French Presidential Election: part 2

French Candidates.png

Marine Le Pen:

  • Zodiacal Directions:
    • directed Jupiter in conjunction with the Horoscope of nativity
  • Mundane Directions:
    • directed Mercury and Sun in parallel with Mercury of nativity
  • Solar Revolution:
    • Moon of Solar Revolution with Jupiter of nativity
  • Profection:
    • profected MC in Leo in conjunction with Sun and Mercury of nativity
  • Other aspects:
    • directed Sun in conjunction with Jupiter of Revolution
    • directed Sun in conjunction with profected Jupiter
  • Transit:
    • Jupiter in conjunction with the Horoscope of nativity

Jean-Luc Melenchon:

  • Zodiacal Directions:
    • directed Mercury in trine with the Moon of nativity
    • directed Mars in conjunction with Horoscope of nativity
    • directed Sun in conjunction with MC of nativity
  • Mundane Directions:
    • directed Sun in conjunction with MC of nativity
  • Solar Revolution:
    • Jupiter of Solar Revolution with Horoscope of nativity
  • Profection:
    • profected Horoscope in Pisces  in opposition to Mercury of nativity
    • profected Mercury in Aquarius in opposition to Sun of nativity
  • Other aspects:
    • directed Mars with Jupiter of Revolution
  • Transit:
    • Jupiter is in opposition to Jupiter of nativity

Francois Fillon

  • Zodiacal Directions:
    • directed Sun in opposition to the MC of nativity
    • directed Mars in square to the MC of nativity
    • directed Mars in trine to Mercury of nativity
    • directed Saturn in square to Mars of nativity
  • Mundane Directions:
    • directed Sun in opposition to the MC of nativity
    • directed Saturn in square to Mars of nativity
  • Solar Revolution:
  • Profection:
    • profected Mars in conjunction with the Sun of nativity
    • profected Horoscope in Sagittarius in opposition to Jupiter of nativity
  • Other aspects:
    • directed Saturn in conjunction with Horoscope of revolution
  • Transit:
    • Jupiter in conjunction with the Horoscope of nativity
    • Mars in conjunction with Jupiter of nativity

Benoit Hamon

  • Zodiacal Directions:
    • directed Saturn in trine to the Sun of nativity
  • Mundane Directions:
    • directed Saturn in trine to the Horoscope of nativity
    • directed Mercury in trine to Jupiter of nativity
    • directed Saturn in conjunction with the Moon of nativity
  • Solar Revolution:
  • Profection:
    • profected Mars in opposition to the Sun of nativity
  • Other aspects:
  • Transit: 
    • Jupiter in conjunction with Mars of nativity

Emmanuel Macron

  • Zodiacal Directions:
    • directed Venus in trine with the Horoscope of nativity
  • Mundane Directions:
    • directed Mars in opposition to Sun and Mercury of nativity
    • directed Moon in opposition to Saturn of nativity
    • directed Sun and Mercury in opposition the Moon of nativity
  • Solar Revolution:
    • Horoscope of revolution in conjunction with Saturn of nativity
  • Profection:
  • Other aspects:
  • Transit:
    • Saturn in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury of nativity


It’s very hard to compare for five candidates all the informations from directions, solar revolutions and profections and judge accordingly the final outcome of the election poll but there are some considerations we can make. Firstly we see for Melenchon the directed Sun in conjunction with the MC of nativity. This is a clear sign of success. Moreover there are other signs involving Mercury, which is the almuten of the X house, and Mars which is the doryphoros of the light in sect. For Le Pen we see many aspects involving Jupiter, which is the almuten of the X house and Sun a natural significator of success. The other candidates appear less favorites than Le Pen and Melenchon and so the predictive techniques confirm the picture we have already outlined in the part 1.


French Presidential Election: part 1

Elections présidentielles 2017 France-1

The French will go to the polls in April and May this year to choose the new president. Since France is one the major countries in the EU, the new president will definitely make a difference in the political scenario of the next years in Europe and probably also in the rest of the world. After the Brexit consultation which brought the UK on the road to leave the EU, the mounting dissatisfaction with the European policy in France can put in power an eurosceptic president.

In this article we will analyze the genitures of the five candidates in order to see who has the most significators of eminence and dignity. In a next article we will check the solar revolutions, the protections and the directions for each candidate in order to have a picture of the possible pool outcome.

Significators of Eminence

Ptolemy says:

It will be needful to determine the questions of dignity and happiness resulting therefrom from the position of the luminaries and the familiarity to them of their attendant planets. For if both the luminaries are in masculine signs and either both of them, or even one of the two, angular, and particularly if the luminary of the sect is also attended by the five planets, matutine to the sun and vespertine to the moon, the children will be kings. And if the attendant planets are either themselves angular or bear an aspect to the superior angle, the children born will continue to be great, powerful, and world-rulers, and they will be even more fortunate if the attendant planets are in dexter aspect to the superior angles. But if, while the others are in this position, the sun alone is in a masculine sign, and the moon is in a feminine one, and one of the luminaries is angular, they will be merely generals, with power of life and death. If, however, besides this the attendant planets are neither angular nor witnessing to the angles, they will be merely great and will enjoy partial dignities, those which involve the wearing of chaplets, or those of superintendence or of military command, and not those of first rank. But if the luminaries are not angular, and most of the attendant planets are either angular or in aspect with the angles, they will not attain the more conspicuous honours but rather civil leadership and moderate advancement in their careers. If, however, the attendant planets are not associated with the angles, they are rendered obscure in their actions and without preferment, and they are entirely humble and miserable in their fortunes when neither of the luminaries is angular, or in a masculine sign, or attended by the beneficent planets. The general outline, then, of the investigation before us involves a gradation of dignities of this sort. Since there are very many conditions intermediate between these grades, one must estimate them from the specific qualities of the luminaries themselves, and the particular variations in the manner in which they are attended, and the government of the attendance. For if their attendance consists of planets of the same sect, or of the beneficent planets, greater independence and security will attend the dignities; but if it involves the opposite sect, or the maleficent planets, there will be dependency and less security. The kind of future honour is to be divined from the quality of the attending planets; for if Saturn governs the attendance, he brings about power based on wealth and the amassing of riches, but Jupiter or Venus that which rests upon favours, gifts, honours, and magnanimity; Mars brings power founded on generalships, victories, and the fears of subordinates, and Mercury that which depends upon intelligence, education, and the care and management of affairs.

As we see front the passage above, Ptolemy assigns the rank of the native in decreasing order from the most dignity in the following manner:

  • Both luminaries in masculine sign
  • both or one angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • doriphories angular or in aspect to MC
  • Both luminaries in masculine sign
  • both or one angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • Sun in a masculine sign, Moon in a feminine sign
  • one angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • doriphories angular or in aspect to MC
  • both luminaries or one angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • no luminary angular
  • one or both luminaries have doryphory
  • most of doriphories angular or in aspect to MC
  • no luminary angular
  • luminary of the sect has doryphory
  • no luminary angular
  • no doryphory


In the table below for each candidate are displayed the main significators, which are the ptolemaic significator of eminence and secondary significators according to Valens, Rhetorius and Porphyry.

The doryphory to the Sun is an oriental planets which is in aspect with the Sun; the doryphory to the Moon is a planet which the Moon is applying to.

Rex and Miles are, according to Cielo e Terra and Gerolamo Vitali, are respectively the lord of the 5 hylegiacal place (Sun, Moon, Ascendent, Tyche, Prenatal Syzygy), and the  most dignified planet in the char both by essential and accidental dignities.

Marine Le Pen Francois Fillon Emmanuel Macron Benoit Hamon Jean-Luc Melenchon
Mainly significators
 Light of the Time Sun in masc. Leo (dom.) in X Moon in fem. Pisc. in V, combust Sun in masc.  Sag. in XI Sun in fem. Cancer, cadent XII Sun in masc. Leo (dom.), in XI
Other Light Moon  in fem. Capr (exile), in III Sun in fem. Pisc. in V  Moon in fem. Taurus (exal.) in III  Moon in masc. Aquar., IX  Moon in fem. Pisces, angular VII
 Doryphory to the Light of the Time Saturn in VII in Aries in his terms by trine  Mars in III in Sag. peregrine by square  Saturn in Aries in X by square  Mars in XI in Leo peregrine
 Doryphory to the other Light Mars in III in Sag peregrine by square; Jupiter in IX Gem exile by square  Moon void of course  Mars in XI in Leo peregrine by trine
Doriphory angular or in aspect to MC  Saturn angular in VII  Saturn angular in X
Secondary significators
 Aspects to Doryphory Mars square, Venus trine, Moon trine, Jupiter trine  in mundo Mars: Jupiter opposition, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon square  Venus trine, Jupiter trine, Sun square, Mars opposition Moon trine, Hor sextile, Saturn sextile
MC  in Cancer  in Cancer in trine with Venus, Sun and Saturn (all dexter)  in Scorpio  in Pisces trined by Jupiter  in Gemini squared by Moon (dexter) and Saturn, in sextile with the Sun
Planets in X house  Sun e Mercury in Leo, Mars in Cancer Cauda  Saturn in Aries
Almuten of X house  Jupiter in Virgo in XI applied by the Moon and in trine with Saturn in mundo Jupiter in Gem in IX in opposition to Mars, in square to Venus, Sun and Moon  Mars in Leo in VII in trine with Moon and Venus  Venus in Leo in II, trine of Mars, opposition of Moon, sextile of Mars and Sun  Mercury in Virgo retrograde, in XII, with Venus
 Phase  Venus: evening rising; Saturn: first station Venus: evening rising
 Tyche in Pisces  at the Hor  in Gem. squared by Saturn  in Pisces parallel in mundo with Mars  in Aries squared by Mars
 Daimon  in Taurus squared by Venus and in sextile with Mars  in Libra in trine with Jupiter and in sextile with Mars  in Scorp. sextile with Mars  in Libra with Mars, opposed by Saturn  in Aquar. opposed by Sun
 11th from Tyche Moon in Taurus
 Stars  Alphecca rising, Castor culminating  Bellatrix with Jupiter, Tyche with Arcturus  Markab,Shaula at Hor, Alphecca at MC, Sun with Laguna, Saturn with Regulus  Hor with Pollux and Betelgeuse, Jupiter with Sirius, Mars with Spica  Moon and occident with Deneb
 Miles Saturn  Venus Jupiter  Jupiter Saturn  Saturn
 Rex  Venus  Venus  Venus  Venus  Mars

Candidates in order of Eminence

Marine Le Pen

Marin Le Pen
Marine Le  Pen has the light in sect, the  Sun, angular in X, in Leo, a masculine sign, and Saturn is a doryphory of the Sun since Saturn is oriental, diurnal and he trines the Sun and has ruleship over the Sun by term. Saturn, the doryphory, is angular. So the geniture falls into category 3. Saturn is in his term but he is in fall in Aries. Saturn is doing the first station, so he is quite strong. Saturn has familiarities by trine with the Moon, which is concord with diurnal sect of Saturn since she is waxing; he has familiarity by trine with Jupiter and Venus, which doing the evening heliacal rising and by square in mundo with Mars which is his lord by domicile . Saturn is Miles, that is the most dignified planet in the chart. So Saturn is  strong signifier of eminence. Moreover we see that three star, the Sun, Mercury and Mars are in the X place.


Jean-Luc Melenchon

Jean-Luc Melenchon
Jean-Luc Melenchon has the light out of sect, the  Moon, angular in VII in Pisces, a feminine sign and Mars is a doryphory of the Moon since the Moon is applying to him and Mars has ruleship over the Moon by term and the Moon is waning. Mars, the doryphory, is nor angular neither he aspects the MC. Mars is nocturnal and oriental. So the geniture falls into category 4. Moreover Mars is peregrine in sextile with the Horoscope and Saturn which is on the oriental horizon. Saturn is in domicile in Libra is opposing the Moon which is on the occidental horizon. Mars is Rex, Saturn is Miles. Tyche is in Aries in square with her lord Mars. This geniture is far less eminent than Le Pen’s geniture.


Benoit Hamon

Benoit Hamon

Benoit Hamon has no angular light. Saturn is doryphory to the the light of time, the Sun, since Saturn is oriental, diurnal and squares the Sun. This doryphory is weak since Saturn has no ruleship over the Sun. Saturn is angular in the X. The geniture falls into category 5. Saturn is in fall in Aries and he is opposed in mundo by his lord Mars in Libra. Saturn is also in trine with Jupiter and Venus which is the almuten of the X. Saturn is Miles. The MC is in trine with his lord Jupiter. Some fixed star are notable: Betelgeuse  and Pollux at the horoscope; Sirius with Jupiter; Spica with Mars. I think that this geniture is quite close to the Melenchon’s geniture about eminence.


Francois Fillon

Francois FillonFrancois Fillon has no angular light. Mars and Jupiter are doryphory to the light of time, the Moon, since the Moon is applying to Mars and Jupiter and Mars has ruleship over the Moon by triplicity and Jupiter by domicile. Mars is nocturnal and oriental; the Moon is waning. Jupiter is diurnal and occidental in fall in Gemini so Jupiter is not in a very good condition as bodyguard; also is not of the same sect of the Moon.The geniture falls into category 6. Mars is peregrine and he is in opposition to Jupiter, his lord by domicile and triplicity. Mars is also in square in mundo with Venus, her lord by terms. Moreover is in square with the Sun.  The MC is in trine with Venus, Saturn and the Sun. Venus is doing the evening heliacal rising and is also Rex and Milex with the participation of Jupiter. Bellatrix is with Jupiter. Also this geniture is not so distant from the two previous genitures.


Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron has no angular light and the lights have not doryphory. The geniture falls into category 7. The almuten of the X, Mars, is angular in the VII in trine with Venus and the Moon.  The Moon in exaltation in Taurus in the acquisitive place. This geniture doesn’t show significative marks of eminence.



Final Considerations

Marine Le Pen’s geniture is the most dignified among the candidates to the French Presidential Election. Emmanuel Macron who is credited for passing the first round has definitely the less dignified geniture. The other three candidate are in the middle between those two extremes, close to each others.


Erasmus Roterodamus


The highest form of bliss is living with a certain degree of folly. Erasmus

Recently I visit Rotterdam, homeland of the famous Renaissance humanist Erasmus. He was a scholar in latin and ancient greek and he prepared important new Latin and Greek editions of the New Testament. He is mostly remembered for his witty and satirical work ‘In Praise of Folly’.
Although Erasmus referred several times in his writings to his age, there is no certainty about the year of his birth since those references point in many different directions, ranging from 1464 to 1472 or even later. Anyway I have found in the book “Astrologia Naturalis” written in 1645 by David Origanus, German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer, the geniture of Erasmus Roterodamus.


Erasmus’ geniture from Astrologia Naturalis

Probably the time of birth that Origanus reports in his book is not very reliable, since he wrote two centuries after the Erasmus’ birth, anyway I think it can be interesting to give a look the the chart and with a bit of folly, as Erasmus suggests, we will find Origanus even trustworthy .

About the birth date of Erasmus Origanus wrote in his ‘Astrologia Naturalis’: Anno 1467 Oct. Die 27 Hor. 16.30. In North Europe during the XVII century the hours were calculated as equal hours starting from the midnight according to the civilian mode or from the midday according to the astronomical mode. We can easily recognize that Origanus used the equals hours front the midday according to the astronomical computation since the Sun is in the second house in the fourth quadrant as it is between midnight and the dawn and not in the second quadrant as in the afternoon before sunset. So the Erasmus’ birth, according to Origanus, was on 28th October 1467, 4.30 a.m local time. Below we can see the geniture as calculated by Phasis. We see that some planetary and house positions in Origanus’ chart are not very correct but the differences consist at most in few degrees.

Erasmus geniture Regiomontanus Dom.png

Erasmus’ geniture – domification Regiomontanus

Origanus uses the geniture to exemplify the influence of Venus and Mercury over the manners of the native. He writes:De Venere.png

About Venus. Venus gift is beauty. Therefore in good aspect with Mercury especially in the first house she makes promptly excel in neatness of manners and speeches. In this way Erasmus from Rotterdam has Venus.

Erasmus geniture - Placidus domification.png

Erasmus’ geniture – domification Placidus

In Erasmus’ geniture Mercury is with Venus which is also his Lord since he is in Libra. Mercury is retrograde but he is doing the matutine heliacal rising. Actually the Lord of the Soul is Venus since she is the Lord of Mercury and in conjunction with him. According to Ptolemy the Lord of Action is Mercury since he is doing the matutine heliacal rising and so Mercury with his Lord Venus gives him the beauty of speech and writing.  Both Mercury and Venus are in trine with retrograde Jupiter exalted in Cancer in the XI house giving fame to him for his religious writings while trying to be impartial in the religious dispute between the Catholic Church and the rising Protestant Reformation.



The shadowed Moon over Arabia

The 11th February 2017 a  Penumbral Lunar Eclipse has occurred. The phenomenon has been visible in Europe, Africa, part of Asia and America and will last for 4 hours and 19 minutes.

The eclipse in north Arabia

Lunar Eclipse 2017 February.png

Ptolemy says:

The remaining parts of the quarter, situated about the centre of the inhabited world, Idumaea, Coelê Syria, Judaea, Phoenicia, Chaldaea, Orchinia, and Arabia Felix, which are situated toward the north-west of the whole quarter, have additional familiarity with the north-western triangle, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and furthermore, have as co‑rulers Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury.

and again

The Phoenicians, Chaldaeans, and Orchinians have familiarity with Leo and the sun, so that they are simpler, kindly, addicted to astrology, and beyond all men worshippers of the sun.

So we should expect that the effects of this lunar eclipse will show up in that region and especially in the North of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria and Lebanon since those places have familiarities with the sign of Leo where the eclipse occurred.
In the city of Al Quarayyat in the north of  Saudi Arabia close to Giordania and Iraq during the eclipse we see a peculiar planetary placement: both the malefic planet, Saturn and Mars, are angular.

Since the Moon is the second quadrant between the MC and the occidental horizon the effects will start after eight months and will last for  4 months and 10 days, that is, between the first half of October and the first half of February 2018. The intensification of the effects will be around November.

Jupiter is the triplicity ruler of the Moon and she is applying to him. Jupiter is angular but peregrine and retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn are in mutual reception by sextile: Jupiter is in Libra, whose lord of exaltation is Saturn; Saturn is in Sagittarius whose domicile lord is Jupiter. Therefore the lords of the eclipse are Jupiter and Saturn. Let’s note that in this chart Saturn is angular, exactly at the horoscope; moreover Mars in on the subterranean pivot in his domicile Aries. The beneficial influence of Jupiter is here undermined by Saturn and Mars. Moreover Saturn, which is the out-of-sect malefic is predominant and he brings a strong cold quality to the event. Since the eclipse is in Leo in a fixed, fiery  sign an not too far from the MC, this indicates the fall or death of leaders and damage to buildings.


The American Midas


Annibale Caracci – Apollo gives the ass’ears to Midas

Though the rest was human, he was punished in that sole aspect: he wore the ears of a slow-moving ass. He was anxious to conceal them, and tried to detract from the shameful ugliness of his head with a purple turban. But the servant who used to trim his long hair with a blade, found it out, who, since he dare not reveal the disgrace he had seen, but eager to broadcast it to the four winds, and unable to keep it to himself, went off quietly and dug a hole in the soil. In a tiny voice, he whispered to the hollow earth, and buried his spoken evidence under the infill, and stole away having closed up the hidden trench. But a thick bed of quivering reeds began to shoot up there, and as soon as they had grown, at the end of the year, they gave the burrower away: stirred gently, then, by the wind they repeated the buried words, and testified against his master. Ovid Metamorphoses XI

In the presidential election of November 8 2016 the billionaire tycoon Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. Without any prior governmental or military experience and opposed by the cultural and entertainment elite he was eventually able to collect the votes of rural and deindustrialized zones and people who saw this eminent outsider as a possibility of change.

The geniture


The temperament

Mars is rising at the horoscope in the bounds of Mars. The Sun, Lord of the Horoscope, is in Gemini in the bounds of Mars and he trines Mars. The Moon in Sagittarius trines Mars and she is moving away by hexagon from her lord Jupiter. So the Lords of Temperament are Mars and Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter are both occidental. Jupiter is in his second station. Moreover Regulus, the heart of Leo, is rising at the horoscope. Regulus is of nature of Mars and Jupiter and so the rulership over the body of Mars and Jupiter is again stressed. The Moon is almost perfecting the opposition to the Sun, that is Full Moon, and so very hot. Therefore Trump’s predominant quality is hot and his temperament is Choleric Sanguine.

Ptolemy says:

When Jupiter is setting, he makes his subjects light, to be sure, but not as before, in such a way as to give them a good colour, and with lank hair or even bald in front and on the crown, and of average stature; in temperament they have an excess of the moist.

When he [Mars] is setting, he makes them in appearance simply ruddy, of middle height, with small eyes, not much hair on the body, and straight yellow hair; their temperament exceeds in the dry.

Since Jupiter is near to his highest boreal altitude Trump’s body is big and fleshy but agile.

The Moon is with Shaula a harmful star in the Sting of Scorpio which brings damage to the eyes.

The soul

Mercury is in Cancer, occidental and making the evening heliacal rising. Mercury is almost feralis, that is alone, except for a parallel in mundo with Jupiter which is his Lord by exaltation. Since Jupiter is the Lord of the Moon as we have already seen, Jupiter is the Lord of the Soul. Jupiter is occidental, in his second station, dignified by term, in a cadent house because of the ptolemaic rule of 5 dead degrees.

Jupiter in a equinoctial sign produces souls fitted for dealing with the people, fond of turbulence and political activity, glory-seeking; in his evening station he produces souls noble and wise, but with mediocre memory, not painstaking nor fond of labour, but investigators of hidden things, says Ptolemy. Moreover Jupiter is in his proper face or almugea to the Sun and so he gives a liberal, simple, self-willed, strong, noble person.

If Jupiter alone has the domination of the soul, in honourable positions he makes his subjects magnanimous, generous, god-fearing, honourable, pleasure-loving, kind, magnificent, liberal, just, high-minded, dignified, minding their own business, compassionate, fond of discussion, beneficent, affectionate, with qualities of leadership. If he chances to be in the opposite kind of position, he makes their souls seem similar, to be sure, but with a difference in the direction of greater humility, less conspicuousness, and poorer judgement. For example, instead of magnanimity, he endows them with prodigality; instead of reverence for the gods, with superstition; instead of modesty, with cowardice; instead of dignity, with conceit; instead of kindness, with foolish simplicity; instead of the love of beauty, with love of pleasure; instead of high-mindedness, with stupidity; instead of liberality, with indifference, and the like.

Here the Jupiter’s condition is not very dignified but it is also effected by some aspects with other planets. Firstly Jupiter is in mutual reception with Saturn and Venus by a quartile aspect both in mundo and in the zodiac since Jupiter is in Libra, domicile of Venus and exaltation of Saturn and Venus and Saturn are conjuncted in Cancer, exaltation of Jupiter. But Saturn and Venus are superior to Jupiter. Venus in right square with Jupiter gives a strong desire for women; he will love beautiful ladies and possibly harlots. Moreover the conjunction of Saturn and Venus corrupts the passive part of the soul and makes him even more prone to desire and indulgence in pleasures. The other aspect is Mars in sextile in mundo with Jupiter. Mars is very strong since he is angular but he is out-of-sect therefore he make Trump active and commanding but bossy and despotic. Here Mars is also in aspect with the Moon close to the Full Moon, so the choleric mood effects even more the sensitive soul. Moreover the Moon is with Shaula a harmful star of nature of Mercury and Mars.

Lets note that the Moon is actually not only very close to the Full Moon but also with Cauda, that is, Trump was born during a lunar eclipse though not visible from USA during his birth. This peculiar configuration is by itself quite critical and it effects the native strongly, in particular it clouds the sensitive soul and if had not been for the presence of Jupiter and the antiparallel between the Moon and Mercury, the angular Mars would have brought a serious illness to his soul.

The profession

Mercury is making the evening heliacal rising and so he is the Lord of Activity. Mercury is in parallel in mundo with Jupiter which is his exaltation lord, so Jupiter testifies Mercury.

Says Ptolemy:

For if Mercury governs action, to speak generally, he makes his subjects scribes, men of business, calculators, teachers, merchants, bankers, soothsayers, astrologers, sacrificers, and in general those who perform their functions by means of documents, interpretation, and giving and taking.

If it is Jupiter that witnesses, they will be law-makers, orators, sophists, who enjoy familiarity with great persons.

The Material Fortune

The Lot of Fortune is angular, with the descendent. It is in aversion with its Lord Saturn in exile in Cancer. But Saturn is aspected by benefics: he is conjuncted with Venus and squared by Jupiter in mutual reception as we have already seen. Moreover the Lot of Fortune is aspected by the Luminars, Jupiter and Mars. The trines of the Sun and Jupiter are quite beneficial but the opposition of Mars from the ascendent seems to indicate a sudden reversal of fortune or loss due to unwary and impulsive actions.

Lets note that both the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of Spirit are with Vega, the star of nature of Mercury and Venus, in the constellation of Lyra. Stade says:

The Lyra in the second house or with Jupiter or Venus or with the Lot of Fortune, gives great wealth.

Here Vega is not in the second house but she is with the Lot of Fortune aspected by Jupiter in the second house.

The Dignity

In Trump’s geniture we don’t find any proper doryphory. Mercury, which is making the vespertine heliacal rising and he is the Lord of the Sun by domicile, is unfit in a day chart to be a proper doryphoros of the Sun, since by his phase he is nocturnal.  Anyway Mercury is in parallel in mundo with Jupiter, his Lord by exaltation. This testimony is a sign of a dignified person and also of his father since the Sun is angular in the X house.

More significative is the star Regulus rising at the horoscope with Mars.  Rethorius the Egyptian says:

[Regulus] makes honored generals, subjecting and administering lands and cities and nations, and frightful men and commander and generals, administrator, those who shaken up, unconquered, outspoken, contentious, effective, shrewd, manly, those likely to conquer, with much property and very wealth, magnanimous and ambitious, fond of nice things, but not coming to an entirely good end.

The additional presence of the out-of-sect Mars makes those features even more pronounced and promises a possible bad end.

The Presidential Election


In the Solar Return we see that the Lot of Fortune is in Scorpio with her Lord Mars. They are also in sextile in mundo with Jupiter and angular, at the IC,  in the geniture and so Mars and Lot of Fortune of Revolution testimonies the horoscope and Mars of nativity. Mars in this chart is the Lord of the MC by domicile and terms signifying that some important achievement are going to be realized. The Moon is moving from Mercury to Saturn, the Lord of Lot of Fortune in nativity. The Moon is also in square with the natal Mercury, which is the Lord of Activity.


In the Profection Mercury is with the MC of nativity. The horoscope and Mars are with Venus and Saturn of nativity. Saturn and Venus are in opposition to the Moon of nativity.


We see in the direction a perfect conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter of nativity.

A Look into the future

On 21th August 2017 a Solar Eclipse will be visible in North America.

Solar Eclipse August 2017.png

Ptolemy says:

Usually, however, those men are affected by the more universal ills who in their own genitures happen to have the most essential places, by which I mean those of the luminaries or of the angles, the same as those that furnish the cause of the general misfortunes, that is, the places of the eclipses or the places directly opposite. Of these the positions most dangerous and hardest to avoid are those in which either of the luminaries is in possession of the very degree of the place of the eclipse, or the degree opposite.

In this eclipse we see that the Luminaries are on the horoscope of Trump’s geniture. Moreover Saturn in Sagittarius in the I house is exactly with the Moon of Trump’s nativity. Also Mars is close to the Mars of nativity, as Jupiter with Jupiter of nativity and Venus with Venus and Saturn of nativity.

The Solar Eclipse will last for about 3 hours and half so the beginning of its effects will start at the end of April 2018 and will last till the end of October 2021. The intensification will start at the end of August 2020.

On the 27th May 2018 we see a direction of Mars to the Moon of nativity.


In the Solar Revolution for the 2017 even if Jupiter is rising on the Horoscope of Revolution and in conjunction with the Jupiter of Nativity, others elements are not so beneficial. The Lord of the ascendent, Venus, is in Taurus in aversion with the horoscope and, more noteworthy, Saturn is conjunction with the Moon of nativity and in opposition to the Sun of nativity.

Solar Revolution 2017.png

Trump probably will face hard times during his presidential term especially from the end of April 2018. Definitely it will be very improbable that he will be reelected.

Last Christmas


Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away  Last Christmas – Wham

As a friend says, “Last Christmas” is the very song of Christmas time, especially for those guys, as my friend and I, who were just teenagers in 1984 when the single was released.

The geniture

Since George Michael’s birth time is 6 a.m. from memory, we need to check it and in case correct it. If the birth time is corrected to 5:41 we find a death direction of Saturn to the Ascendent by opposition. The Ascendent is the apheta in George Michael’s geniture as we will see.

George Michael geniture.png

The Temperament

Jupiter is the Lord of the Ascendent by exaltation and he is in sestile with the Ascendent. The Moon, which is also the Lord of the Ascendent, in Leo is moving away from the trine of Jupiter and applying to the opposition of Saturn. Since Jupiter is also one of the triplicity lord of the Moon, we can say that Jupiter is the Lord of Temperament. Since Jupiter is oriental, he is hot and moist and the temperament is sanguine. The Moon is waxing adding humidity and a bit of warm. Pollux and Bellatrix, star of nature of Mars, are rising at the horoscope and Mars is angular squaring the horoscope so there is an increase in the hot quality.

Ptolemy says:

Jupiter, as the ruler of the aforesaid regions, when he is rising, makes his subjects in appearance light of skin, but in such a way as to have a good colour, with moderately curling hair and large eyes, tall, and commanding respect; in temperament they exceed in the hot and the moist.

The Soul

Mercury invisible in Gemini is in conjunction with Venus in the terms of Venus. Also Mercury is in his domicile and his nocturnal triplicity. Mercury is in sestile with Jupiter and he is in quartile  in mundo with Saturn, which is also the diurnal triplicity ruler of Mercury. So Venus and Jupiter are the Lords of the Soul but Mercury and Saturn cast a melancholic shadow over his jovial character especially because Saturn is making an epidekateia to Mercury.

Ptolemy says:

Jupiter, allied with Venus, in honourable positions makes his subjects pure, pleasure-loving, lovers of the beautiful, of children, of spectacles, and of the domain of the Muses, singers, fond of those who reared them, of good character, beneficent, compassionate, guileless, religious, prone to athletic training, fond of competition, wise, affectionate, charming in a dignified way, magnanimous, fair, charitable, fond of learning, of good judgement, moderate and decorous in matters of love, fond of their kinsfolk, pious, just, ambitious, seekers after glory, and in general gentlemanly.

Jupiter and Venus are both in honorable position in his geniture in particular because both planet are in their proper face or almugea. We know that George Michael was a magnanimous and charitable man who during his life gave generously to many charities often without publicity.

The Star Aldebaran and the Hyades are with Mercury and Venus. Aldebaran is the red eye of the Bull, of nature of Mars; the Hyades are the moist stars on the Taurus’ muzzle which cause passion. Christoph Pezel says that when Aldebaran is united with the Lord of the Soul makes a restless, impetuosus, man; Argoli says that makes a martial soul and  gives animosity.

In respect to matters of love we inspect through Mars according to Ptolemy. Mars is in quartile with Venus and Mercury.

With Venus alone, or if Jupiter also is with her, but Saturn is not present, he produces lustful, careless men, who seek their pleasures from every quarter; and if one of the planets is an evening and the other a morning star, men who have relations with both males and females, but no more than moderately inclined to either. But if both are evening stars, they will be inclined toward the females alone, and if the signs of the zodiac are feminine, they themselves will be pathics. If both are morning stars, they will be infected only with love of boys, and if the signs of the zodiac are masculine, with males of any age.

Mars is occidental and Venus is oriental. Lets note that Venus oriental is in Gemini, a masculine sign.

Moreover the Hyades are with Venus and Mercury and, according to Ptolemy, this union makes the soul subject to the passions and inclined to obscenity. Moreover the presence of Mercury make the situation notorious and the passions more various.

The Profession

Venus and Mercury are the closest planet to the Sun. Mercury is invisible though. Venus is also the ruler of the MC by exaltation, triplicity and terms. Lord of Action, therefore, is Venus with the participation of Mercury.

Again, when two planets are found to rule action, if Mercury and Venus take the rulership, they bring about action expressed by the arts of the Muses, musical instruments, melodies, or poems, and rhythm, particularly when they have exchanged places.

Mercury is in quartile in mundo with Tyche  which is with the star Regulus.

The death

Michael death direction.png

Since the Luminaries aren’t in aphetic places and so Tyche, the Lot of Fortune, the Ascendent is the giver of life.

In the picture above we see the direction of Saturn to  the descendent. Moreover at the same time a direction of Mars to the square of Jupiter. Jupiter is, as we have talked about before, George Michael’s Lord of the Body.


In his last solar return we see the Lot of Fortune with Saturn and the Moon is squared both in the zodiac and in mundo with the a dexter square by Saturn. Both the Moon and the Pars of Fortune are significators of the body, moreover in nativity Saturn is opposing the Moon.


From the comparison between the Directions and the Solar Revolution we see that Saturn is on the Ascendent of Revolution and that the Moon of Revolution is in opposition to the  Sun of Direction.

The Admission to the Hospital in Vienna

On 21 November 2011 during a tour, the singer was admitted to a hospital in Vienna, Austria as a consequence of a serious pneumonia and stayed in an intensive care unit till 21 December 2011 where he was in coma and he undergone also a tracheotomy.


The directed Moon arrives at the Horoscope and also at the square of Mars of Nativity.


In the Solar Revolution we see the violent star Antares rising at the horoscope with Altair. The Moon, Venus and Saturn are angular. Saturn occidental at the MC in Libra is opposing the waning Moon at the IC in Aries. Noteworthy is that the Moon is dry and cold because of her phase and  Saturn is very dry and cold being occidental. Their opposition intensifies the melancholic humor and strongly effects the body. Moreover the Jupiter of Nativity is with the Moon of Revolution. Also the Mars of Revolution in Gemini squares the Moon of Profection which is the Lord of Year since the profected horoscope is in Cancer.

From lead to gold


Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi Rosarium philosophorum

I will propose you a similitude of gold. The ethereal heaven was shut from all men, so that all men should descend to the infernal seats, and be there perpetually detained. But Jesus Christ opened the gate of the ethereal Olympus, and has now unlocked the kingdoms of Pluto, that the souls may be taken out; when by the co-operation of the holy spirit in the virginal womb, the virgin Mary did by an ineffable mystery and most profound sacraments conceive what was the most excellent in the heavens and on the earth; and at length brought forth for us the saviour of the whole world, who out of his super abundant bounty shall save all who are able to sin, if the sinner turn himself to him. But she remained an untouched and undefiled virgin: whence mercury is not undeservedly compared to the most glorious saint the virgin Mary. For mercury is a virgin because it never propagated in the womb of the Earth and metallic body, and yet it generates the stone for us; by dissolving heaven, that is, gold, it opens it, and brings out the soul; which understand you to be the divinity, and carries it some little while in its womb, and at length in its own time transmits it into a cleansed body. From whence a child, that is, the stone, is born to us, by whose blood the inferior bodies being tinged are brought safe into the golden heaven, and mercury remains a virgin without a stain, such as is was ever before. Liber de Arte Chymica attributed to Marsilio Ficino


Before the Winter Solstice the primal matter has passed through the decomposition of Scorpio and Sagittarius and it has became black and still but inside the black matter the seed of gold is sleeping waiting to ferment under the increasing warmth of the fire. At the Winter Solstice the  Sun enters the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. The lead is the metal attributed to Saturn. It’s a bright silvery metal, very dense, soft and malleable. Therefore lead among metals is the symbol of the prime matter and of chaos from which the work of Nature produces the gold.

The rearing Capricorn

Ancient greeks thought that Earth was surrounded by the waters of Oceanus, the ocean stream at the Equator in which floated the habitable hemisphere. At Winter Solstice the Sun reaches the southern altitude on the horizon and then he starts again to climb up the sky. The sign which the Sun enter at Winter solstice, Capricorn, is depicted as a bicorporeal monster: half body, the lower one, is a tail of a fish; the upper half is the body of a goat. In this image is perfectly symbolized the double nature of the Capricorn which is partly plunged into the water of the Oceanus close to the equator but ready to climb the heights of the sky as a goat jumps up to the mountain top.

Zeus and the goat Amalthea

… then let us call to witness the priests of Cyprus who set up common altars to Helios and Zeus; but even before them let us summon as witness Apollo, who sits in council with our god. For this god declares: “Zeus, Hades, Helios Serapis, three gods in one godhead!” Hymn to the King Helios – Emperor Julian


Amalthea feeding the infant Zeus

The ancient greeks also tell us the story of the Zeus’ birth. Since Cronus swallowed all of his children immediately after birth, her consort Rhea, Zeus’ mother, gave the infant Zeus to Amalthea to hide him from the voracious Cronus in a cave on a mountain in Crete and in exchange she gave to Cronus a stone wrapped to look like a baby. Amalthea, in Greek “tender goddess”, was the nurturer goat-nymph of Zeus.

The Cornucopia

The goat Amalthea fed Zeus with her milk but Zeus, even as a child, was powerful and full of strength and in playing with his nursemaid accidentally broke off one of her horns. Zeus gave to the broken horn the divine virtue to provide unending nourishment, as the foster mother had to the god.

As the Sun is born in the Cave of the World and nourished in Capricorn, so Zeus is born from Rhea and Cronus and nourished by the goat Amalthea in the cave of mountain Ida away from the danger of Cronus’ voracity. As the Christ is born in the cave from the Virgin Mary and is brought in Egypt, Khem, the black land, away from the envy of Herod who wants to kill him, so the seed of gold is born in the Nigredo of the primal matter and nourished by the gentle increasing fire untouched by the vitriolic solvents and it develop in the Philosophical Stone which is incorruptible and fixed. The Philosopher Stone, the Elixir or Projection Powder is the Cornucopia, the boundless Sommum Bonum.