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The enigmatic shooter

Stephen Paddock, a former auditor and real estate businessman and a high-stakes gambler has been identified by the police as the shooter in the recent Las Vegas attack. Investigators believe that he acted alone but, notwithstanding researches about his life and the crime scene, we don’t know his motive and inconsistencies and mysteries are still clouding a clear and credible reconstruction of the events.

The shooter


The Lords of the  Soul are Jupiter and  Saturn. Saturn is the Lord of the Moon in Aquarius and the Moon is applying to Jupiter by square and Saturn by trine both in mundo and in the zodiac. Saturn is retrograde in exaltation in Libra e receives the Moon in Aquarius. Jupiter inTaurus instead receives the Moon by her exaltation. Since the Moon is in parallel in mundo with Jupiter and in square with him both in mundo and in the zodiac they are doing a equicruria which is a very strong figure. Mercury is visible, oriental in his detriment and exile in Pisces  and in sextile with his lord, Jupiter. Moreover Mercury is in parallel in mundo with Venus his ruler by exaltation. Deneb Algedi, in the tail of Capricornus, a star of nature of Jupiter and Saturn is with the Moon. From the condition of Jupiter and Saturn we judge the soul of the native. Saturn is essentially dignified and angular but retrograde; Jupiter is occidental, peregrine and in a succedent house in bodily conjunction and in parallel of declination with Mars which is in exile in Taurus. Moreover Jupiter is with the Pleiades, a harmful cluster of star of nature of Mars and Moon. This asterism with the lord of the Soul brings passion,  animosity and restlessness and makes lustful and ambitious ones. Therefore the lords of the soul are not very well placed and make the native apparently well-disposed and benevolent even cautious because of the Jupiter influence but malicious, devious, envious and planning revenge. The Plaiedes and Mars with Jupiter and the Moon in square with Mars, the out-of-sect malefic make him prone to passions and violence.  Let us note the nor the Moon and Mercury are in aspect to each other neither they are with the horoscope. According to Ptolemy those are conditions with can be a sign of a disease of the soul since the sensitive soul, the Moon, and the rational soul, Mercury, are unrelated to each other and with the horoscope which is a significator of the body. The Moon is in aspect with both the malefics: by trine with Saturn and by square with Mars. Since Mars is out-of-sect it is more hurtful. The Moon is waining so she is less harmed by the square of Mars but still she is afflicted. We see therefore a hidden violence partially southed by the benevolent Jupiter and a depressive and obstinate influence from the retrograde Saturn which lead to the final puzzling but scrupulously planned outburst.

The Lord of action is Mercury which is oriental, visible and in parallel in mundo to the Sun and Venus. His activities included compulsive gambling are clearly mercurial.

It’s noteworthy the chart of the syzygy before his birth.


The Lord of the syzygy is Mars since he is the ruler of the Sun and he is rising at  the horoscope. Mars occidental in detriment in Taurus is opposed by Saturn close to the occidental horizon at the end of Libra in his exaltation. The angular malefic in opposition produce a strong and malicious climate during which the native is going to born.

His father

Stephen Paddock’s father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was a bank robber who was arrested in 1960 and then escaped prison. He never really knew his father as he was never with his mother.

The significator of his father are the Sun and Saturn but especially the Sun since the geniture is diurnal.  The two significators, the Sun and Saturn, are in opposition. This configuration is harmful for the father. Since the Sun and Saturn are dignified both essentially and accidentally, because they are respectively in domicile and exaltation and they are both angular, the danger is not so serious. Nevertheless the opposition between the significators suggests a wicked nature though a strong one since the significator are dignified. Let’s note that Venus, the primary significator of Stephen Paddock’s mother is combust in exile.

Benjamin Paddock was accused of having committed three bank robberies between February 1959 and July 1960. He was captured and then convicted for the third robbery in federal court in January 1961 where he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. We note that the directed Saturn reach the opposition to the natal Sun around the middle of 1959.


On December 30, 1968, Paddock escaped from the prison and was placed on the FBI 10 most wanted list. Though he continued various illegal activities during the following decade his identity was never uncovered.

At the end of 1968 the Sun by direction reaches the MC.


The shooting and his suicide

Let’s look at the recent solar eclipse already considered in the previous post Las Vegas shooting. We see that during the eclipse the luminaries where at the end of Leo, at 29° Leo.   The Moon in the Stephen Paddock’s geniture was at 22° Aquarius and therefore the eclipse oppose the Moon which is also the lord of the horoscope in his geniture.

Ptolemy says:

Usually, however, those men are affected by the more universal ills who in their own genitures happen to have the most essential places, by which I mean those of the luminaries or of the angles, the same as those that furnish the cause of the general misfortunes, that is, the places of the eclipses or the places directly opposite. Of these the positions most dangerous and hardest to avoid are those in which either of the luminaries is in possession of the very degree of the place of the eclipse, or the degree opposite.

Moreover Mars during the eclipse was at 21° Leo opposing his natal Moon.

His apheta is the Sun close to the supernal pivot. The anareta should be Saturn since he is the malefic which has a familiarity with the Sun in the geniture because Saturn opposes the Sun but we don’t find any anaretic direction of the Sun to Saturn.


Mundane directions

We see instead that the Sun arrives at the natal Moon. There is also the zodiacal direction of the Moon to the natal Sun but since the Moon is not the luminary of the time and is in aversion to the horoscope she cannot be the apheta. According to the ptolemaic doctrine those direction cannot be anaretic. There is also a zodiacal direction of Saturn to the natal Jupiter. Jupiter, which is in an aphetic place, is the planet having more dignity over the place of the Sun, Ascendent and preceding new Moon and so, according to Ptolemy, is a candidate for being an apheta but definitely the Sun should be preferred.


In the Profection we see that the profected Mars at 20°45′ of  Libra is in opposition to the natal Sun. Moreover the directed Moon is with Tolma, the Lot of Courage or Mars, which is significative about courage, machinations and deceit.

In the Solar Revolution Mars square the natal Moon and is close to the conjunction with Jupiter.

Solar Revolution.png

It’s noteworthy that by direction the Moon reaches the parallel in mundo with the natal Sirius and the directed Sirius the conjunction with the natal Jupiter. Sirius the day of Stephen Paddock’s birth was doing the morning anticulmination which is a ptolemaic phase that occurs when the star is at IC when the Sun is rising.


As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods, They kill us for their sport. King Lear. Shakespeare

Dropped is a French survival reality television series that was scheduled to broadcasted in 2015 on TF1, a private French tv channel. The reality show consists in dropping celebrities into a hostile environment and leaving them to take care of themselves. Filming began in February 2015, but was halted in early March following a helicopter crash in which ten people died, including three of the contestants and five of the production crew. The accident took place at around 5.00 p.m. local time on 9 March 2015 near the town of Villa Castelli in Argentina.  Shortly after taking off, the two helicopters crashed into each other,  fell to the ground and started to burn. The victims’ bodies were taken out 15 hours after the incident, due to the high temperature caused by the fire of the two aircraft. The three contestants, who died in the accident, were famous French sports stars: the yachtswoman Florence Arthaud, the Olympic swimmer Camille Muffat and the Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine.

Let’s keep in mind two important ints from the Quadripartitum.

Says Ptolemy in the Tetrabiblos chapter “Of Quality of Death”:

in the tropical or four-footed signs, when [Saturn] is with the sun or is in opposition to him, or if he is with Mars instead of the sun, by being caught in the collapse of a house; and if they are in mid‑heaven, above or below the earth, by a fall from a height.


Deaths occur in foreign lands if the planets that occupy the destructive places fall in the declining places, and particularly whenever the moon happens to be in, or quartile to, or in opposition to, the aforesaid regions.

Florence-Arthaud Florence Arthaud

Florence Arthaud Geniture

Florence Arthaud Geniture

The Moon, Luminary of Time, is in the VII place, in exile, in aversion with the Horoscope. Mercury, the Lord of horoscope, is combust in aversion with the Horoscope. Saturn opposes the Ascendent.  The star Aldebaran, having nature of Mars, is rising at the Horoscope.

Apheta: Horoscope. The Luminary of Time, the Moon, is in the VIII house so it’s unsuitable. The syzygy before the nativity is new Moon so the horoscope is the Apheta.

Alcochoden: Saturn.The only planet having dignity in the place of horoscope and expecting it is Saturn so it should be the Alcochoden. Saturn peregrine at the descendent gives its medium years: 43.5. Jupiter is in sextile with it so it gives 12 years and 45.5 months.That adds to 59 years and 3 months. Florance Arthaud lived 57 years and 4 months.

Arthaud's aspects

Arthaud’s aspects

The Anaretic Encounter: Directed Saturn is parallel in mundo to the natal Moon. Saturn is able to be the anareta because in the nativity is the malefic out of the sect and in opposition to the Horoscope.

Quality of Death: The death is violent because also the Sun was squared in the zodiac by Saturn of Direction.

We see:

  • Direction Saturn squares the natal Sun
  • Saturn is in Sagittarius, a four-footed sign, in the geniture
  • Sun by direction reaches a place close to the subterranean pivot as we can see from the astrolabe picture below
  • Saturn is falling from the occidental angle in the geniture

Those conditions verify the Ptolemy’s sentences excepts for the aspect which is a square and not a conjunction or an opposition.

Solar Return

Solar Return

In the Solar Return Mars is with the Moon; Saturn is doing an equicruria in mundo with the Moon.

Arthaud's Direction

Arthaud’s Direction

Alexis-Vastine Alexis Vastine

Alexis Vastine's geniture

Alexis Vastine’s geniture

The Sun, Luminary of the Time, is in XII place. Jupiter, Lord of the Horoscope, is in domicile Pisces but cadent in the III place. Saturn is rising at the Horoscope and is in opposition to the Moon.

Apheta: Moon. The Luminary of Time, the Sun, is in the XII place so is not suitable. The Moon visible, setting on the western horizon so the Moon is the Apheta.

Alcochoden: Saturn. Mercury and Saturn are dignified in the place of the Moon and Saturn opposes the Moon from the eastern horizon so Saturn is the Alcochoden. Saturn is under the sun’s rays so is weak and can give only it lesser years: 30. The only aspect of Saturn is a square with Jupiter and so Jupiter doesn’t give anymore years. That adds to 30 years. Alexis Vastine lived 28 years and 4 months.


Vastine’s aspects


The Anaretic Encounter: Directed Mars is parallel in mundo to the natal Sun. Mars is the anareta because in the nativity is the malefic out of the sect and square the Sun.

Quality of Death: The death is violent because the Moon was in the terms of Mars and the direction Saturn squares the direction Mars.

We see:

  • Saturn of direction squares the Mars of direction
  • Saturn is in Capricorn, a tropical sign and  Mars in Aries a four-footed sign
  • Mars is close to the subterranean angle in the geniture
  • Mars if falling from the subterranean angle

Those conditions verify the Ptolemy’s sentences excepts for the aspect which is a square and not a conjunction or an opposition.

Vastine's Solar Return

Vastine’s Solar Return

Vastine Astrolabe

Vastine’s Direction

Camille-Muffat Camille Muffat

Camille Muffat's geniture

Camille Muffat’s geniture

Jupiter, Lord of the Horoscope, is in opposition to Saturn which is with the malefic Aculeus Scorpionis. Mars squares Jupiter in mundo. Mars squares Saturn in mundo. Mars out-of-sect is with the Moon.

Apheta: Sun. The luminary of Time, the Sun, is in the X place so it’s the Apheta.

Alcochoden: Mars. Mars is dignified by domicile, term and secondary triplicity in the place of the Sun and it is also conjuncted with the diurnal Luminary so Mars is the Alcochoden. Mars is combust so it can give only its lesser years: 15. Mars is conjuncted with Mercury and the Moon. Mercury is under the sun’s rays so it doesn’t gives any more years. The Moon is invisible, because it’s the New Moon and she doesn’t adds any year. Venus add its lesser years and its medium months, that is, 8 years and 45 months. That is 26 years and 9 months. Camille Muffat lived 25 years and 4 months.

Muffat's aspects

Muffat’s aspects

The Anaretic Encounter: Directed Horoscope is in conjunction with natal Saturn. Saturn is the anareta because in the nativity Mars is combust. Moreover Saturn is in opposition to Jupiter, Lord of the Horoscope. Saturn is with the Scorpio’s Sting.

Quality of Death: The death is violent because the Sun was in the terms of Saturn. Also Mars is parallel in mundo to the Moon and the direction Saturn squares the natal Sun.

We see:

  • Saturn squares Mars in mundo in the geniture and Saturn is in Capricorn, tropical sign and Mars at the supernal pivot with the Moon
  • Direction Saturn squares direction Sun, Sun is at the supernal angle, falling from it

Those conditions verify the Ptolemy’s sentences excepts for the aspect which is a square and not a conjunction or an opposition.

Muffat's  Solar Return

Muffat’s Solar Return

In the Solar Return Mars is rising at the eastern horizon. The Sun is at the Medium Coeli is squared by Mars at the horoscope. The Moon is in the XII place.

Muffat's Direction

Muffat’s Direction

In the death direction Saturn is at the eastern horizon and Sun at the upper angle.