is combust, Mercury is visible between its morning station and the mean motion. Since Jupiter has dignity over the MC by triplicity, it is in trines with it and receives Mercury and the Moon by trine it his very hightligted. Moreover the Moon is applying to Jupiter. So Mercury and secondly Venus are Lord of Action but Jupiter indicates the quality and subject of his profession. Jupiter is a significator of philosophers. Mercury gives him the profession into writing ,teaching and researching and Venus proficiency in languages but Jupiter makes him a philosoper, a scholar and a professor.


The fortune

Since the Moon in Sagittarius is applying to Jupiter,  Jupiter is a out-of-sect doryphoros of the Moon.We have already seen that Jupiter also is in proper face to the Moon. Since the attending planet is Jupiter, his attainmnets come from favours, gifts, honours, and magnanimity.

Tyche, the Lot of Fortune, is Cancer and it is in sextile in mundo with Jupiter which is its Lord by exaltation. Moreover Tyche is making a mundane parallel with Jupiter and Daimon, showing that Eco received fame and wealth from his intellectual activity.

Furthermore Nike, the Lot of Victory or Jupiter is conjuncted with the horoscope. Nike is calculate from the Jupiter to Daimon, the Lot of Spirit. Abu Ma’shar says:

It’s signification is honor and achievements and assistance and blessedness and kindness, also praiseworthy ends and fitness and seeking of faith and whatever is of its being. And belief in God and study in every good work and the esteeming of it. And the seeking of justice and of just judgment between men. And the building of places of oratory and wisdom and the wise and the loftiness of the wise. Also trust and hope, and every thing a man enjoys in term of goods and the partnership of men with each other.

Eco was a righteous man who dedicates his whole life to studying, teaching and spreading his knowledge and science.

He became very famous internationally to the broad public after the publication of his first and most known novel: “The Name of the Rose”. The first edition was released in December 1980. Around that time Jupiter got to the Lot of Activity by direction. The Lot of Activity is calculated from Mercury to Mars and measured from the horoscope.

Direction-The Name of The Rose's publication

Anyway the final consacration of Eco’s fame in popular culture came after the release of the movie after the book directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The movie was released in October 17, 1986. Few months before the Jupiter conjuncted the Lot of Fortune by direction.

The Name of the Rose's Film

The Lady of the Woods

birch-woodI pass forth into light–I find myself
Beneath a weeping birch (most beautiful
Of forest trees, the Lady of the Woods) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The autumnal equinox is coming in few days and the Sun will enter the sign of Libra. The day and night are equal again and the air is temperate as the hot and cold qualities are in balance. The golden light of the end of Summer and early Autumn drops from the heavens and thicken around the ripe fruit. Walking in the woods during the early Autumn to gather mushrooms, berries or nuts like walnuts or chestnuts is quite common. It’s such a pleasure to withdraw from the noisy crowded cities and take refuge among the quiet trees.

One of the most beautiful trees is the Birch.

The birch is easily recognizable by its white bark and the pale green leaves. Its spindly branches intertwine in delicate shapes and its foliage rustles by the lightest breeze. The birch is one of the most harmonious tree. Everything in the birch suggests the idea of gentleness and softness but not of weakness as its thin and delicate bark hides a hard and resistant wood. When you rest under a birch you are surrounded by a sense of peace and the awareness that life is not a fight but harmony and grace.

Tree of Venus

According the astrologer and herbalist Nicholas Culpeper the birch is ruled over by Venus. In his “Complete Herbal” he says:

It is a tree of Venus, the juice of the leaves, while they are young, or the distilled water of them, or the water that comes from the tree being bored with an auger, and distilled afterwards; any of these being drank for some days together, is available to break the stone in the kidneys and bladder and is good also to wash sore mouths. The leaves of the birch tree are hot and dry, cleansing, resolving, opening and bitter;  for which reason they are of no small use in a dropsy,the itch and the like.

The Birch with its light branches and leaves rustling in the air is an aery tree and so it is appropriated to associate it with Libra, diurnal domicile of Venus.

During the beginning of the autumnal season the infusion of birch leaves can be drink during the day to warm and hydrate the body and help it to detox and eliminate the waste in order to face the cold season in the best condition.