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Cyclone Idai



Cyclone Idai is regarded as one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Africa and the Southern Hemisphere as a whole. Idai caused severe flooding throughout Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe resulting in at least 784 deaths. More than 3 million people experienced the direct effects of the cyclone, with hundreds of thousands in need of assistance.


Cyclone Idai path

During a first landfall the cyclone hit the north-central provinces of Mozambique on 6 March. The Niassa, Tete and Zambezia provinces were affected, the latter being hardest-hit. Then hit Malawi on 9 March. The northwestern Madagascar suffered some heavy rains.
The second landfall hit again the Mozambique, in the central and coastal regions. At 00:00 UTC on 15 March,  Idai had made landfall near Beira, Mozambique, with 10-minute sustained winds of 165 km/h. Coupled with torrential rains, disastrous flooding ensued in the region. Officials called the extensive flooded areas “an inland ocean” visible even from outer space. The Cyclone Idai ended his ride as a tropical storm over eastern Zimbawe still affecting the region.

The Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016

As I noted in my privous article The Malefics threaten the South East Africa the solar eclipse occurred on the 1st of September 2016 was supposed to affected the south east part of Africa between March 2017 and the end of 2022. The intensificantion was supposed to happen around the half of July 2019.

Let’s look at the chart for Beira, Mozambuique, which was one of the most affected places.


Let’s note that the tropical signs are reversed since the chart is located in the southern hemispere where the seasons are contrary to the ones in the northern hemispere.

Below we can see the city of Beira surrounded by the lines of rising of Mars and Saturn and of setting of star Aldebaran and culmination of star Regulus.


The syzygy before the cyclone Idai

Now let’s judge the chart for the preceeding syzygy, the new moon occured before the cyclone Idai struck the South East Africa.


The conjunction of the Luminaries was on the western horizon in Virgo. The Moon was defluxing from Mars and applying to Saturn after the syzygy. Therefore both the Luminaries are besieged by malefics. Mars is in his own domicile in Scorpio. Saturn in exile in Cancer. Saturn and Mars are also in trine and  Mars receives the debility of his fall from Saturn. The Moon is with the stars of the stream of water of the constellation of Aquarius. Mars is with Algol, the violent star of the Gorgon. The stars Capella, Rigel and Bellatrix are at the MC. Mercury, which rules the syzygy by domicile and exaltation, is retrograde but still visible, making the heliacal setting in the next seven days. He is in his throne, angular, visible in the sky over the western horizon and in aspect in mundo with Saturn by sextile and with Jupiter by square. Jupiter is his exile in Gemini, angular at the IC. Let’s note that there are three planetary configurations which are called ‘Opening of the Portals’. A planetary configuration is of such kind if there is an aspect between two planets  having opposite domiciles. Here we see Saturn and the Sun in sextile and also the Moon is translating the light from the Sun to Saturn. This configuration brings mist, clouds and rain. Moreover we see the mondane square of Mars and Venus which causes rain and lightning; and the square of Mercury and Jupiter, the most important configuration since it involves Mercury which is the lord of the syzygy, producing strong winds. Lastly we see that Sun and Moon conjunction during the eclipse was over the ascendant of the syzygy and in opposition to the syzygy itself.



Dark waters

Dark Waters

On the 9th of March a total solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Indonesia and from locations in the Pacific Ocean.

The eclipse

The greatest eclipse will be in the middle of Micronesia, an archipelago of islands in Pacific ocean in front of Philippines. The eclipse in that area will last about 4 hours and 9 minutes.

According to Ptolemaic doctrine the eclipse effects will last 4 years and 2 months. Since the syzygy will occur at the meridian the effects will start in the second forth months, that is, between July and October. The intensifications will be  in the middle third of the entire period of its duration, that is, between the mid July 2017 and the end of November 2018.

Solar Eclipse March 2016.png

The syzygy occurs in Pisces, in the terms of Mercury  near the MC also in Pisces in the terms of Jupiter. Jupiter retrograde in exile in Virgo at the IC is opposing the syzygy both in the zodiac and in mundo. Saturn in Sagittarius on the occident is squaring the syzygy in the zodiac. Mercury is in parallel in mundo with the syzygy and with Jupiter. Moreover Saturn squares Mercury in mundo with a right ray, making an epidekateia on Mercury.

Checking the fixed stars, we see the syzygy is in conjunction with the Aqua Aquarii the cluster of stars in the waterfall of Aquarius. Aqua Aquarii has nature of Saturn and Jupiter. The star Fomalhaut, in the mouth of Piscis Austrinus, of nature of Mercury and Venus is at the MC.

As we see many influences gather in the eclipse and though Jupiter seems prominent, because it is angular, opposing the luminaries and it has a dominion over them, we must consider that it is not visible, retrograde and in exile in Virgo. On the other hand  Mercury is doing the matutine heliacal setting in the next seven days and it is close to the MC, in parallel in mundo with the Luminaries and Jupiter.

I think that the dominion over the syzygy is of Mercury and Jupiter.

According to Ptolemy:

Mercury, if he gains the rulership, is, generally speaking, in nature like whatever of the other planets may be associated with him. In particular, he is above all stimulating, and in predictions concerning men is keen and very practical, ingenious in any situation; but he causes robbery, theft, piracy, and assault, and furthermore, brings about unsuccessful voyaging when he is in aspect with the maleficent planets, and occasions diseases of dryness, quotidian agues, coughs, raising, and consumption. He is the cause of events taking place which concern the priestly code, the worship of the gods, the royal revenues, and of changes in customs and laws, from time to time, in consistency with his association with the other planets on each occasion. With reference to the air, since he is very dry and swift on account of his nearness to the sun, and the speed of his revolution, he is particularly apt to arouse irregular, fierce, and changeable winds, and, as might be expected, thunder, hurricanes, chasms in the earth, earthquakes, and lightning; sometimes by these means he causes the destruction of useful animals and plants. At setting he diminishes waters and rivers, at rising fills them.

Since the syzygy occurs in the sign of Pisces and in the constellation of Aquarius, which are both wet and in particular the Luminaries are with Aqua Aquarii, the waterfall I judge that the event will concern the see and tempest. A seaquake or a tsunami or an hurricane can be the event predicted by the eclipse.

Since Jupiter is involved the severity of the event will be attenuated, but, since Jupiter is not in good condition and Saturn squares Jupiter in the zodiac and Mercury in mundo the additional influx of Jupiter will not be so beneficial.

Let’s note some configuration concerning the weather. In a syzygy, either elliptic or not, when a conjunction, an opposition or a square between two planets of opposite docile occur then a violent change in weather condition happens. This configuration is called ‘Opening of the Portals’. We see in this chart that Saturn squares the Luminaries, and Mars squares Venus. Moreover Saturn and the Luminaries are angular so their effects will be stronger.
Magini says in his “De Mutatione Liber Libellus”:

The first Opening of the Doors happens when Saturn is configured with the Sun or the Moon and it generates a turbid, cloudy and cold air, especially in earth and air signs; but in water signs instead it brings great rainfall and in winter snow, especially when Saturn rules over the angle during the New Moon, the Full Moon or the quarters or also when it is stationary or retrograde.

The square of Mars and Venus adds violence to the weather change, causing rainfall and lightning.
Since Jupiter and Mercury are also in parallel in mundo they produce strong winds.
Mercury is associated with all winds and so, being at the MC and aspected by Saturn and Jupiter, suggests that winds from different directions and opposite in humidity and temperature will meet and originate a cyclone.
Since this syzygy is the New Moon before the vernal equinox it should give an general picture of weather condition during the incoming spring season.
Anyway it gives and idea also about the effect of the eclipse.

Possible intensifications of the events

Ptolemy says:

The beginnings of the particular abatements and intensifications of the event we deduced from the conjunctions which take place in the meantime, if they occur in the significant regions or the regions in some aspect to them, and also from the other movements of the planets, if those that effect the predicted event are either rising or setting or stationary or at evening rising, and are at the same time in some aspect to the zodiacal signs that hold the cause; for planets when they are rising or stationary produce intensifications in the events, but when setting, and under the rays of the sun, or advancing at evening, they bring about an abatement.

Let’s look at moment in the range of possible manifestation of the syzygy influence in which the effects could be more intense.


During the Full Moon on the 6th of September 2017 Mercury in making its morning helical  rising and is on the occidental horizon with Mars and the star Regulus. The Moon is very close to the degree of the eclipse of 9th March 2016 and she is applying to Saturn. Saturn is squaring the Luminaries both in mundo and in the zodiac.

Another moment will be after the Full Moon on the 2nd March 2018.

Intensification II.png

Mercury in making its evening helical rising and is close to the degree of the eclipse of 9th March 2016. The Moon is applying to Mars which is with the star Shaula of the Sting of the Scorpio and it is squaring Mercury and Venus. Jupiter trines Mercury and Venus.

Opening of the portals of sky over Genoa

Nuremberg_chronicles_GenvaGenoa was flooded again recently during the 9th, 10th and 11th of October. A dear friend of mine noted the significative chart for the lunar eclipse of 8th of November 2014 for the city of Genoa. The lunar eclipse was not visible from Genoa, still the chart is noteworthy, first because every syzygy, plunilune in this case, is significative concerning weather forecast  and secondly because the syzigy occurred  very close to the superior and inferior pivots and Mars was rising on eastern horizon while Venus was culminating.Genoa Lunar Eclipse 8 November 2014


The sizygy is dominate primarily by Venus because the Sun is in Libra and Venus is with the Sun in Libra at the superior pivot and the rising degree is in the terms of Venus. Secondly Venus is helped by Saturn and Jupiter: Jupiter is Lord of the Ascendent and also bound lord of the Sun moreover it has familiarity with the Sun and the Moon and Venus and Saturn and Mars; Saturn is dignified in Libra by exaltation and trigonocrazy and configured with Jupiter.

Venus is under the sun rays, having done the heliacal setting two days before. So it’s very cold.  The square aspect between Venus at the Medium Coeli and Mars at the easter horizon is very powerful and it’s called Opening of the Portals. The Opening of the Portals is every aspect between an inferior planet and a superior planet having opposite domiciles . Here this aspect was also involving the main pivots: eastern horizon and Medium Coeli. So it was very powerful and effective. Magini in his “De Mutatione Aeris Libello” says:

The one of Mars and Venus causes rain and lightening and sometimes hailstorm

Mars rising gives an even more violent tone at the humoral configuration. Moreover Mars is raising with Antares, the bright reddish star at the heart of Scorpio, of nature of Mars and Jupiter.
The star Porrima, of nature of Mercury and Venus, is culminating with Venus.
Vendemiatrix of nature of Saturn and Mercury is with the Sun.

So there are many signs of bad and violent meteorological phenomena but why did the flood strike the city of Genoa and not somewhere else?
Ptolemy says in the Tetrabiblos’ chapter concerning the countries effected by eclipses:

We are to judge of the first portion of the inquiry, which is regional, in the following manner: In the eclipses of sun and moon as they occur, particularly those more easily observed, we shall examine the region of the zodiac in which they take place, and the countries in familiarity with its triangles, and in similar fashion ascertain which of the cities, either from their horoscope at the time of their founding and the position of the luminaries at the time, or from the mid‑heaven of the nativity of their then rulers, are sympathetic to the zodiacal sign of the eclipse. And in whatsoever countries or cities we discover a familiarity of this kind, we must suppose that some event will occur which applies, generally speaking, to all of them, particularly to those which bear a relation to the actual zodiacal sign of the eclipse and to those of them in which the eclipse, since it took place above the earth, was visible.

The lunar eclipse was not visible from Genoa, in fact it was visible from the pacific area, but it occurred in the zodiacal sign of Aries where it was the Moon. So the place effected by the lunar eclipse should be a country with familiarity with Aries and the fire triangle. According to Ptolemy the western Europe is ruled by the fire signs: Aries rules the northern part of Europe, Lion Italy, and Sagittarius Spain, Portugal, south France and Tyrrhenian shores. So Genoa is included in the area that is supposed to be effected.
Let’s have a look to the map of mediterranean area during the eclipse:
Lunar Eclipse Map


we see that Genoa is located exactly at the center of a polygon determinate by the line of rising Mars, culminating Venus, setting Betelgeuse and Algol.

In the Quadripartitum chapter ‘On the Time of the Predicted Event’ Ptolemy says:

The beginnings of the particular abatements and intensifications of the event we deduced from the conjunctions which take place in the meantime, if they occur in the significant regions or the regions in some aspect to them, and also from the other movements of the planets, if those that effect the predicted event are either rising or setting or stationary or at evening rising, and are at the same time in some aspect to the zodiacal signs that hold the cause; for planets when they are rising or stationary produce intensifications in the events, but when setting, and under the rays of the sun, or advancing at evening, they bring about an abatement.

Flood Beginning

At the beginning of the flood, around the 21 of the 10th of October, the star Antares has just set on the occidental horizon. Mars was going to set with the star Arcturus, about which Magini says that bring strong wind with rain, thunders and lighting bolts. Moreover Mars is with the Lot of Fortune and Saturn with the Lot of Spirit doing a figure called isosceles or equicrure in mundo, being distant the same quantity of time from the occidental pivot. This equicrure figure between Mars and Saturn stir the humors and corrupt the weather marking the beginning of the flood that will last for two days.

We see that the Moon was going to firstly square Jupiter and then to oppose Saturn, which both have a lordship on the syzygy.

Moon perfecting opposition to Saturn


When Moon was perfecting the opposition to Saturn, around 3 o’clock of 10th of November, when another cloudburst was striking Genoa with strong winds, it was at the supernal pivot with Antares. The star Regulus was rising at the horoscope. Both the lots of Fortune and Spirits were in aversion with the horoscope, the first one on the cusp of the eighth house the second one on the cusp of the sixth house.