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The long shadow of terror

Brussels's Angel

I cannot refrain from doubting that there exist any genuine realizations of our deepest character except war and illness, those two infinities of nightmare

Journey to the End of the Night, Ferdinand Céline


A deadly link exists between the terrorist attacks in Paris and those new ones in Brussels. Shortly after the arrest of Abdeslam, one on the terrorist involved in the Paris attacks, the terrorist choose to spread terror in the city where Abdeslam was arrested.

The long shadow of the eclipse

Solar Eclipse March 2015 Brussels .png

The chart for the solar eclipse in Brussels on 20th March 2015 is not so different from the one we have already seen for Paris (The Dark sides of the Moon). As for Paris Saturn, to which the Moon is applying, is with the Aculeus Scorpionis. The syzygy was in the XI place and lasted for 2 hours and 18 minutes and so the effects started around the end of June and will last till the end of 2017. The intensification will be around the end of April 2016.

The syzygy before the attacks

Syzygy before the attacks.png

The syzygy before the attacks was also a solar eclipse though not visible from Brussels. The syzygy occurred in Pisces on the III house cusp opposing Jupiter, the ruler of the Luminaries and the horoscope which is in exile in Virgo on the IX house cusp. The Luminaries are with the Aqua Aquarii, which are stars belonging to azemena stars (from Arabic az-zamâna, chronic infirmity or illness as well as inseparable disease) which are harmful especially to the sigh and raise passions. Moreover Mercury, which is with the Luminaries, is in exile and fall and it is squared both in the zodiac and in mundo by Mars with a right aspect.  Finally Saturn which squares both the Luminaries and Jupiter is with Antares, the violent star in the heart of Scorpio.

Let’s note that the syzygy is almost mirroring the solar eclipse chart. Furthermore we see that Mars of the solar eclipse in on the IC of the syzygy.

The attacks

The terrorist hit the airport the first time around the 8 in the morning on 22nd March.

Airport Attack.png

We see  all the benefic planets are cadent. Venus on the XII cusp is in opposition to Jupiter and the Moon conjuncted in Virgo. The Moon is exactly opposed to the place of Luminaries during the preceding syzygy. Saturn squares both Venus and Jupiter and the Moon. Mars is in parallel in mundo with the Moon and squares Venus. Mars is with Graffias, violent star of Mars-Saturn nature. Let’s note that Mars has reached the same degree where Saturn was during the solar eclipse of March 2015.

At the 9:11 the metro in the centre of the city was bombed by terrorists. In that moment Mars was exactly on the occidental horizon. Metro bombing.png



The Dark sides of the Moon

kali_002Forward he cried, from the rear, and the front rank died – Us and Them – Pink Floyd

Just after the New Moon in Scorpio two terroristic attacks were launched against the cities of Beirut and Paris.

The New Moon

In both chart below the Moon with the Sun is moving from Jupiter in exiles in Virgo to the the sextile with Mars in the 29° of Virgo with Caput Draconis at the subterranean pivot. Venus is in her domicile in Libra besieged by malefics Mars and Saturn. Moreover Mars is sextile with Saturn which is making the heliacal setting.


In the New Moon chart for Beirut the stars Betelgeuse, of nature of Mars and Mercury, and Rigel, of nature of Jupiter and Saturn are rising. The planets which rule over the Horoscope are debilited: the Moon, devoid of light, in detriment in Scorpio, applying to Mars; Jupiter in exiles falling from the angle; Venus besieged by malefics.


In the New Moon chart for Paris the violent star Aldebaran, of nature of Mars, is rising at the horoscope. The Lord of the Horoscope is combust in the VI house. Saturn is with the Aculeus Scorpionis, the malefic Nebula of nature of Mars and Moon.

The Event Charts

Beirut Attack

The violent star Aldebaran is at the horoscope. The Moon and Venus are besieged by the malefics. The Moon is applying to the body of Saturn.

Paris Attack

The star Rigel, of nature Jupiter and Mars, is rising at the eastern horizon. Mars is at the subterranean pivot. Jupiter is in exiles falling from the lower meridian. Venus is still besieged by the Malefic. The Moon is in aversion with the horoscope. Tyche, the Part of Fortune, is with Asellus Borealis, of Mars and Saturn’s nature, with Praesepe, the nebula of nature of Mars and Moon, and with Procyon, star of nature of Mars and Mercury.

The Solar Eclipse

As stated in the good article Paris Attack from the Heaven Astrolabe blog we must look for an eclipse visible from the regions where the terroristic attacks took place. Eclipses which are not visible are unsuitable according to Ptolemy’s doctrine. The Solar Eclipse of the 20th of March 2015 was visible both from Paris and Beirut. In Paris the phenomenon was greater and more lasting than in Beirut though. The syzygy occurred in the last degrees of Pisces and during the obscuration time the Moon moved to the sign of Aries which rules, according to Ptolemy, the North Western Europe, including the north of France and Paris. Moreover the eclipse generally can effect also the region of earth which are ruled by the signs of the same triplicity. Beirut and Lebanon are ruled by Leo, sign of the fiery triplicity.

In Beirut the eclipse lasted only half an hour. Since the syzygy was at the supernal pivot the effects must start around six month later and last for six months, that is, between the end of September and the the end of next March. The intensification is in November.

Let’s note that the Luminaries are at the MC in the last degree of Pisces. We already have seen that Mars was in the opposite degrees in Virgo at the lunation before the attack and was still there during the terrorist attack in Beirut.

Beirut Solar Eclipse 2015

In the Solar Eclipse chart for Paris we see the violent star Aldebaran, of nature of Mars, rising at the eastern horizon. Saturn, to which the Moon is applying, is with the Aculeus Scorpionis. The syzygy was in the XI place and lasted for 2 hours and 18 minutes and so the effects started around the end of June and will last till the end of 2017. The intensification will be around the end of the next April.

Obviously also in this case we see that Mars during the lunation before the Paris attack was in the last degree of Virgo exactly opposing the place of the ecliptic syzygy. During the attack Mars has already moved to Libra but was in the first degree still opposite to the degree of eclipse.

Paris Solar Eclipse 2015

Paris and the Virgo


Coat of Arms of the City of Paris (detail)

Traditional attributions report, as in Lilly, that Paris is ruled by Virgo. Some fascinating speculations affirms that the city name comes from Par Isis, which means ‘near Isis’ or Bar Isis, that is, the Ship of Isis. Actually its roman name, Lutetia, and its greek name, Leukotekia, probably mean ‘marsh haven’. Anyway the coat of arms of the city of Paris depict a ship floating on the waters with sails unfurled and the motto “Fluctuat Nec Mergitur”, that is, “Tossed but not sunk”. During the First Empire (1811-1814) the coat of arms showed a ship with a star above it and the goddess Isis on the bow of the vessel. Isis was as Ceres associated with the asterism of Virgo.

The modern astrologer and occultist C.C.Zain (1882-1951), also known as Elbert Benjamine, says in his book “Mundane Astrology. Interpreting Astological Phenomena for Cities, Nations and Groups” that the city of Paris is ruled by the 29° of Virgo. I ignore the rationale behind that statement but in the New Moon before the attack Mars was in the very 29th degree of Virgo.

Heart of Darkness


‘He had summed up–he had judged. “The horror!”‘ Joseph Conrad ‘Heart of Darkness’

On 2 April 2015, four gunmen, member of Al-Shabab, a Somali armed fondametalist group, attacked the Garissa University College killing 148 people and injuring about 79 others. The assault appeared to be an extensively planned out attack, which the group says was to avenge Kenya’s involvement in Somalia. In a declaration issued after the attack, the group warned Kenyans that their cities will “run red with blood”.

Solar Eclipse Path

Solar Eclipse Path on 3 November 2013

Searching for a suitable eclipse occured in the four preceding years we find the solar eclipse on 3 November 2013 visible from Kenya. That eclipse was visible from Garissa, Kenya; it started at 13.19 UTC and ended 15.27 UTC. It lasted for 2 hours and 8 minutes. So the duration of the eclipse influence is about two years and two months. The effects, according to Ptolemy, start in the third period of four months after the eclipse and their intensifications occure in the last third of the duration, that is, they start on July 2014 and intensifie between April 2015 and Dicember 2015. Below is the chart for the eclipse maximum in Garissa: Solar Eclipse 2013 Garissa Since I work with tropical zodiac and tropical zodiac is an equal time division in twelve parts of the annual solar path, that is, the ecliptic, I reverse the zodiacal sign when I draw an astrological figure for location in the southern hemisphere. In fact in the southern hemisphere the seasons, equinoxes and solstices are reversed and so must be the zodiacal signs. Here we see the Luminaries are in Taurus in egyptian bound of Mercury. Saturn and Mercury are conjunct with the Luminaries and Mercury is close to the western horizon. The descendant is in Taurus in the bound of Venus. The Moon is moving from the syzygy with the Sun to the conjunction with Saturn. Since Mercury has familiarity with the the descendant and the syzygy is the Lord of the eclipse. Ptolemy says:

Mercury, if he gains the rulership, is, generally speaking, in nature like whatever of the other planets may be associated with him. In particular, he is above all stimulating, and in predictions concerning men is keen and very practical, ingenious in any situation; but he causes robbery, theft, piracy, and assault, and furthermore, brings about unsuccessful voyaging when he is in aspect with the maleficent planets, and occasions diseases of dryness, quotidian agues, coughs, raising, and consumption. He is the cause of events taking place which concern the priestly code, the worship of the gods, the royal revenues, and of changes in customs and laws, from time to time, in consistency with his association with the other planets on each occasion. With reference to the air, since he is very dry and swift on account of his nearness to the sun, and the speed of his revolution, he is particularly apt to arouse irregular, fierce, and changeable winds, and, as might be expected, thunder, hurricanes, chasms in the earth, earthquakes, and lightning; sometimes by these means he causes the destruction of useful animals and plants. At setting he diminishes waters and rivers, at rising fills them.

Here Mercury is with the malefic Saturn about which Ptolemy says:

Saturn, when he gains sole dominance, is in general the cause of destruction by cold, and in particular, when the event concerns men, causes long illnesses, consumptions, withering, disturbances caused by fluids, rheumatisms, and quartan fevers, exile, poverty, imprisonment, mourning, fears, and deaths, especially among those advanced in age

So the influence of Mercury and Saturn brings assaults and deaths as occured in the Garissa Campus attack. Venus which has dignity over the syzygy and the occidental horizon is feralis, that is, forming no aspect with other planets and it is with the Aculeus Scorpionis, which is a very dangeous and malefic star. Moreover Venus is at the cusp of the IX place in Gemini whose Lord, Mercury, has lordship over the eclipse. The meaning of the IX house are very consonant with the involvement of the University College and the criterion, choosen by terrorists, to kill only christian students.

Since the path of the eclipse is quite long, dividing the African content in the middle from occidental to the oriental coasts and Garissa is actually at the end of the eclipse path its interesting to look for  other events that could have been due to eclipse influence.  Firstly let’s look for regions near the locality of maximum obscuration. Solar Eclipse Maximum ObscurationAs already analyzed in detail by the good article The epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever – What Ptolemy does say?  from the Pod nieboskłonem blog in Polish language, the eclipse near the region of maximum obscurity affected the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea. The solar eclipse in Conakry started at 10.54 and ended at 14.16, so the duration of the eclipse obscuration was 3 hours and 22 minutes. According to Ptolemy the eclipse effects will last for 3 years and 4 months. Since the syzygy occurred at the upper angle in Conakry the effects started around the second four months after the eclipse, that is March 2014, and intensified in the second third of its duration, that is, between November 2014 and December 2015.

Solar Eclipse 2013 Conakry

Solar Eclipse 2013 Conakry

The ruler of the eclipse is Mars with the contribution of Mercury. Mars is lord of the domicile and secondary triplicity of the syzygy and of the Medium Coeli; Mars is also configured by sestile in the zodiac and in mundo to the syzygy. Mercury, as already seen, is the lord of bounds of the syzygy and is conjunct with the luminaries. Ptolemy says:

Mars, when he assumes the rulership alone, is in general the cause of destruction through dryness and in particular, when the event concerns men, brings about wars, civil faction, capture, enslavement, uprisings, the wrath of leaders, and sudden deaths arising from such causes; moreover, fevers, tertian agues, raising of blood, swift and violent deaths, especially in the prime of life; similarly, violence, assaults, lawlessness, arson and murder, robbery and piracy. With regard to the condition of the air he causes hot weather, warm, pestilential, and withering winds, the loosing of lightning and hurricanes, and drought. Again, at sea he causes sudden shipwreck of fleets through changeable winds or lightning or the like; the failure of the water of rivers, the drying up of springs, and the tainting of potable waters. With reference to the necessities produced upon the earth for human use, he causes a scarcity and loss of dumb animals and of things which grow from the earth, and the loss of crops by drying as the result of hot weather, or by locusts, or by the beating of the winds, or by burning in places of storage.

So Mars gives fevers and blood related illness while Mercury agues, coughs, raising, and consumption so they are perfect significator for the Ebola virus symptoms. Moreover Mars is doing a parallel in mundo with Venus with the Aculeus Scorpionis, the dangerous Sting of Scorpio.

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn with their vis luminis at the Medium Coeli

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn with their vis luminis at the Medium Coeli

A heritage to be saved

BootesOn Sunday morning 16th of November 2014 I went to Florence to attend the annual meeting of the Italian Classical Astrology Association ‘Cielo e Terra’. After the deaths of the  president, Giuseppe Bezza and vice president Marco Fumagalli, it was as our fathers, teachers and tutors were no more with us and like minor orphans we should try to find a way to lead the association through a difficult phase safely to new destinations. I was as many other friends and associates afraid of the difficulties, challenges and uncertainties we were going to face.

The meeting started around 11am in Florence.

Assemblea Cielo e Terra

The horoscope is in Capricorn and Mars exalted is in the Ist house close to the horizon. The lord of horoscope, Saturn is in Scorpio combust in the X house with Sun and Venus which is also combust. Saturn is dignified by term.Though Saturn, the lord of horoscope, is in X house dignified by term, is combust and so it’s not very able to  take action. In fact the association ceased almost any activity due to the illness of the president and vice president and now after their death is still trying to figure out how to managed their heritage and which activities promote for the future.

Mars exalted at the horoscope can be considerated a secondary lord of the horoscope, if not primary due to conjuction, having a great dignitiy over the ascendent. Mars, though, is against the hairesis, being in a diurnal chart, and so it doesn’t work for the benifit of the association. Mars could be a sign of conflict, lack of unity and antagonistic interests within the association.

At the eastern horizon the Aculeus Scorpionis, nebula of Moon and Mars nature, is rising. This nebula is also conjunct with Mars. Nebulae are generally harmful celestial bodies. About the Aculeus Scorpionis Jean Stade in ‘Fixis Stellis Commentarius’ (1560) says that the Sting of the Scorpio with the Lord of Geniture predicts poisoning.Mars actually is the dominus geniturae being the most essentially and accidentally dignified planet. So in this case the Aculeus Scorpionis can signify the poisoning effect of secret revalry , of personal interests and selfish ambition to be part of the leadership or to be in a position of supremacy in the italian community of classical astrology.

Mars is also  the Lord of Medium Coeli. Mercury in Scorpio, dignified by term and at the supernal pivot, squares Mars with a right ray. Here this aspect is a Epidekatéia, that is a a particular form of overeminance that occurs when the star is located right at the tenth place from the left planet and aspects it by a mundane square. It is the strongest form of overeminance and always determines the prevalence of the right star over the left one. Here Mercury prevail over Mars, though as many astrologer says, this configuration still concerns fear of the future, cunning, greed of the property of others and even theft. Also this configuration is good in astrologer and medic’s genitures. Definitely it’s a sign that the members of association are lover of knowledge and wish to take care of the treasures which the association has got but at the same time shows the greed for possension and control of such material and of predominance in the classical astrology community in Italy.

Mercury and Mars are also significator of activity. Because they are connect by square and   located at the oriental and supernal pivots they are very productive and so we can forecast that  the association will be quite active in the future.

The star Arcturus, of Mars Jupiter nature, is culminating and gives reputation and profit from managing and keeping of other’s fortunes. After the Giuseppe Bezza’s death his cultural heritage and also his huge amount of astrological material and writings should find a proper custodianship in a  public cultural institution, university or library. In any case the association will be warrantor of the accessibility and will be promoter of the teachings of Giuseppe Bezza and Marco Fumagalli for the improvement and spread of classical astrology.

The Moon is moving from Mars to Mercury and so it again underlines the Mars Mercury aspect.

The Lot of Fortune is combust with Saturn and Sun. Being combust, it will not be able to act and, though its lord, Mars,  is dignified and angular, the Lot is not connect with it. Moreover the Lot of Fortune conjunct with Sun shows that the life of the association can be in danger.

The Lot of Spirit instead, though is cadent, is connect with its lord, Mars and therefore the projects and will of the association will be pursued.

Finally some word about the secret enemies of the association. From the XII huose and its lord we can evalue their position. Here Jupiter the Lord of the XII house is on the cusp of the VII house in Leo, dignified only by triplicity. Since Jupiter is in aversion with the horoscope and Mars, lord of the chart, and deflux from the square with Saturn, Lord of the Horoscope, we can be quite sure that those secret enemies will be harmless.