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The Hanuman’s devotee


Ram Dass

जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुन सागर।
जय कपीस तिहुँ लोक उजागर॥ १ ॥

“O Hanuman, the ocean of knowledge and virtues, may you be victorious. O the chief amongst Vanaras famous across the three Lokas, may you be victorious. ”

from Hanuman Chalisa

Ram Dass, born Richard Alpert, was a famous spiritual leader, a guru and a devotee of Hanuman. During the late 50’s was a Harvard Professor but, due to his controversial experiment with LSD and others hallucinogenic drugs, he was fired in the early 60’s. That was the starting point of a new life. He continued for some years with his friend Timothy Leary to involve people in drug experiments, gradually shifting to a more spiritual attitude toward life. In 1967 he travelled to India where he met his guru, Neen Karoli Baba, a mystic and devotee of the Hindu lord Hanuman. After his return to San Francisco, he spent the rest of his life spreading his guru teachings, selfless service and devotion, in imitation of his beloved Hanuman, the divine enbodiment of the perfect devotee, highly showing the virtues of service, devotion and strenght. He died on Maui on 22 December 2019 at the age of 88.

The geniture

Ram Dass

I’ve rectified the geniture by the technique “Isaritmie”, teached in the Italian Association of Classical Astrology “Cielo e Terra” , which is a variation of the Ptolemaic Animodar.

The temperament

Since Jupiter is visible, rising at the eastern horizon, in his exaltation in Cancer, Jupiter is the Lord of temperament.   So his temperament is mainly sanguine. The Moon, which is also the  lord of the Horoscope, is Sagittarius, in domicile, triplicity and Terms of Jupiter and she is waning but still quite full of light and applaying to the Sun in Aries, bringing to his temperament a choleric tone.

Also the stars, Betelgeuse is with Jupiter and Rigel and Castor are rising with the horoscope.

About Betelgeuse with Jupiter Stade says that it brings great wealth. In fact Ram Dass was born in a jewish wealthy family. Moreover the star Rigel, of nature of Jupiter and Saturn, shows who owns a lot.

About Castor rising the Anonymous says:

If it arises to the horoscope it makes the natives lovers of letters, scholars, popular speakers, ingenious, lovers of music and the arts, who are notable, good-looking, capable of many activities, dignified, pious, religious, apt to business, well known or those who gain gold and silver and wealth thanks to relationships or lucky exchanges and who retain their noble feelings even in misfortunes.

Those stars and the noble influx of Jupiter made him a wealthy man and even a more generous one. In fact over the course of his life since the inception of his Hanuman Foundation, Ram Dass gave all of his book royalties and profits from teaching to his foundation and other charitable causes. The estimated amount of earnings he gave away annually ranges from $100,000 to $800,000.

The Lord of the Soul

Since the Moon is defluxing from Venus in her exaltation in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus is in sextile with Venus, the Lord of the Soul is Venus and Jupiter partecipates. He was a lovely and charitable persons and the attidute of service, devotion and religion activity are gifts granted by Venus. Mercury and the Moon are in diversion but Mercury is in sextile with the Horoscope, showing that the rational soul and the irrational soul are not related and therefore can be a diffuculty in armonizing the two part of the soul. Anyway since Venus collects the light of Mercury and the Moon, his loving and caring attitude could be that bridge that made his soul a whole.

The Lord of Activities

Since Venus and Mercury are visibile and close to the Sun and Venus in Pisces is in sextile to Mercury in Taurus, Venus and Mercury are the Lord of Activities. Venus and Mercury show quite well his activity in teaching, servicing and helping people and gods. Venus is with the star Fomalhaut, which brings fame. Let’s note that Daimon, the Lot of Spirit, is with the Moon in Sagittarius and with the star Antares and also is in trine with Mars in Leo with the star Sirius. This configuration is remarkable and show Ram Dass strong dedication to his spiritual realization and peculiar spirtual martial and patronal character which made him close to his ishtadevata, Hanuman.

The major events

The spiritual crisis

In 1967, when he was 36, the profection started again its cycle of twelve years, and so the horoscope and the planets of profection returned for one year to the same positions that had in the geniture. That situation determines a new start and stress again the astrological configuration of nativity. Moreover the horoscope of revolution is conjuncted with the Venus of nativity and Daimon of direction is in sextile to Venus of nativity.

The stoke

On 19 February 1997 he had a stroke which left him partly paralyzed.

Let’s note that the Moon of direction is in opposition to Mars of nativity.


In the mundane direction we see the helpful aspect of Jupiter to Tyche and of Venus to the horoscope which help him to survive.


The death

On 22 December 2019 he died.

The Sun of direction in mundo is almost in opposition to the Mars of nativity. The aspect would be perfected in 2022.


Sun direct to Mars in mundo


Moreover Sun directed in mundo reaches the opposition of Sirius which is with Mars in the geniture.


The enigmatic shooter

Stephen Paddock, a former auditor and real estate businessman and a high-stakes gambler has been identified by the police as the shooter in the recent Las Vegas attack. Investigators believe that he acted alone but, notwithstanding researches about his life and the crime scene, we don’t know his motive and inconsistencies and mysteries are still clouding a clear and credible reconstruction of the events.

The shooter


The Lords of the  Soul are Jupiter and  Saturn. Saturn is the Lord of the Moon in Aquarius and the Moon is applying to Jupiter by square and Saturn by trine both in mundo and in the zodiac. Saturn is retrograde in exaltation in Libra e receives the Moon in Aquarius. Jupiter inTaurus instead receives the Moon by her exaltation. Since the Moon is in parallel in mundo with Jupiter and in square with him both in mundo and in the zodiac they are doing a equicruria which is a very strong figure. Mercury is visible, oriental in his detriment and exile in Pisces  and in sextile with his lord, Jupiter. Moreover Mercury is in parallel in mundo with Venus his ruler by exaltation. Deneb Algedi, in the tail of Capricornus, a star of nature of Jupiter and Saturn is with the Moon. From the condition of Jupiter and Saturn we judge the soul of the native. Saturn is essentially dignified and angular but retrograde; Jupiter is occidental, peregrine and in a succedent house in bodily conjunction and in parallel of declination with Mars which is in exile in Taurus. Moreover Jupiter is with the Pleiades, a harmful cluster of star of nature of Mars and Moon. This asterism with the lord of the Soul brings passion,  animosity and restlessness and makes lustful and ambitious ones. Therefore the lords of the soul are not very well placed and make the native apparently well-disposed and benevolent even cautious because of the Jupiter influence but malicious, devious, envious and planning revenge. The Plaiedes and Mars with Jupiter and the Moon in square with Mars, the out-of-sect malefic make him prone to passions and violence.  Let us note the nor the Moon and Mercury are in aspect to each other neither they are with the horoscope. According to Ptolemy those are conditions with can be a sign of a disease of the soul since the sensitive soul, the Moon, and the rational soul, Mercury, are unrelated to each other and with the horoscope which is a significator of the body. The Moon is in aspect with both the malefics: by trine with Saturn and by square with Mars. Since Mars is out-of-sect it is more hurtful. The Moon is waining so she is less harmed by the square of Mars but still she is afflicted. We see therefore a hidden violence partially southed by the benevolent Jupiter and a depressive and obstinate influence from the retrograde Saturn which lead to the final puzzling but scrupulously planned outburst.

The Lord of action is Mercury which is oriental, visible and in parallel in mundo to the Sun and Venus. His activities included compulsive gambling are clearly mercurial.

It’s noteworthy the chart of the syzygy before his birth.


The Lord of the syzygy is Mars since he is the ruler of the Sun and he is rising at  the horoscope. Mars occidental in detriment in Taurus is opposed by Saturn close to the occidental horizon at the end of Libra in his exaltation. The angular malefic in opposition produce a strong and malicious climate during which the native is going to born.

His father

Stephen Paddock’s father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was a bank robber who was arrested in 1960 and then escaped prison. He never really knew his father as he was never with his mother.

The significator of his father are the Sun and Saturn but especially the Sun since the geniture is diurnal.  The two significators, the Sun and Saturn, are in opposition. This configuration is harmful for the father. Since the Sun and Saturn are dignified both essentially and accidentally, because they are respectively in domicile and exaltation and they are both angular, the danger is not so serious. Nevertheless the opposition between the significators suggests a wicked nature though a strong one since the significator are dignified. Let’s note that Venus, the primary significator of Stephen Paddock’s mother is combust in exile.

Benjamin Paddock was accused of having committed three bank robberies between February 1959 and July 1960. He was captured and then convicted for the third robbery in federal court in January 1961 where he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. We note that the directed Saturn reach the opposition to the natal Sun around the middle of 1959.


On December 30, 1968, Paddock escaped from the prison and was placed on the FBI 10 most wanted list. Though he continued various illegal activities during the following decade his identity was never uncovered.

At the end of 1968 the Sun by direction reaches the MC.


The shooting and his suicide

Let’s look at the recent solar eclipse already considered in the previous post Las Vegas shooting. We see that during the eclipse the luminaries where at the end of Leo, at 29° Leo.   The Moon in the Stephen Paddock’s geniture was at 22° Aquarius and therefore the eclipse oppose the Moon which is also the lord of the horoscope in his geniture.

Ptolemy says:

Usually, however, those men are affected by the more universal ills who in their own genitures happen to have the most essential places, by which I mean those of the luminaries or of the angles, the same as those that furnish the cause of the general misfortunes, that is, the places of the eclipses or the places directly opposite. Of these the positions most dangerous and hardest to avoid are those in which either of the luminaries is in possession of the very degree of the place of the eclipse, or the degree opposite.

Moreover Mars during the eclipse was at 21° Leo opposing his natal Moon.

His apheta is the Sun close to the supernal pivot. The anareta should be Saturn since he is the malefic which has a familiarity with the Sun in the geniture because Saturn opposes the Sun but we don’t find any anaretic direction of the Sun to Saturn.


Mundane directions

We see instead that the Sun arrives at the natal Moon. There is also the zodiacal direction of the Moon to the natal Sun but since the Moon is not the luminary of the time and is in aversion to the horoscope she cannot be the apheta. According to the ptolemaic doctrine those direction cannot be anaretic. There is also a zodiacal direction of Saturn to the natal Jupiter. Jupiter, which is in an aphetic place, is the planet having more dignity over the place of the Sun, Ascendent and preceding new Moon and so, according to Ptolemy, is a candidate for being an apheta but definitely the Sun should be preferred.


In the Profection we see that the profected Mars at 20°45′ of  Libra is in opposition to the natal Sun. Moreover the directed Moon is with Tolma, the Lot of Courage or Mars, which is significative about courage, machinations and deceit.

In the Solar Revolution Mars square the natal Moon and is close to the conjunction with Jupiter.

Solar Revolution.png

It’s noteworthy that by direction the Moon reaches the parallel in mundo with the natal Sirius and the directed Sirius the conjunction with the natal Jupiter. Sirius the day of Stephen Paddock’s birth was doing the morning anticulmination which is a ptolemaic phase that occurs when the star is at IC when the Sun is rising.

De stella magorum


Adoration of the Magi – Gentile da Fabriano


Grant us your favour, My Lord,  show us this day your star,  the one once you showed to the Magi. The star that led the Magi to Christ, may lead us to Christ’s mysteries. Marsilo Ficino – De Stella Magorum

“Now these things never happened, but always are.” Sallustius – On the Gods and the World

The Star of the Magi

De Stella Magorum written in 1482 by Marsilio Ficino was probably one of the lectures held by the members of the Florentine Platonic Academy to the Compagnia de’ Magi (Fellowship of the Magi). In Florence, for all the fifteenth century, it was the brotherhood of the Magi (or “The Star”, referring to the star mentioned in the Gospel), that organizes every three years (since 1447 every five ) a solemn procession with sumptuous equipment in order to reenact the arrival of the three wise men in Bethlehem, in search of the Messiah King.

The first mention of this partnership is in a document from 1417, the year in which the Signoria of the Republic decides to subsidize the Compagnia de’ Magi, which gathered in the Florentine church of St. Mark of the Dominican friars. In the golden age of the Medici family, all members of that florentine family were part of the brotherhood, as well as people close to the Lords of Florence, as humanists Cristoforo Landino and Donato Acciaioli, the poet Luigi Pulci and, probably, the man of letters and canon of Santa Maria del Fiore Angelo Poliziano.

As a further demonstration of the veneration of the Medici to the Magi, is the Procession of the Magi, the famous and allegorical journey of the Three Kings, frescoed  by Benozzo Gozzoli in 1459 on commission by Cosimo, in the chapel of the palace of Via Larga. In the fresco some family members, including Giuliano and probably Lorenzo, appears in guise of depicted characters. Moreover, even when Cosimo retired to St. Mark monastery for religious meditations, he was housed in a cell with frescoes made by Fra Beatus Angelicus depicting the Magi.


The Procession of the Magi by Benozzo Gozzoli

Marsilio Ficino was a neoplatonic philosopher and a priest and he was learned about astrology as well. In De Stella Magorum [1] he tried to investigate about the nature of the star of the Magi and to reveal the sky which watched over the distinguished nativity of the Savior.

The sermon leaves us surprised because it does not present the nativity of Jesus but instead it contains contradictory astrological elements about the Savior’s geniture from which it is impossible to determine the time of nativity used by Ficino to compose his oration. In fact he says firstly that

So, when Eastern astronomers, in December,  saw a comet rising in the beginning of Sagittarius, they judged it a benevolent apparition, because it shed golden rays, being of Sun nature; silver rays  because of Jupiterian nature, mixed rays because of Venusian nature. Jupiter too was in that moment  in the beginning of Sagittarius. The Sun, if we are right in calculations, was in the middle of the sign.  Maybe Venus, always near to the Sun, was in the last degree of the sign: likely this is the sky configuration at Jesus birth, in the month of December, if he was born after the first half of the night. In fact we read in the Gospel that while shepherds kept their night vigils, the Angel said: this day he  is born.

and right after he adds:

Considering Jupiter rising in the angle of the geniture, they judged the nativity very favorable; but sterile because of the Moon in the first facie of Virgo, being the stress on a virgin rather than a pregnant woman.

But this elements don’t occur neither in the nativity calculated for the traditional birth date of 25th December of the zero year at midnight nor for the time of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction before the nativity.


Probably Ficino purpose was not to describe the real nativity of Jesus but only to point out that the sky showed signs of the extraordinary event and that the wise astrologers were able to decipher those signs to forecast the new king’s birth. In fact Marsilio in the last part of his speech mentions to Virgo as the possible Jesus’ horoscope:

What we told about Sagittarius, because of calculation of someone’s else, could be in my opinion be told more rightly about Virgo and midnight. While Christ was born, necessarily one of the twelve signs was rising. I don’t know which sign I should give to the One is born from a Virgin, more than Virgo. And mostly the first facie of this sign. In fact every sign has three facies. In the first facie of the Virgo, like Albumasar states, Indians and Egyptians  have contemplated the image of a virgin girl, very beautiful, sitting, feeding a child. The rising of this facie agrees perfectly with  the child born from a Virgin, and if one well compute, the first facie of Virgo is rising in the month of December at midnight.

Jesus' Nativity

We already know that at midnight of 25th December is rising the first face of Libra and not of Virgo, as for sure Ficino knew, because it was previously pointed out by Cecco D’Ascoli and other astrologers and commentators. But the perfectly well-fitting symbolic image of the virgo with the child exerts a charm too powerful to be eluded.

The first decan of the Virgo was firstly mentioned by Albertus Magnus in Speculum Astronomiae when he reports a passage from the Introductorium of Albumasar:

Et ascendit in prima facie illius (scilicet Virginis) puella quam vocat Celchnis Darostal; et est virgo pulchra atque honesta et munda prolixi capilli,et pulchra facie, habens in mano sa duas spicas, et ipsa sedes supra sedem stratam et nutrit puerum, dans ei ad comedendum ius in loco qui vocatur Abril. Et vocat ipsum puerum quaedam gens Iesum, cuius interpretatio est arabice Eice…

that is

And in the first decan (of Virgo) there arises a girl who Celchnis calls Darostal; and she a beautiful, honorable, pure virgin with log hairs and a beautiful face, holding two ears of wheat in her hand; and she seats on a covered bench, and she nurse a male child, giving broth to him in a place called Abril. And a certain people call this child Jesus, which is translated as Eice in Arabic.

This symbolic image was the perfect argument to support the idea of stars as sign and not cause of events. The virgo and the child in the first facie of Virgo is the manifest sign, the epiphany of the birth of the Savior, the light that comes to the world.

As far as we keep meditating on De Stella Magorum we understand that Ficino’s speech is about the epiphany of the Light. His text is scattered with mark of that theophany of light. In his sermon Ficino presents the hypothesis that the star of the Magi was of supernatural origin, created by the angel Gabriel condensing the air to the extent that it was a sufficiently dense medium to make his light visible to humans. As he says:

But why did the Angel condense air? Because the light he was going to impress in the air could be perceived by the human eye. In fact a very rare substance always escapes to the eyesight. Where did he take the light to transmit to that body? From the light of his mind. In it in fact there is an invisible and intellectual light, which transmitted in the air, becomes visible; in the subtler air is visible to the Saints; in the denser, to the others too.

Adoration of the Magi - Giotto

Adoration of the Magi – Giotto

Ficino clearly states that Gabriel under the visible form of a star guided the Magi to the epiphany of the light of the Saviour.

And under the form of a star informed the students of stars, and through the light of the star, derived from the Sun he guided them towards the Sun.

The astronomers brought gold to the just born king , because they judged him having a Sun nature; with perfumed incense they indicated the grace of Venus, with myrrh they indicated  a life under the influence of Jupiter, unaware of putrefaction. In the same time these gifts are converged in another secret. In fact with the gold they helped him because he was a poor; with the myrrh they gave strength to the tender flesh; with the incense they perfumed the stable. The gave him the gold because he was a king; the incense because he was a priest, the myrrh because he was God.

The child, the Christ is the eternal Sun born to save the mankind,  the intelligible Sun which enlightens the intellect of every man. In the words of Ficino

Light which from Good is spread through all the spirits, is benefic. It grants us to direct towards the Good and quieten in it and makes possible we love the good and rejoice in it. Whatever particular good has with him the image of the good itself.

The Star and the Cave of the World

Says Matthew:

And there, ahead of them, went the star that they had seen at its rising, until it stopped over the place where the child was. When they saw that the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy. On entering the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother; and they knelt down and paid him homage. Then, opening their treasure chests, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Says Luke:

And it came to pass, while they were there, the days were fulfilled that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son; and she wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were shepherds in the same country abiding in the field, and keeping watch by night over their flock. And an angel of the Lord stood by them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.And the angel said unto them, Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the people:for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord. And this is the sign unto you: Ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger.

There is a tradition which tells us that the manger was a cave.

Icone of the Nativity - Bethlehem - Church of the Nativity

Icone of the Nativity – Bethlehem – Church of the Nativity

But looking at the cave where the new born Sun is placed and at the star hanging from the sky above the cave, the On the Cave of the Nymphs  of the Neoplatonic philosopher Porphyry comes in our mind.

Porphyry  reports a passage from the Homer’s Odyssey:

High at the head a branching olive grows
And crowns the pointed cliffs with shady boughs.
A cavern pleasant, though involved in night,
Beneath it lies, the Naiades delight:
Where bowls and urns of workmanship divine
And massy beams in native marble shine;
On which the Nymphs amazing webs display,
Of purple hue and exquisite array,
The busy bees within the urns secure
Honey delicious, and like nectar pure.
Perpetual waters through the grotto glide,  
A lofty gate unfolds on either side;
That to the north is pervious to mankind:
The sacred south t’immortals is consign’d.

And he comments:

That theologists therefore considered caverns as symbols of the world, and of mundane powers, is through this, mainifest. And it has been already observed by us, that they also considered a cave as a symbol of the intelligible essence; being impelled to do so by different and not the same conceptions. For they were of opinion that a cave is a symbol of the sensible world because caverns are dark, stony, and humid; and they asserted that the world is a thing of this kind, through the matter of which it consists, and through its repercussive and flowing nature. But they thought it to be a symbol of the intelligible world, because that world is invisible to sensible perception, and possesses a firm and stable essence. Thus, also, partial powers are unapparent, and especially those which are inherent in matter. For they formed these symbols, from surveying the spontaneous production of caves, and their nocturnal, dark, and stony nature; and not entirely, as some suspect, from directing their attention to the figure of a cavern. For every cave is not spherical, as is evident from this Homeric cave with a twofold entrance. But since a cavern has a twofold similitude, the present cave must not be assumed as an image of the intelligible but of the sensible essence. For in consequence of containing perpetually flowing streams of water, it will not be a symbol of an intelligible hypostasis, but of a material essence.

And he adds about the gates of the cave:

Theologists therefore assert, that_these two gates are Cancer and Capricorn; but Plato calls them entrances. And of these, theologists say, that Cancer is the gate through which souls descend; but Capricorn that through which they ascend. Cancer is indeed northern, and adapted to descent; but Capricorn is southern, and adapted to ascent. The northern parts, likewise, pertain to souls descending into generation. And the gates of the cavern which are turned to the north are rightly said to be pervious to the descent of men; but the southern gates are not the avenues of the Gods, but of souls ascending to the Gods. On this account, the poet does not say that they are the avenues of the Gods, but of immortals; this appellation being also common to our souls, which are per se, or essentially, immortal. It is said that Parmenides mentions these two gates in his treatise “On the Nature of Things”, as likewise that they are not unknown to the Romans and Egyptians. For the Romans celebrate their Saturnalia when the Sun is in Capricorn, and during this festivity, slaves wear the shoes of those that are free, and all things are distributed among them in common; the legislator obscurely signifying by this ceremony that through this gate of the heavens, those who are now born slaves will be liberated through the Saturnian festival, and the house attributed to Saturn, i.e., Capricorn, when they live again and return to the fountain of life. Since, however, the path from Capricorn is adapted to ascent, hence the Romans denominate that month in which the Sun, turning from Capricorn to the east, directs his course to the north, Januanus, or January, from janua, a gate. But with the Egyptians, the beginning of the year is not Aquarius, as with the Romans, but Cancer. For the star Sothis, which the Greeks call the Dog, is near to Cancer. And the rising of Sothis is the new moon with them, this being the principle of generation to the world. On this account, the gates of the Homeric cavern are not dedicated to the east and west, nor to the equinoctial signs, Aries and Libra, but to the north and south, and to those celestial signs which towards the south are most southerly, and, towards the north are most northerly; because this cave was sacred to souls and aquatic nymphs. But these places are adapted to souls descending into generation, and afterwards separating themselves from it.

We know that the star Sirius or Sothis, the star sacred to Isis, the most bright star in the sky, was used by Egyptians to determine the beginning of their calendar which was calculated by the helical rising of Sirius. This phenomenon occurred in the sign of Cancer in July around the beginning of the vulgar era. On the other hand in the middle of December the star Sirius made the midnight culmination.

The picture is complete. Here we contemplate the image of the Cavern of the World where the Sun born from the Virgo lies. The Star Sirius is shining over the Cavern in the middle of the night. The gate of the Cavern is open to all men to see the new born Sun rising up again in the sky through the door of Capricorn, the door of Gods, leading to the heavens. And we see the Magi, the wise men, who saw the star Sirius appearing at dawn before the Sun in the East at the beginning of the summer through the door of Cancer, the door of men, of generation and now after a long journey have reached their destination and under the culminating star can adore the child, the intellective principle, the immortal nous which starts to ascend to heaven again.

Therefore we can say with Saturninus Secundus Sallustius, friend of the Emperor Julian:

Now these things never happened, but always are. And intellect sees all things at once, but speech expresses some first and others after. Thus, as the myth is in accord with the cosmos, we for that reason keep a festival imitating the cosmos, for how could we attain higher order?


1 The complete translation of De Stella Magorum can be found in  Marsilio Ficino and the Star of the Magi: “De Stella magorum”

The love therapist

fiorucciYour worst vice? Loving women too much. Your greatest virtue? Loving women too much. Elio  Fiorucci from MarieClaire Interview

Elio Fiorucci was found dead the 20th of July in his apartment in Milano. He died for a sudden illness probably during the day before. He was eighty year old. With him an era in Italian fashion industry definitely disappears.

He began his career in fashion at the age of 17, making its way up selling slippers in his father’s store in Milan. His talent soon led him to explore new creative territories. So he began to travel and brought back with him suggestions, new ideas and rare items.

In 1967, in the middle of the beat generation era,  he opened in Galleria Passarella in the centre of Milan his first flagship store. It was a store which was never seen before in Milan or elsewhere.  Entering there it was like being admitted to a fairy world: you left behind the grayness of Milan to find yourself surrounded by neon lights, bright colored phones, space lamps, pop icons and images, garden gnomes, vintage clothes and scents. A circle of loyal friends and customers started to frequent the shop dreaming a world full of new colors. Fiorucci was the first fashion brand to revisit a classic look with a fresh new pop touch. The two Victorian chubby cherubs became the internationally recognized emblem of the brand and they were printed in series on t-shirts, bags, accessories and household items.

In 1976 Fiorucci opened his first flagship store on 59th Street in New York. The store soon became a cult place of the city, attended by leading representatives of the avant garde style of the time. One of its fun was Andy Warhol, who celebrated at the boutique his revolutionary magazine, ‘Interview’.

In 1977 in Manhattan something happens that would have became legendary: Studio 54 was opened in NY and Elio Fiorucci was commissioned to treat the Opening Ceremony. The elite of the international jet-set was present and from that moment the people never stopped animating the crazy nights of the club.

In 1982 the French company named Dupont launched a new material: Lycra. Elio Fiorucci shuffled it with denim to create the first stretch jeans of history: practical, feminine and seductive. An authentic revolution.

In 2003 after having sold the store in Galleria, Elio renewed the brand, creating the project “Love Therapy”: a line of colorful, ironic clothing that he chose to represent with two dwarves similar to Snow White’s friends.

The geniture

According to Grazia Bordoni, Fiorucci was born at 10:15 CET the 10th of June 1935. I rectified the time of birth by a direction of Sun to the opposition of Mars. Mars is the malefic against hairesis and it is configured in the nativity with the Sun, the Apheta,

Elio Fiorucci

Temperament, complexion and manners

The Ascendent is in the first degrees of Virgo so Mercury rules it by domicile, exaltation and term. The Lord of Horoscope, Mercury, is in Cancer. in The Moon is in Libra ruled by Saturn and Venus. The Moon is waxing so she has wet and hot qualities and she is applying to Venus and Mercury. Moreover Moon is going to perfect a conjunction with Mars. So the Ptolemaic Lord of Temperament are Venus and Mercury.  Therefore the temperament is Sanguine. Venus, being occidental, is hot and wet and gives shapely, graceful features and a luxurious look. Mercury, occidental and retrograde, gives more dryness and thin lineaments. The rising sign of Virgo, a human sign, confers him a rather tall, well proportionated body.

The Lord of the Soul or of manners is from the Moon and Mercury. Since Mercury is in Cancer and the Moon in Libra applying to Venus and Mercury, the Lord of the Soul is Venus with the secondary influence of Mars.  Ptolemy says:

Allied with Venus, in honourable positions, Mars makes his subjects pleasing, cheerful, friendly, soft-living, happy, playful, artless, graceful, fond of dancing, erotic, artistic, imitative, pleasure-loving, able to secure themselves property,masculine, and given to misconduct in matters of love, but still successful, circumspect, and sensible, difficult to convict and discreet, furthermore passionate for both young men and young women, spendthrifts, quick-tempered, and jealous


The Professional Success

The Lord of Activity is Venus which is close to the Sun, visible, receiving the application of the Moon from Libra, its domicile. Moreover Venus is with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, of nature of Jupiter and Mars, which gives “ambition and magnanimity” says Cardano. Ptolemy says:

If Venus rules action, she makes her subjects persons whose activities lie among the perfumes of flowers or of unguents, in wine, colours, dyes, spices, or adornments, as, for example, sellers of unguents, weavers of chaplets, innkeepers, wine-merchants, druggists, weavers, dealers in spices, painters, dyers, sellers of clothing

The Saturn is doryphoros to the Sun having rulership by triplicity and being configured by square. Though triplicity is a secondary dignity it still can give some honor , taking in count that Saturn is angular. Venus is doryphoros to the Moon since it is in the following degree of the Moon and it is Lord of the Moon. Moreover Venus is in almugea or idioprosopia or proper face with the Moon, having the same distant which separate their domiciles.So Venus is the planet which gives honor and dignity and it also is the Lord of Activity, signifying that fame and success come from his own work and profession.

The Lover of Women


In the case of men, we investigate through Mars what is the disposition with respect to matters of love. In Fiorucci’s geniture Mars in Libra is in sextile to Venus in Leo. As Ptolemy says:

With Venus alone, or if Jupiter also is with her, but Saturn is not present, he produces lustful, careless men, who seek their pleasures from every quarter; and if one of the planets is an evening and the other a morning star, men who have relations with both males and females, but no more than moderately inclined to either. But if both are evening stars, they will be inclined toward the females alone, and if the signs of the zodiac are feminine, they themselves will be pathics.

So Fiorucci was very fond of women since both Venus and Mars are both evening star but Venus is in a masculine sign, Leo.