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This late morning I received a phone call from a friend of mine who announced me that our master and teacher, Giuseppe Bezza, died. It was an expected yet surprising report. Our teacher was ill and we knew the seriousness of his illness. But we have still continued hoping him to get well soon and that we could see him again and listen to his wise, knowledgeable words. For me it has been like living again the moment when, as a student of his classical astrology course, I was told that the course was going to be stopped due to the teacher health condition. I felt at the same time both the incoming loss of his presence and guidance and his knowledge and science. So I know that his departure for friends and acquaintances and lovers of astrological studies is a great loss.

ImmagineI keep preserving in my mind the recollection of the meetings of a circle of friends and students around our teacher to attend the lesson about classical astrological techniques which took place in Florence last year during springtime. It was so cosy and warm to be among  friends in presence of our teacher, uplifted from our problems and daily duties like surrounded and nurtured by a ‘hortus conclusus’, a citadel of the spirit and science. To be part of something, to belong to: I know what it does mean.

Thank you dear master, i will never forget. May you reach the stars you studied and contemplated so long. Vale