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Your eyes, your eyes



At the centre of it all, at the centre of it all Your eyes, your eyes  Blackstar





David Bowie, one of the most important artist of the 21th century, has passed away after having left a non-fading footprint on planet earth.


The birth of the White Duke

David Bowie.png

In Bowie’s geniture two planet are very prominent: Saturn and Venus. Venus is exactly culminating and Saturn is on the occidental horizon. Those two planets are significators of important areas of life.

Saturn is the Lord of the Ascendent, is retrograde, in exile in Leo but in-sect and angular. Saturn receives the bodily application of the Moon.

Venus is angular, on the MC, out-of-sect, oriental matutine, between the second station and the mean motion. The Moon is defluxing from Venus.

Since Saturn is Lord of the Ascendent, in aspect with it and the Moon is applying to Saturn, Saturn is the Lord of the Temperament. Also Venus contributes because, even if it has no dignity over the Ascendent and the Moon, it aspects both of them from the MC. Saturn is dry and more temperate than cold; Venus is temperate and wet. Bowie’s slim and slender shape is definitely under the Saturn influence but Venus adds grace and charm.

Saturn is the Lord of the Soul because it is in conjunction with the Moon and domicile lord of Mercury. Since Venus is triplicity ruler of Mercury, it is making a sextile in mundo with Mercury and the Moon is applying to Venus also Venus influences Bowie’s soul.

Venus is Lord of Activity, being the only fast planet visible and at the MC.

Jupiter is oriental in sextile with the Sun in the zodiac and squares in mundo the diurnal luminary doing a epidekateia. So the Sun receives the doryphory of Jupiter, though Jupiter has no dignity in the place of the Sun.

Dorotheus says:

If Jupiter is overeminent, that is, casts a right ray, the native and his father will be noble and will enjoy a good standing with many benefits, honors and relations with the rulers, and they will have power over many men.

The absence of rulership over the Sun by Jupiter means that the doryphory is concerning more the native than his father.

Also Venus is doryphoros to the Sun, since the Sun is in sextile with Venus and Venus is angular and ruler of the Sun by triplicity and terms. Though this is an out-of sect doryphory and a quite weak one because the sextile is at the boundary of the vis luminis of the Sun.

At the horoscope the stars which are in rictus Capricorni, the Capricorn’s muzzle, are rising. Those stars belongs to the passionate stars about which the anonymous says:

When these places are rising or setting, the natives are pushed to act immorally not only with women but also with boys and to take delight in the pleasures against nature

And furthermore:

If that happens manifestly or covertly, it is indicated by the rising  or setting of the planets that produce these passions, I mean Venus or Mars or Venus and Saturn, especially when configured in an adverse way, squaring or opposing each other or when one of them rises or culminates: then the natives will reveal his passions in a public and notorious way. And since unnatural pleasures cannot be enjoyed  without the fulfillment of the desires and the unavoidable fate, so the abandon to the pleasures brings complications, deceptions, losses, enmities and convictions, if the star of Jupiter does not remove partially the damages, witnessing the star of Venus.

Venus is squared in mundo by Saturn since they are both angular and Venus culminates, so Bowie’s passion will be notorious and public. Jupiter is in parallel of declination with Venus and it is also the domicile lord of Venus so those passions don’t trouble him.

The birth of a Black Star

Moon is the apheta and Saturn is the alchocoden. Saturn angular gives its greater years: 57 years. Only Venus is in aspect with Saturn. Since Venus is a benefic, angular and trines Saturn so it gives its lesser years and such months as the middle years of Venus: 8 years and 45 months. In total: 68 years and 9 months.

Around the Bowie’s death the Ascendent arrives to the square of Saturn and Venus to the conjunction of Saturn and the occident.

Bowie's death Direction.png

In the profection the Sun and the Horoscope are in Libra.  The Lord of the Year is Venus and the profected Venus is with Saturn, Moon and descendent of nativity.

Bowie's death Profection.png

In the Solar Return before his death we see Mars the Lord of the Horoscope in the XII place and squaring the Moon of nativity.

Bowie's death Revolution.png


Eye Oddity

The odd appearance of Bowie’s eyes were due to a condition called anisocoria.
Anisocoria is characterised by an unequal size in a person’s pupils. In Bowie’s case, his left pupil was permanently dilated, giving illusion of having different coloured eyes because the fixed pupil does not respond to changes in light, while the right pupil does.
The cause of Bowie’s anisocoria was caused by an accident happened in the spring of 1962.
He was injured at school by his friend George Underwood who punched him in the left eye during a fight over a girl. Doctors feared he would become blind in that eye. After a series of operations during a four-month hospitalisation, his doctors determined that the damage could not be fully repaired and Bowie was left with faulty depth perception and a permanently dilated pupil. Despite that incident Underwood and Bowie remained good friends.

In Bowie’s geniture the Moon is in conjunction with Asellus Borealis  and she is close to the nebula Praesaepe  which is with Saturn. The Asellus Borealis and Praesaepe belong to azemena stars (from Arabic az-zamâna, chronic infirmity or illness as well as inseparable disease) which are harmful to the sight. The Moon as Sun is a significator of sight and eyes but in particular of left eye.

Punch in the Eye

In the spring 1962 around the beginning of May there is a direction in mundo of Saturn to the Sun. Sinos, the Lot of chronic illness, in opposition to Mars and Sun in the geniture, is in conjunction with the directed Saturn.Eye injury.png

Moreover in the Solar Return for the 1962 the Moon and Saturn are a the beginning of Aquarius in opposition to Saturn and the Moon of nativity.

Lollipop in the Eye

During a concert in Oslo on 18 June 2004, Bowie was hit in his left eye with a lollipop thrown by a fan. A week later he suffered chest pain while performing at the Hurricane Festival in Germany. Firtly it was thought to be a pinched nerve in his shoulder, but the pain was later diagnosed as an acutely blocked coronary artery. He  was operated on urgently in Hamburg. The remaining 14 dates of the tour were cancelled.

In July 2004 Mars of direction squares in mundo the Sun of nativity. Around the same period we see also helpful aspect as Jupiter to the ascendent which helped Bowie to overcame his illness.

18 June 2004 Direction.png

In the profection the ascendent arrived in Scorpio and so the Lord of the Year is Mars. By direction the Sun is in the terms of Mars and in the solar return the Mars of revolution squares the Sun of nativity.


Broken wings


An airplane crashed on the 24 of March during the flight from Barcelona in Spain to Dusseldorf in Germany, slamming into the French Alps and killing 150 people, all the passengers on board. The jetliner left the airport of Barcelona at 10:01 in the morning and was detected by radars at 10:38 for the last time. The plane, an Airbus A320 that carried young people, vacationers and others, crashed after an eight-minute descent from 38,000 feet. Nor sos were received from the airplane neither a response to several attempts to communicate with it by the control center. Rescue personnel, rushed to the scene, described an almost unimaginable wreckage, with even the plane’s metal structures smashed into countless pieces. The accident, due to its severity and the involvement of young students and children has moved the European public opinion and leaders. Also there are still many unanswered questions about the dynamic of the accident that is  under the inquiry of the experts.

We will check the event chart of the airplane’s take off using the aphorisms and technique developed by ancient astrologers for shipwrecks.

Barcelona-Dusseldorf flight

Barcelona-Dusseldorf flight departure

Dorotheus of Sidon in his ‘Carmen Astrologicum’ about the ‘Commencing to row the ship in the water’ says:

if the malefics aspect the Moon when it is in Taurus than it indicates its loss in these waves

In chapter XXVI “Of a Ship, and Whatever are in Her, Her Safety or Destruction” of his ‘Christian Astrology’ Lilly says:

But if you find the infortunates in Angles, or Succeeding Houses, there will chance some hinderance unto the Ship, and it shall be in that part which the Signe signifies where the unfortunate Planet is; if the same infortunate be Saturn, the Ship will be split, and all the men drowned, or receive hurt by some bruise, or running a ground

The Moon si moving from the sextile with Mercury to the sextile with Sun and the opposition with Saturn. Saturn is on the western horizon and is also the Lord of the VIII house. The Moon is in Taurus in her exaltation but in the XII house falling from the eastern angle. As Saturn, the great infortune, possesses the occidental angle and opposes the Moon there will be damage to the aircraft. Since the ascendant and the Moon signify the body of the ship, the lord of the ascendant those that travel in her, the airplane will bring the passengers to the final disaster, as Moon is moving from Mercury, Lord of the Ascendent, to Saturn on the Descendent, significator of the journey destination.
Sagittarius, the sign where Saturn is, is attributed to the Mariners themselves, as Lilly says. This suggests that the aircrew has been damaged in some way that led to the disaster. Saturn is also Lord of the X house and so significator of the Captain or the Pilot-In-Command.

Mercury, the Lord of the Ascendent, is on the cusp of the XI house, the house of confort and relief, that is the airport, but it is in exile and detriment in Pisces, combust, with the aqua Aquarii a dangerous claster of stars in the constellation of Aquarius. Moreover Saturn is configured with Mercury by a dexter trine. So the passengers aren’t in a condition good enough to reach a safe airport.

Jupiter, Lord of the Discendent, significator of the destination, is at the inferior pivot, retrograde, configured with Saturn by a sinister trine and configured with Mars  by a dexter trine. Mars is out-of-sect, in it domicile in Aries, placed on the cusp of XII house and so the Lord of the XII place. Beside that, Mars in conjunct in mundo with the star Algol, the Head of Medusa, a very dangerous and violent star. So the reaching of the aircraft destination was blocked as the Head of Medusa was cut off by Perseus.

The star Altair, in the neck of the Eagle, of nature of Mars and Jupiter, is setting on the western horizon. Also the Aculeus Scorpionis, nebula of nature of Mars and Moon, is on the discendent. Aculeus Scorpionis is a dangerous asterism related to poisoning according to Jean Stade. If the passenger and the crew were wearing the oxygen masks probably the air was not breathable maybe due to depressurization, smoke or gas.

Dire Straits

1703-great-stormA ship can sink even in the harbor. Seneca

In the early morning of the 28th of December 2014 in the Adriatic See during few hours two ship accidents happened.
In the first disaster the ferry, named ‘Norman Atlantic’ serving between Greek, port of Patras and Ancona in Italy caught fire in the Adriatic in front of Albanian coast around the 4.30 am CET. The blaze is believed to have broken out on a car deck. The rescue operations begin and most of the passengers have been saved in spite of difficult weather conditions.
The ferry left the port of Patras at 4 pm EST.

Norman Atlantic Departure

The star Aldebaran, the red on in the Bull’s eye, of Mars nature was rising at the easter horizon. The horoscope in in Gemini in the bound of Mars. It’s Lord, Mercury, is in the VIII house, in aversion with the horoscope.
The nebula close to the Sting of the Scorpio is setting at western horizon. The Lot of Ananke is with it. As Lilly says concerning ships, the Ascendent and the Moon signifie the ship itself while the Lord of Ascendent are the passengers. So being the horoscope in the terms of Mars and conjunct with the violent star Aldebaran the ship is in danger. The Moon is moving from Mercury, lord of Ascendent, and applying to Venus also in the VIII house. Venus in Capricorn dignified by term and triplicity, is Lord of the XII house. So also the Moon show the weak and debilitated state of the ship.
Mercury, Lord of the Ascendent, peregrine in Capricorn the VIII house, indicates that also the passangers are alsoin danger.
Let’s note that Mars from the supernal pivot oppones Jupiter at the subterranean pivot. Jupiter is Lord of the Discendent and the XI house. Lilly says that the Discendent is signifier of the destination while the XI house of a safe port. So neither the destination nor a safe port will be reached.
But the most important element of judgement came from a passage of ‘Carmen Astrologicum’ of Dorotheus of Sidon:

If the Moon is above the earth while Saturn is not in its station but aspect the moon by trine, then it indicates a hideous matter as if they were at the edge of a rezor, but together with this fear they will be better in their condition, and no harm will reach them except fo a little when Saturn is in its station. [..] As I wrote concerning the location of Saturn in this situations, the condition will be similar if Saturn is in the ascendent even if it does not aspect the Moon.

Here the Moon is in Pisces above the earth and Saturn trine her from the VI house in Scorpio. Saturn is not in its station so the situation, though is serious, is not so harmful for the passengers.
Also Saturn is with stars Graffias, of Mars Saturn nature, and Antares, the heart of Scorpio, of Mars Jupiter nature while the Moon is with stars aqua Aquarii and Fomalhaut, the red star in the Fish eye. The aqua Aquarii is a very watery and dangerous claster of stars.

In the image below we see the ship route and the point where the ship was when it caught fire:

Norman Atlantic Route

Let’s look at the event chart for the fire beginning.

Norman Atlantic Disaster

Saturn is rising at the eastern horizon in Sagittarius, with star Graffias. Saturn also aspect the Moon with a trine. In fact the Moon is applaing to Saturn.
If we read again the passage of Dorotheus cited above we see here that the situation of the ship is even worse because of the present of Saturn at the Ascendent. The Pleiades and Hyedes are setting at the western horizon while the claster Aqua Aquarii is anticulminating.
Moreover Mars from the III place oppones Jupiter in the IX place. Jupiter is the Lord of the Ascendent and so it signifies the passenger. So te passenger are threaten by fire.
Note the involved house axis which signifies the voyage.
Mars is also with the Lot of Fortune, indicanting again danger in particolr concerning the goods which are in the ship.

Let’s look at the map below for the departure of Norman Atlantic. We see the star Aldebaran rising line and the Jupiter culmination line intersect almost exactly where the ship started to burn.

Aldebaran Jupiter Local Chart

Now let’s consider the event chart for the other ship accident occured around 8.30 CET in front of the port of Ravenna, italy. Two cargo ships carring fertilizers collided when there were terrible weather conditions: in the area the visibility was zero because of a snowstorm and a dense fog due to the temperature difference between water and air. Also the sea was very rough and wind from the northeast was up to 50 knots.

Ravenna Ship sinking

Shaula, the Aculeus Scorpionis and the nebula were rising at the horoscope in Capricorn. The nebula signifies poor visibility.
The Moon was defluxing from Mercury to Saturn. Mercury is the Lord of the VIII place and it is with the Ascendent. So the significators of the ship are in relation with Mercury, lord of the house of death and the malefic Saturn which is Lord of the horoscope.
Mars from the I house oppones Jupiter which is close to the VIII house cusp.
The Lot of Fortune is with the Cauda Draconis on the III house cusp.

In the map below we see the Shaula and the Aculeus Scorpii nebula rising line and the Cauda Draconis line meet in the Adriatic see just in front of Ravenna.Ravenna Local Map