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Tycho Brahe, the Danish Stargazer

braheThycho Brahe was a Danish nobleman, astronomer, astrologer and alchimist. He is famous for his accurate and extensive stellar and planetary observations. His fascination with astronomical observation began when, as a boy, he saw an eclipse of the Sun which took place at exactly the time it was predicted. During his life’s work he measured the positions of celestial bodies every night it was possible to scry the sky, and carefully recording these measurements, year after year. His observations were some five times more accurate than the best available observations at the time. He reported also a new phenomenon on 11 November 1572: a bright star, never observed before, which had unexpectedly appeared in the constellation Cassiopeia. Since he noted that the new celestial object showed no daily parallax against the background of the fixed stars and it did not change its position relative to the fixed stars over several months he understood that it should have been a far distant star: a new star, a ‘stella nova’, called now a supernova in modern astronomy. This discovery was a milestone in breaking the aristotelian world-view which asserts the immutability and unchangeable nature of stars and celestial bodies.

The Geniture

From George Ludwig Frobenius, a german polymath versed in mathematic and astronomy who stayed with Tycho at his observatory in Hven island, we have two version of Tycho’s geniture.


Version I


Version II

The second version, which seems more accurate, reports his birth in Knutstorp on 13th December 22:47 PM, which, counting the days from noon, is 14th December 10:47.


The temperament

We firstly note that Jupiter and Venus are rising in the Tycho’s geniture. The ascendent is in Aquarius, domicile and triplicity of Saturn and bounds of Venus. Moreover Saturn is in sextile with the horoscope. The Moon in Virgo is applying  to Saturn and then Mercury.  Saturn is combust so he’s quite weak. So Venus and Jupiter are the Lord of Temperament and Saturn participates. Tycho’s temperament is sanguine because of Jupiter and Venus. Venus is moist and warm because she is occidental. Jupiter is occidental and he is warm. Saturn adds a melancholic tone to the mainly sanguine complexion. The conjunction of Saturn and Mercury is a sign of stutterers but Mars squares in mundo Saturn and so he loose the tongue. Lets note tha Mars is in the first house but considerebly distant from the horoscope, so he is not directly partecipant in Tycho’s temperament. Anyway Mars is still in the first house, in his domicile in Aries and in aspect with Saturn. Since Mars is out-of-sect he adds impulsivness and impetuosity to his attidute and he caused him much troubles as we will see.
Sir David Brewster writes in his book “The Martyrs of Science: The Lives of Galieo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler”:

Tycho was a little above the middle size, and in the last years of his life he was slightly corpulent. He had reddish yellow hair and a ruddy complexion. He was of a sanguine temperament, and is said to have been sometimes irritable, and even obstinate. This failing, however, if he did posses it, was not exhibited towards his pupils or his scientific friends, who ever entertained for him the warmest affection and esteem.

The Lord of the Soul

Mercury is in Capricorn, oriental, combust. Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn at the end of Sagittarius. The Moon in Virgo, as we have already seen, is applying to Saturn and Mercury by a square. Moreover the Moon is in trine in mundo with Mercury. So Mercury and Saturn are the Lord of the Soul.

Valens says:

Saturn and Mercury are allies and productive of activities/employment. They do, however, bring slanders about religion, lawsuits, and debts, as well as disturbances about written matters and money. On the other hand, these stars make men who are not without resources and not unintelligent, with much experience and awareness, and who are curious, far-seeing scholars, seekers after mystic lore, revering the gods, but with much on their consciences.

Liber Hermetis says:

Saturn joined with Mercury makes prudent, informed, magicians knowing celestial things, knowledgeable of bad or of hidden things.

The Profession

Mercury is oriental in a diunal geniture and so is a candidate for the Lord of action. Mercury is also combust but the nearness to the Sun is not a real impediment for Mercury as it is for the other planets. The Moon in Virgo is angular and applaying to Saturn and Mercury. So Mercury is receiving the Moon. This is a further indication for Mercury to be the lord of Action.

Rhetorius the Egyptian says:

If Mercury changes to be in a good house, and expecially in a domicile of Saturn, not under the Sunbeams and expected by Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, it makes astrologer, diviner and priest.

In Tycho’s geniture Mercury is in Capricorn, a domicile of Saturn, and in conjuction with Saturn but Mercury is combust. Nevetherless the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury is an indicator of mathematicians and astronomers.

Venus is occidental but she has already the mean motion. She is with Jupiter, the Lord of the MC, both configurated with MC sicne they are at the horoscope. They for sure add fame and notoriety and success to Tycho’s actions. Even more so both Jupiter and Venus are in trine with Tyche and Tyche is with the star Arcturus.

Pezel says that, when Arcturus is in conjunction with the significators of wealth as the Lot of Fortune and the second house cusp or the Luminaries and their dispositors means incrising in wealth and very high honors.

The Duel

While at university in Germany he had a duel with a fellow student over which one was the best mathematician. He was attending a wedding party at Professor Lucas Bachmeister’s house on 10 December 1566 where everybody, including Tycho, drunk too much. He soon got in a heated argument with Manderup Parsberg, another Danish student who was his third cousin. They quarreled again on the 27th and they decided to resolve the question challenging each other to a duel. On the 29 December 1566 during the duel Tycho lost part of his nose and gained a broad scar across his forehead. In order to disguise his terrible disfigurement he wore a prosthetic nose for the rest of his life.

Mars by direction arrives at the horoscope on 24th Dicember 1566. Mars in the geniture is in Aries in the first house and out-of-sect. Since Aries signifies the head and Mars gives wounds the direction is in agreement with the event.


The profected Moon is with Mars of Nativity.


Moreover Mars in the Solar Revolution is at 24° Sagittarius and squares the Moon of Nativity at 23° of Virgo.

The Observatory

On the 23rd May 1576 a document was signed by Friederick II, the King of Denmark,  in which  he offered Tycho the island of Hven and funding to set up an observatory.

Saturn reaches by mundane direction the Lot of Fortune which was in the giniture in the bounds of Saturn and was in sextile and parallel in mundo with Saturn.


The death

Brahe died from a bladder infection on 24 October 1601, after etiquette kept him from excusing himself to use the bathroom during a royal banquet in October 1601 in Prague, causing his bladder to rupture.

We see that the Sun, which is the apheta, reaches by mundane direction the opposition to the natal Mars.


It’s interesting to note that Vettius Valens says that the seventh place from Daimon rules the bladder. In Tycho’s geniture in that place we found Saturn, Mercury and the Sun.


Expo Milano 2015

expo2015_logoExpo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, will host from May 1 to October 31, 2015. The Expo theme is food and it is going to be, as the organizers say, an occasion in which “stimulating each country’s creativity and promoting innovation for a sustainable future, Expo 2015 will give everyone the opportunity to find out about, and taste, the world’s best dishes, while discovering the best of the agri-food and gastronomic traditions of each of the exhibitor countries.”

The Expo can be an opportunity for the city of Milan and Italy to show the richness and quality of their food and to welcome the variety and diversity of food from all over the world. At the same time can be a sort of showroom for Italian products and maybe it will affect positively the Italian economy which at the moment is in a continuing stagnation. While some people are very optimistic and enthusiastic other ones are skeptic and think that will be only a waste of money and resources which will benefit only major industrial and economic international groups and national profiteers. Moreover during the construction works of the Expo area, buildings and national pavillions scandals have arisen due to delays, mismanagement, and mafia infiltrations.

Let’s have a look for the chart of the opening on the inaugural day planned for 1st May at 10 o’clock.

Expo Inauguration

The horoscope is in Cancer in Moon domicile, Jupiter exaltation, Venus triplicity and bound. The Medium Coeli is  in Pisces in Jupiter domicile, Venus exaltation, Venus triplicity and bounds of Mercury. The Moon is moving from Saturn applying to Jupiter. Here the Moon, Lord of the Ascendent applying to Jupiter, Lord of the supernal angle, is a good sign that the Expo will reach its goal. Jupiter is dignified by the secondary triplicity, being the nocturnal ruler of the fire triplicity, so is not peregrine but it has a quite weak dignity. Jupiter is in the second house indicating that the Expo will produce earnings. Venus the planet which has the most essential dignities over the Ascendent, the Medium Coeli, the Moon and actually over the the five aphetic points: Sun, Moon, Ascendent, Part of Fortune and Prenatal Syzygy, is in the XII house, peregrine, feralis and so It’s not in the position to express itself and indeed can be  counterproductive. Mercury is the Lord of the Chart, being dignified by domicile, secondary triplicity and term and being evening, occidental in the epicycle, in the succedent IX house.  Since Mercury has dignity in Medium Coeli and it is in the XI house which is the resource and helper of the X house Mercury can be a valid help to reach the success. But Mercury is opposing Saturn in the zodiac and in mundo and conjunct Mars in mundo. This is a very strong aspect. Mercury is besieged by the malefic Saturn and Mars so the actions will be unproductive and self-defeating. Mars and Mercury are also configured by a right square in mundo to Jupiter. Those aspects between Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter let us suppose that the actions will be vain and will bring discord, hatred, accusations and scandals. Moreover Saturn is with Arcturus and Antares, the Heart of Scorpio, stars of nature of Mars and Jupiter. Stade says about Saturn with Arcturus that is a sign of assets dissipation. So behind the Expo success will emerge the difficulties, efforts, costs  and scandals through which it has been realized and that will make clear the real value of the event.

A heritage to be saved

BootesOn Sunday morning 16th of November 2014 I went to Florence to attend the annual meeting of the Italian Classical Astrology Association ‘Cielo e Terra’. After the deaths of the  president, Giuseppe Bezza and vice president Marco Fumagalli, it was as our fathers, teachers and tutors were no more with us and like minor orphans we should try to find a way to lead the association through a difficult phase safely to new destinations. I was as many other friends and associates afraid of the difficulties, challenges and uncertainties we were going to face.

The meeting started around 11am in Florence.

Assemblea Cielo e Terra

The horoscope is in Capricorn and Mars exalted is in the Ist house close to the horizon. The lord of horoscope, Saturn is in Scorpio combust in the X house with Sun and Venus which is also combust. Saturn is dignified by term.Though Saturn, the lord of horoscope, is in X house dignified by term, is combust and so it’s not very able to  take action. In fact the association ceased almost any activity due to the illness of the president and vice president and now after their death is still trying to figure out how to managed their heritage and which activities promote for the future.

Mars exalted at the horoscope can be considerated a secondary lord of the horoscope, if not primary due to conjuction, having a great dignitiy over the ascendent. Mars, though, is against the hairesis, being in a diurnal chart, and so it doesn’t work for the benifit of the association. Mars could be a sign of conflict, lack of unity and antagonistic interests within the association.

At the eastern horizon the Aculeus Scorpionis, nebula of Moon and Mars nature, is rising. This nebula is also conjunct with Mars. Nebulae are generally harmful celestial bodies. About the Aculeus Scorpionis Jean Stade in ‘Fixis Stellis Commentarius’ (1560) says that the Sting of the Scorpio with the Lord of Geniture predicts poisoning.Mars actually is the dominus geniturae being the most essentially and accidentally dignified planet. So in this case the Aculeus Scorpionis can signify the poisoning effect of secret revalry , of personal interests and selfish ambition to be part of the leadership or to be in a position of supremacy in the italian community of classical astrology.

Mars is also  the Lord of Medium Coeli. Mercury in Scorpio, dignified by term and at the supernal pivot, squares Mars with a right ray. Here this aspect is a Epidekatéia, that is a a particular form of overeminance that occurs when the star is located right at the tenth place from the left planet and aspects it by a mundane square. It is the strongest form of overeminance and always determines the prevalence of the right star over the left one. Here Mercury prevail over Mars, though as many astrologer says, this configuration still concerns fear of the future, cunning, greed of the property of others and even theft. Also this configuration is good in astrologer and medic’s genitures. Definitely it’s a sign that the members of association are lover of knowledge and wish to take care of the treasures which the association has got but at the same time shows the greed for possension and control of such material and of predominance in the classical astrology community in Italy.

Mercury and Mars are also significator of activity. Because they are connect by square and   located at the oriental and supernal pivots they are very productive and so we can forecast that  the association will be quite active in the future.

The star Arcturus, of Mars Jupiter nature, is culminating and gives reputation and profit from managing and keeping of other’s fortunes. After the Giuseppe Bezza’s death his cultural heritage and also his huge amount of astrological material and writings should find a proper custodianship in a  public cultural institution, university or library. In any case the association will be warrantor of the accessibility and will be promoter of the teachings of Giuseppe Bezza and Marco Fumagalli for the improvement and spread of classical astrology.

The Moon is moving from Mars to Mercury and so it again underlines the Mars Mercury aspect.

The Lot of Fortune is combust with Saturn and Sun. Being combust, it will not be able to act and, though its lord, Mars,  is dignified and angular, the Lot is not connect with it. Moreover the Lot of Fortune conjunct with Sun shows that the life of the association can be in danger.

The Lot of Spirit instead, though is cadent, is connect with its lord, Mars and therefore the projects and will of the association will be pursued.

Finally some word about the secret enemies of the association. From the XII huose and its lord we can evalue their position. Here Jupiter the Lord of the XII house is on the cusp of the VII house in Leo, dignified only by triplicity. Since Jupiter is in aversion with the horoscope and Mars, lord of the chart, and deflux from the square with Saturn, Lord of the Horoscope, we can be quite sure that those secret enemies will be harmless.