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Nomina nuda tenemus


“We live for books. A sweet mission in this world dominated by disorder and decay.” The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco

Few days ago the italian writer, professor, semiologist and critic Umberto Eco passed away. His contribute to the contemporary culture both national and international, high and popular was invaluable. In a time of extensive web communication and non hierarchical access and production of informations he remained an authoritative intellectual as we were used to during the last decade of the XX century before the inflation, distortion and even widespread fabrication of information.

The eminent son of Jupiter

Umberto Eco.png

The temperament and the body

The lords of the temperament are Jupiter and Venus. The horoscope is in Leo in the terms of Jupiter so  Jupiter rules the horoscope by triplicity and terms. The lord of the horoscope is in Capricorn in the bounds of Venus. The Moon is in Sagittarius in the terms of Venus and she is received by Jupiter in Leo, dignified by triplicity. Moreover the Moon is defluxing from Venus and applying to Jupiter. Jupiter and  Venus give a sanguine temperament. The waning Moon close to the new Moon is quite melancholic. So the warmth of his sanguine temperament and in particular his irrational soul, is temperated by the the cold and dry qualities of the Moon.

Ptolemy says:

Jupiter, as the ruler of the aforesaid regions, when he is rising, makes his subjects in appearance light of skin, but in such a way as to have a good colour, with moderately curling hair and large eyes, tall, and commanding respect; in temperament they exceed in the hot and the moist. When Jupiter is setting, he makes his subjects light, to be sure, but not as before, in such a way as to give them a good colour, and with lank hair or even bald in front and on the crown, and of average stature; in temperament they have an excess of the moist.

His body is flashy, is face round and jovial, wide and bearded, his nose bulbous, his forehead bold.

The soul and the intellect

The lords of the Soul is Jupiter. Mercury is in Sagittarius and it is received by Jupiter by a trine. We have already seen that the Moon is in Sagittarius and applying to Jupiter.

Jupiter is retrograde but dignified by triplicity and terms; moreover it is oriental in a angular house and free from malefics.

Ptolemy says:

If Jupiter alone has the domination of the soul, in honourable positions he makes his subjects magnanimous, generous, god-fearing, honourable, pleasure-loving, kind, magnificent, liberal, just, high-minded, dignified, minding their own business, compassionate, fond of discussion, beneficent, affectionate, with qualities of leadership.

Malefics in Eco’s geniture are harmless because they are combust, in cadent house and dignified in Capricorn; Mars by exaltation, Saturn by domicile.

Jupiter out-of-sect and retrograde but is strengthened by Ideoprosopia, Almugea or proper face, which is the figure of a planet relative to the Sun or the Moon when it is in a sign that is as distant, in the proper direction,  from the Luminary as its diurnal domicile is away from  Leo in case of the Sun, or its nocturnal domicile from Cancer in the case of the Moon. Here Jupiter is  as distant from the Moon as Pisces from Cancer.

Ptolemy says

Of configurations, positions in the orient and at the horoscope, and in particular those which are in proper face,produce liberal, simple, self-willed, strong, noble, keen, open souls.

Ali ibn Ridwan explaines:

If the planet dispositor of the actions of the soul finds itself in this situation, that is proper face, it means that the soul is outspoken and independent in his judgment,strong, sharp, acute and which never draws back. Because planets in such position have been a great strength and a good condition and so the judgment follows.

We see that Mercury is in the vis luminis of the Moon which harmonize the irrational soul and the intellect. Both Mercury and the Moon are in a sign of right ascension which gives straightforwardness to his feelings and thoughts. Mercury is in exile in Sagittarius  but it is received by Jupiter. Mercury by phase gives speed of thought, openness of mind and propensity to act.

Daimon, the Lot of Spirit, is in Leo with Jupiter. Paulus alexandrinus says:

Spirit happens to be lord of soul, temper, mindfulness, and every power; and sometimes it also cooperates in the determination concerning what one does.

So Jupiter which is Lord of Daimon by triplicity and terms e in conjunction with it dignifies the native with a good and well disposed intellect and indicates that the activity of the native is concerned with high studies and philosophy as we are going to see.

The profession

Venus is visible between its vespertine heliacal rising and the mean motion, Mars is combust, Mercury is visible between its morning station and the mean motion. Since Jupiter has dignity over the MC by triplicity, it is in trines with it and receives Mercury and the Moon by trine it his very hightligted. Moreover the Moon is applying to Jupiter. So Mercury and secondly Venus are Lord of Action but Jupiter indicates the quality and subject of his profession. Jupiter is a significator of philosophers. Mercury gives him the profession into writing ,teaching and researching and Venus proficiency in languages but Jupiter makes him a philosoper, a scholar and a professor.


The fortune

Since the Moon in Sagittarius is applying to Jupiter,  Jupiter is a out-of-sect doryphoros of the Moon.We have already seen that Jupiter also is in proper face to the Moon. Since the attending planet is Jupiter, his attainmnets come from favours, gifts, honours, and magnanimity.

Tyche, the Lot of Fortune, is Cancer and it is in sextile in mundo with Jupiter which is its Lord by exaltation. Moreover Tyche is making a mundane parallel with Jupiter and Daimon, showing that Eco received fame and wealth from his intellectual activity.

Furthermore Nike, the Lot of Victory or Jupiter is conjuncted with the horoscope. Nike is calculate from the Jupiter to Daimon, the Lot of Spirit. Abu Ma’shar says:

It’s signification is honor and achievements and assistance and blessedness and kindness, also praiseworthy ends and fitness and seeking of faith and whatever is of its being. And belief in God and study in every good work and the esteeming of it. And the seeking of justice and of just judgment between men. And the building of places of oratory and wisdom and the wise and the loftiness of the wise. Also trust and hope, and every thing a man enjoys in term of goods and the partnership of men with each other.

Eco was a righteous man who dedicates his whole life to studying, teaching and spreading his knowledge and science.

He became very famous internationally to the broad public after the publication of his first and most known novel: “The Name of the Rose”. The first edition was released in December 1980. Around that time Jupiter got to the Lot of Activity by direction. The Lot of Activity is calculated from Mercury to Mars and measured from the horoscope.

Direction-The Name of The Rose's publication

Anyway the final consacration of Eco’s fame in popular culture came after the release of the movie after the book directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The movie was released in October 17, 1986. Few months before the Jupiter conjuncted the Lot of Fortune by direction.

The Name of the Rose's Film


The love therapist

fiorucciYour worst vice? Loving women too much. Your greatest virtue? Loving women too much. Elio  Fiorucci from MarieClaire Interview

Elio Fiorucci was found dead the 20th of July in his apartment in Milano. He died for a sudden illness probably during the day before. He was eighty year old. With him an era in Italian fashion industry definitely disappears.

He began his career in fashion at the age of 17, making its way up selling slippers in his father’s store in Milan. His talent soon led him to explore new creative territories. So he began to travel and brought back with him suggestions, new ideas and rare items.

In 1967, in the middle of the beat generation era,  he opened in Galleria Passarella in the centre of Milan his first flagship store. It was a store which was never seen before in Milan or elsewhere.  Entering there it was like being admitted to a fairy world: you left behind the grayness of Milan to find yourself surrounded by neon lights, bright colored phones, space lamps, pop icons and images, garden gnomes, vintage clothes and scents. A circle of loyal friends and customers started to frequent the shop dreaming a world full of new colors. Fiorucci was the first fashion brand to revisit a classic look with a fresh new pop touch. The two Victorian chubby cherubs became the internationally recognized emblem of the brand and they were printed in series on t-shirts, bags, accessories and household items.

In 1976 Fiorucci opened his first flagship store on 59th Street in New York. The store soon became a cult place of the city, attended by leading representatives of the avant garde style of the time. One of its fun was Andy Warhol, who celebrated at the boutique his revolutionary magazine, ‘Interview’.

In 1977 in Manhattan something happens that would have became legendary: Studio 54 was opened in NY and Elio Fiorucci was commissioned to treat the Opening Ceremony. The elite of the international jet-set was present and from that moment the people never stopped animating the crazy nights of the club.

In 1982 the French company named Dupont launched a new material: Lycra. Elio Fiorucci shuffled it with denim to create the first stretch jeans of history: practical, feminine and seductive. An authentic revolution.

In 2003 after having sold the store in Galleria, Elio renewed the brand, creating the project “Love Therapy”: a line of colorful, ironic clothing that he chose to represent with two dwarves similar to Snow White’s friends.

The geniture

According to Grazia Bordoni, Fiorucci was born at 10:15 CET the 10th of June 1935. I rectified the time of birth by a direction of Sun to the opposition of Mars. Mars is the malefic against hairesis and it is configured in the nativity with the Sun, the Apheta,

Elio Fiorucci

Temperament, complexion and manners

The Ascendent is in the first degrees of Virgo so Mercury rules it by domicile, exaltation and term. The Lord of Horoscope, Mercury, is in Cancer. in The Moon is in Libra ruled by Saturn and Venus. The Moon is waxing so she has wet and hot qualities and she is applying to Venus and Mercury. Moreover Moon is going to perfect a conjunction with Mars. So the Ptolemaic Lord of Temperament are Venus and Mercury.  Therefore the temperament is Sanguine. Venus, being occidental, is hot and wet and gives shapely, graceful features and a luxurious look. Mercury, occidental and retrograde, gives more dryness and thin lineaments. The rising sign of Virgo, a human sign, confers him a rather tall, well proportionated body.

The Lord of the Soul or of manners is from the Moon and Mercury. Since Mercury is in Cancer and the Moon in Libra applying to Venus and Mercury, the Lord of the Soul is Venus with the secondary influence of Mars.  Ptolemy says:

Allied with Venus, in honourable positions, Mars makes his subjects pleasing, cheerful, friendly, soft-living, happy, playful, artless, graceful, fond of dancing, erotic, artistic, imitative, pleasure-loving, able to secure themselves property,masculine, and given to misconduct in matters of love, but still successful, circumspect, and sensible, difficult to convict and discreet, furthermore passionate for both young men and young women, spendthrifts, quick-tempered, and jealous


The Professional Success

The Lord of Activity is Venus which is close to the Sun, visible, receiving the application of the Moon from Libra, its domicile. Moreover Venus is with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, of nature of Jupiter and Mars, which gives “ambition and magnanimity” says Cardano. Ptolemy says:

If Venus rules action, she makes her subjects persons whose activities lie among the perfumes of flowers or of unguents, in wine, colours, dyes, spices, or adornments, as, for example, sellers of unguents, weavers of chaplets, innkeepers, wine-merchants, druggists, weavers, dealers in spices, painters, dyers, sellers of clothing

The Saturn is doryphoros to the Sun having rulership by triplicity and being configured by square. Though triplicity is a secondary dignity it still can give some honor , taking in count that Saturn is angular. Venus is doryphoros to the Moon since it is in the following degree of the Moon and it is Lord of the Moon. Moreover Venus is in almugea or idioprosopia or proper face with the Moon, having the same distant which separate their domiciles.So Venus is the planet which gives honor and dignity and it also is the Lord of Activity, signifying that fame and success come from his own work and profession.

The Lover of Women


In the case of men, we investigate through Mars what is the disposition with respect to matters of love. In Fiorucci’s geniture Mars in Libra is in sextile to Venus in Leo. As Ptolemy says:

With Venus alone, or if Jupiter also is with her, but Saturn is not present, he produces lustful, careless men, who seek their pleasures from every quarter; and if one of the planets is an evening and the other a morning star, men who have relations with both males and females, but no more than moderately inclined to either. But if both are evening stars, they will be inclined toward the females alone, and if the signs of the zodiac are feminine, they themselves will be pathics.

So Fiorucci was very fond of women since both Venus and Mars are both evening star but Venus is in a masculine sign, Leo.