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God save the Queen


The pale-faced moon looks bloody on the earth
And lean-look’d prophets whisper fearful change –

Richard II by Shakespeare


The Moon eclipse occurred during the night of the 28 September 2015 was visible in America, Europe and Asia. The Moon appeared larger in the sky because she was full at the perigee, that is the point of her orbit closer to the Earth.  The spectacular view of the blood red Moon, a rare event, burned across the European skies.

Mars rising

Since the Moon was in Aries during the eclipse, according to Ptolemy, the event will happen in the north-west part of Europe, that is, the northern France, England and Germany. At the maximum of the obscuration of the Moon in London Mars was rising.

Moon Eclipse 2015 London

In London the eclipse started at 1:11 am and lasted for 5 hours and 11 minutes till 6:22 am. Because the Moon was close to the western horizon the effect of the syzygy will begin in the last third quadrimester from the time of the eclipse. So the event will start in the second half of May 2016, will last for five months and will be more intense during the last 2 months, around July-August 2016.

Since the Moon was in the first degrees of Aries and Mars, triplicity ruler of the descendent, was rising at the eastern horizon then Mars is the Lord of the syzygy. Ptolemy says:

Mars, when he assumes the rulership alone, is in general the cause of destruction through dryness and in particular, when the event concerns men, brings about wars, civil faction, capture, enslavement, uprisings, the wrath of leaders, and sudden deaths arising from such causes; moreover, fevers, tertian agues, raising of blood, swift and violent deaths, especially in the prime of life; similarly, violence, assaults, lawlessness, arson and murder, robbery and piracy. With regard to the condition of the air he causes hot weather, warm, pestilential, and withering winds, the loosing of lightning and hurricanes, and drought. Again, at sea he causes sudden shipwreck of fleets through changeable winds or lightning or the like; the failure of the water of rivers, the drying up of springs, and the tainting of potable waters. With reference to the necessities produced upon the earth for human use, he causes a scarcity and loss of dumb animals and of things which grow from the earth, and the loss of crops by drying as the result of hot weather, or by locusts, or by the beating of the winds, or by burning in places of storage.

As the Moon is in the constellation of Pisces the event can concern rivers and fluvial navigation. In that case the lordship of Mars signifies the scarcity of water and the poisoning of rivers and potable water.
Moreover the eclipse in an equinoctial sign, as Libra, may also concern the religion and the worship.
As Mars is occidental to the Moon and the Moon is totally eclipsed the event will be considerable.

Let’s note that Saturn from the IV place is squaring Mars. Furthermore Mars is in conjunction with the star Regulus at the horoscope. Regulus, of nature of Mars and Jupiter, meaning Little King and also being called Royal Star can suggest that a eminent person or a sovereign will die, fall or resign. The rising Mars though stresses a violent and sudden change.

Elsbeth Ebertin, a renewed German astrologer lived in the first half of the XX century and   became famous for a prediction about Adolf Hitler and for having predicted the year and the circumstances of her death which occurred by an allies air raid on Germany. Elsbeth Ebertin studied historical events with the planetary configurations in each case and came to the following conclusion, in her book “Fixed stars and their interpretations”:

when Mars or Saturn are in conjunction with Regulus, especially exciting events are always recorded e.g. assassinations, coup d’états, revolutions, revolts, demonstrations, overthrow of heads of state and similar events.

Concerning the people effected by the eclipse, Ptolemy says:

Usually, however, those men are affected by the more universal ills who in their own genitures happen to have the most essential places, by which I mean those of the luminaries or of the angles, the same as those that furnish the cause of the general misfortunes, that is, the places of the eclipses or the places directly opposite. Of these the positions most dangerous and hardest to avoid are those in which either of the luminaries is in possession of the very degree of the place of the eclipse, or the degree opposite.

The little king

Let’s look at the geniture of David Cameron.

David Cameron

In his nativity the horoscope-descendent axis is very close to the eclipse axis. In fact the Moon is almost in conjunction with the horoscope of Cameron. Moreover in Cameron’s geniture the star Regulus is in conjunction with Mars. Also Venus, the Lord of the horoscope, in Libra is close to the Moon position during the eclipse.

During the incoming months Cameron will probably face difficult times, though no life-threatening event should occurred since there isn’t any evidence in primary directions.

The longest reigning Queen

Queen Elizabeth II

In the geniture of Queen Elizabeth II we don’t find nor the luminaries nor the angle in conjunction with the luminaries in the eclipse. We note only that the Sun in the eclipse is in conjunction with Mercury in the nativity.

Around her next birthday, though, Mars of direction will arrive at the MC in conjunction with Saturn of nativity, making a square to the horoscope. Moreover in her next Solar Return the Moon will be the degree of the Moon of the eclipse and the Moon will be applying to the square of Mars and Saturn in mundo. Those signs could be heralds of the end of her reign.