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Toto û curtu, the brigand


A young Salvatore Riina

Salvatore Riina, called Totò ‘u Curtu (Toto the short) died on 17 November 2017, one day after his 87th birthday, while in a medically-induced coma after two surgeries in the hospital unit of the prison in Parma. He was one of the most infamous mafia boss and one of the most ferocious criminal who got the leadership of the Sicilian Mafia though a bloody feud against rival clans and launched a harsh battle against the Italian State which caused the death of numerous officials, amongst them, the investigating magistrates Giovanni Falcone and his colleague Paolo Borsellino.
Toto Riina was born on 16 November 1930 at 16:00. I rectified the birth time for 16:11 by direction.


The temperament and the body

The horoscope is in Taurus and the Moon is in Libra. Both signs are ruled by Venus. The Moon is moving away from Venus and they are in aspect by sextile and by parallel in mundo. The Moon is waining and close to the Sun so she is cold. Venus is still visible but she will make the heliacal setting in the next seven days so she is very cold. Therefore Riina’s temperament is phlegmatic.

The ascendent in Taurus gives, according to Dorotheus of Sidon, wide and protruding forehead, thick hair, wide nostrils, thick neck, large pupils, shortness.

Venus is close to her southern highest distance from the ecliptic so his body is fleshy and heavy, as the 53th aphorism of the Ptolemy’s Centiloquium  says:

The lords of the genitures of lean men have no latitude, but of fat men they have: if the latitude be south the native will be nimble; if north, more sluggish.

In the Centiluquium we find another aphorism, the 52nd one, concerning the stature of a man:

The significators of men of tall stature are found in the highest part of their circle, and their horoscopes in the beginnings of signs. Furthermore judge from oriental planets or planets in their station, enquire whether the signs be of right or oblique ascension because the signs of long ascension signify the tall stature, the ones of short ascension the short one.

Therefore if the significator of body is making the heliacal rising or is oriental or stationary the stature will be tall. Also if the ascendent is in the beginning of the sign or if the sign ascending is of right ascension. In Riina’s geniture Venus is close to her evening heliacal setting and the ascendent is in Taurus, a sign of oblique ascension.
Moreover the ascendent is in the constellation of Aries which is a small asterism and so signifies a short stature.

The Lord of  the Soul

Mercury is in Scorpio and he is in antiparallel of declination with Mars and also in square in mundo with him. The Moon is also in sextile with Mars. So Mars is the main significator of his soul. Mars is strong because is oriental but he is peregrine and out-of-sect.

Dorotheus says:

If Mars is supereminent, the native acts scandalous in the eyes of men, finds everywhere suffering, will suffer damage due to processes, in his work, and everything he will deal with, will be slandered by relatives and someone he secretly holds; the damage is greater if the nativity is diurnal, less than if it’s nocturnal.

and Valent adds:

The thieves, the perpetrators, the ungodly, the insiders of their kind are born, and they are covetous, greedy, ruinous, devoid of noble sentiments, wandering in the worst disadvantages and suffering misery or exile or confinement. These stars are performing the worst things, especially in the signs or degrees inoperative; but when both are in the anti-culmination or the occident, or when one sets and the other culminates below, they commit murder or they are partner in crime, and they spend their lives in brigandage.

The Lord of Actions

Venus is retrograde, Mercury is oriental but combust and Mars is oriental visible.  As we have already seen, Mars is in aspect by mundane square and antiparallel of declination with Mercury in Scorpio. Therefore Mars is the lord of action but Mercury participates. Both Mars and Mercury are angular e so they are strong and active.  Ptolemy says:

If Mercury and Mars together assume lordship of action, they produce sculptors, armourers, makers of sacred monuments, modellers, wrestlers, physicians, surgeons, accusers, adulterers, evil-doers, forgers. If Saturn testifies to them, they produce murderers, sneak-thieves, burglars, pirates, cattle-thieves, villains. If Jupiter testifies, they produce men-at‑arms, duellists, energetic, clever persons, busybodies, who meddle in others’ affairs and thereby gain their living.

Since Saturn testifies both Mars and Mercury because they are in bounds of Saturn and Saturn is in parallel in mundo with Mars, those signs are perfectly suited for a mafia boss.

Let’s note that Ananke, the Lot of Necessity, is in Aquarius in opposition to Mars. Since Ananke signify the ties, subordination, struggles and fights, enmities and hatred and accusations and any other violent incident, the opposition of Mars is a clear sign of a life of struggle and fight against rival clan and the law.

Riina was the son of a poor peasant but became a fearsome, powerful and wealthy boss. Though infamous and criminal he reached a very high position. We see in his geniture that the Sun is angular in Scorpio and is aspected by Mars with a square and a antiparallel of declination. Therefore Mars is a doryphoros to the Sun. Mars also angular and in Leo so the Mars and Leo are in mutual reception. This doriphory is very powerful but since Mars is out-of-sect is not very good for the native. It gave him the power over mafia clans but in the end it was counterproductive since he became fugitive in 1969 to escape the arrest and ended in jail in 1993. The Lot of Fortune, Tyche, is in Pisces and in aspect by trine in mundo with her lord, Jupiter, which is retrograde but angular. He was wealthy but he couldn’t enjoy his wealth as a free man.

The illness and the death

Toto Riina was affected by heart problems. According to Ptolemy the diseases are showed by

 the orient and the occident, and especially to the occident itself and the sign preceding it, which is disjunct from the oriental angle.

In the geniture we see that the Sun is close to the occidental horizon and the Moon is in the sixth place. The Sun is squared by Mars in Leo with a dexter square but they are in mutual reception.  Also the aspect is very wide. But Mars and the Sun are also in antiparallel of declination. Since the Sun is significator of the heart and Leo, the sign from which Mars squares the Sun, can be a sign of heart diseases. Daimon, the Lot of Spirit or the lot of the Sun, is with the harmful star Aldebaran. Since Daimon is significator of the heart according to Vettius Valens, it is another sign of heart diseases. The Moon in Libra is squared by Saturn both in mundo and in the zodiac. Since the Libra is a significator of kidney can be a sign of kidney problems. Moreover Mars square in mundo Venus, which is the significator of kidney and also in this geniture is the significator of the native’s body.
In the spring of 2003 he underwent surgery for heart problems and in May of the same year he was hospitalized in Ascoli Piceno hospital for a heart attack. In September 2003 he is again hospitalized for heart problems.  Mars is in opposition to the natal Venus by direction in July 2003. Venus is the significator of his body.

Transferred to the Milanese jail in Opera, he was again hospitalized in 2006, for heart problems, at the San Paolo hospital in Milan. We see that at the beginning of 2007 Mars reached by mundane direction the opposition to the Sun.

On 4 March 2014 he is again hospitalized. On 7 July 2015 is again hospitalized for a serious kidney problem. In February 2014 the Sun by zodiacal direction is conjunct with Mars. In August 2014 the Moon is in opposition by mundane direction with Saturn and in June 2015 Mars is in mundane parallel  with the Moon.

On 17 November 2017 the horoscope by zodiacal direction is in conjunction with the natal Mars.


Moreover the profected horoscope in Leo is in opposition to the directed Sun.

The singing teacher


I started off on the sinister foot since my early childhood. Paolo Poli

Among his many hidden faces there is mainly the one of a sweet, good mannered Genius of Evil : he is a wolf under lambskin and in his farces both wolves and lambs, the ferocius cruelty and the wise innocence are mocked. Natalia Ginzburg about Paolo Poli

Paolo Paoli was, as the journalist and writer Camilla Cederna said, a singing teacher. Singing because he loved to entertain his audience with popular song from the first half of the XX siecle, with lullabies, with musical recitation using his subtle, ductile and expressive voice. Teacher because he was well educated, having a master degree in French literature, and he used to recite pieces, which he often personally assembled and adapted from different masterpieces of niche leterature mingled with popular songs and pop culture. Teacher also because his shows were a sort of  life and sentimental education through an unprejudiced , witty, well-read and ludicrious eye.
It’s very hard to outline his verve, his ironic and irriverent vein, his ability to switch from a character to another, his expressive virtuosism both by voice and body without having seen one of his show. His plays were characterized by a strong comic connotation, like surreal and dreamlike comedies which he often recited en travesti.

The mercurial daemon

Poli geniture.png

The temperament and the body

At a first look it’s not so easy to identify the lord of temperament. Jupiter, the Lord of the Moon by domicile, triplicity and bounds, is neither in aspect with the Moon nor with the Ascendent. Moreover Jupiter is combust. Saturn, the domicile Lord of the Horoscope, is aversion both with the Horoscope and the Moon and cadent. Therefore both Jupiter and Saturn are too weak to be our candidates. The Moon is void of course but defluxing from Mars. Mars is also the exaltation Lord of the Horoscope. Furthermore Jupiter, Lord of the Moon, is squaring in mundo Mars. So Mars is the Lord of temperament. Mercury, dignified by domicile and triplicity, though, is in opposition to Saturn and in anti parallel of declination with the Moon, so Mercury can be the second Lord of temperament.

Mars occidental in Leo is hot and very dry; Mercury heading to the first station is hot. The Moon is close to the full Moon so she is hot. The temperament is therefore hot and dry.


A young Paolo Poli

Ptolemy says:

When Mars is setting, he makes them in appearance simply ruddy, of middle height, with small eyes, not much hair on the body, and straight yellow hair; their temperament exceeds in the dry.

In the occident Mercury makes them, in appearance, of light but not of good colouring, with straight hair and olive complexion, lean and spare, with glancing, brilliant eyes, and somewhat ruddy; in temperament they exceed in the dry.

Poli was tall and with fair skin and hair.

The soul and the intellect

Mercury is in his own dignity by domicile and triplicity. Venus is in sextile with Mercury but the aspect will not be perfected because Mercury turns retrograde in few days. So Mercury and Mars are lords of the soul. Mercury is lord of the intellect, Mars of the sensitive soul. Mercury gives him the clarity of mind, the versatility, the linguistic proficiency; Mars gives the sharp irony, the irreverent verve, the tireless devotion to his work.

Ptolemy says

Allied with Mercury, in honourable positions Mars makes his subjects leaders of armies, skilful, vigorous, active, not to be despised, resourceful, inventive, sophistic, painstaking, rascally, talkative, pugnacious, tricky, unstable, systematic workers, practising evil arts, keen-witted, deceitful, hypocritical, insidious, of bad character, meddlers, inclined to rascality but nevertheless successful and capable of keeping contract and faith with persons like themselves, and in general injurious to their enemies and helpful to their friends.

Let’s note the dexter square in mundo of Saturn to Venus: that is an epidekateia. Since Saturn is on the right side and is the out-of-sect malefic Saturn has a strong corruptive influence. Moreover Saturn is in wide opposition  to Mercury in the zodiac. Poli was homosexual but he didn’t engage in long term relationships preferring to be single and have one night stand encounters.

The profession

No planet is at the MC. The Moon is void of course. No planet is doing an heliacal rising: Mars is occidental, Venus is oriental between the second station and the mean motion, Mercury is occidental heading to the vespertine heliacal setting in the next seven days. So no planet properly matches the ptolemaic requirements but anyway we can say that Venus is in a phase pretty close to the heliacal rising. So Venus is significator of actions. Let’s note, though, that Mercury is in its domicile and making a phase: the evening heliacal setting  Mercury is out-of-sect doryphoros to the Sun because it is making a phase to the Sun and it is the domicile lord of the Sun but it is of the nocturnal sect because it is occidental. Moreover Mercury is in sextile with Venus. So Venus tell us about Poli’s profession with the additional influence of Mercury.

Ptolemy says:

Again, when two planets are found to rule action, if Mercury and Venus take the rulership, they bring about action expressed by the arts of the Muses, musical instruments, melodies, or poems, and rhythm, particularly when they have exchanged places. For they produce workers in the theatre, actors, dealers in slaves, makers of musical instruments, members of the chorus, makers of strings, painters, dancers, weavers, and wax-moulders

The length of life and death

The Moon is the Apheta because she is the light of the Time and she is in an aphetical place. Mars is the alchocoden and since it is in an angle it gives its greater years: 66. Mars  is in sextile with the Sun so he adds 19 years which gives 85 years. Poli was 82 year old when he died.

In the last revolution we see Mars opposing the natal Moon at 6° of Sagittarius. Also Saturn is close to the Moon of nativity. Moreover Mars is also the Lord of horoscope of revolution; Mars is in aversion with the horoscope on the cusp of the VIII house. In the solar return the Moon is moving from Mars applying to Mercury, lord of the VIII house and also on it cusp.

Poli's Revolution.png

In the protection the profected Moon reaches the opposition of Mars.


The day of Poli’s death the apheta, the Moon, reaches the occidental horizon.



Your eyes, your eyes



At the centre of it all, at the centre of it all Your eyes, your eyes  Blackstar





David Bowie, one of the most important artist of the 21th century, has passed away after having left a non-fading footprint on planet earth.


The birth of the White Duke

David Bowie.png

In Bowie’s geniture two planet are very prominent: Saturn and Venus. Venus is exactly culminating and Saturn is on the occidental horizon. Those two planets are significators of important areas of life.

Saturn is the Lord of the Ascendent, is retrograde, in exile in Leo but in-sect and angular. Saturn receives the bodily application of the Moon.

Venus is angular, on the MC, out-of-sect, oriental matutine, between the second station and the mean motion. The Moon is defluxing from Venus.

Since Saturn is Lord of the Ascendent, in aspect with it and the Moon is applying to Saturn, Saturn is the Lord of the Temperament. Also Venus contributes because, even if it has no dignity over the Ascendent and the Moon, it aspects both of them from the MC. Saturn is dry and more temperate than cold; Venus is temperate and wet. Bowie’s slim and slender shape is definitely under the Saturn influence but Venus adds grace and charm.

Saturn is the Lord of the Soul because it is in conjunction with the Moon and domicile lord of Mercury. Since Venus is triplicity ruler of Mercury, it is making a sextile in mundo with Mercury and the Moon is applying to Venus also Venus influences Bowie’s soul.

Venus is Lord of Activity, being the only fast planet visible and at the MC.

Jupiter is oriental in sextile with the Sun in the zodiac and squares in mundo the diurnal luminary doing a epidekateia. So the Sun receives the doryphory of Jupiter, though Jupiter has no dignity in the place of the Sun.

Dorotheus says:

If Jupiter is overeminent, that is, casts a right ray, the native and his father will be noble and will enjoy a good standing with many benefits, honors and relations with the rulers, and they will have power over many men.

The absence of rulership over the Sun by Jupiter means that the doryphory is concerning more the native than his father.

Also Venus is doryphoros to the Sun, since the Sun is in sextile with Venus and Venus is angular and ruler of the Sun by triplicity and terms. Though this is an out-of sect doryphory and a quite weak one because the sextile is at the boundary of the vis luminis of the Sun.

At the horoscope the stars which are in rictus Capricorni, the Capricorn’s muzzle, are rising. Those stars belongs to the passionate stars about which the anonymous says:

When these places are rising or setting, the natives are pushed to act immorally not only with women but also with boys and to take delight in the pleasures against nature

And furthermore:

If that happens manifestly or covertly, it is indicated by the rising  or setting of the planets that produce these passions, I mean Venus or Mars or Venus and Saturn, especially when configured in an adverse way, squaring or opposing each other or when one of them rises or culminates: then the natives will reveal his passions in a public and notorious way. And since unnatural pleasures cannot be enjoyed  without the fulfillment of the desires and the unavoidable fate, so the abandon to the pleasures brings complications, deceptions, losses, enmities and convictions, if the star of Jupiter does not remove partially the damages, witnessing the star of Venus.

Venus is squared in mundo by Saturn since they are both angular and Venus culminates, so Bowie’s passion will be notorious and public. Jupiter is in parallel of declination with Venus and it is also the domicile lord of Venus so those passions don’t trouble him.

The birth of a Black Star

Moon is the apheta and Saturn is the alchocoden. Saturn angular gives its greater years: 57 years. Only Venus is in aspect with Saturn. Since Venus is a benefic, angular and trines Saturn so it gives its lesser years and such months as the middle years of Venus: 8 years and 45 months. In total: 68 years and 9 months.

Around the Bowie’s death the Ascendent arrives to the square of Saturn and Venus to the conjunction of Saturn and the occident.

Bowie's death Direction.png

In the profection the Sun and the Horoscope are in Libra.  The Lord of the Year is Venus and the profected Venus is with Saturn, Moon and descendent of nativity.

Bowie's death Profection.png

In the Solar Return before his death we see Mars the Lord of the Horoscope in the XII place and squaring the Moon of nativity.

Bowie's death Revolution.png


Eye Oddity

The odd appearance of Bowie’s eyes were due to a condition called anisocoria.
Anisocoria is characterised by an unequal size in a person’s pupils. In Bowie’s case, his left pupil was permanently dilated, giving illusion of having different coloured eyes because the fixed pupil does not respond to changes in light, while the right pupil does.
The cause of Bowie’s anisocoria was caused by an accident happened in the spring of 1962.
He was injured at school by his friend George Underwood who punched him in the left eye during a fight over a girl. Doctors feared he would become blind in that eye. After a series of operations during a four-month hospitalisation, his doctors determined that the damage could not be fully repaired and Bowie was left with faulty depth perception and a permanently dilated pupil. Despite that incident Underwood and Bowie remained good friends.

In Bowie’s geniture the Moon is in conjunction with Asellus Borealis  and she is close to the nebula Praesaepe  which is with Saturn. The Asellus Borealis and Praesaepe belong to azemena stars (from Arabic az-zamâna, chronic infirmity or illness as well as inseparable disease) which are harmful to the sight. The Moon as Sun is a significator of sight and eyes but in particular of left eye.

Punch in the Eye

In the spring 1962 around the beginning of May there is a direction in mundo of Saturn to the Sun. Sinos, the Lot of chronic illness, in opposition to Mars and Sun in the geniture, is in conjunction with the directed Saturn.Eye injury.png

Moreover in the Solar Return for the 1962 the Moon and Saturn are a the beginning of Aquarius in opposition to Saturn and the Moon of nativity.

Lollipop in the Eye

During a concert in Oslo on 18 June 2004, Bowie was hit in his left eye with a lollipop thrown by a fan. A week later he suffered chest pain while performing at the Hurricane Festival in Germany. Firtly it was thought to be a pinched nerve in his shoulder, but the pain was later diagnosed as an acutely blocked coronary artery. He  was operated on urgently in Hamburg. The remaining 14 dates of the tour were cancelled.

In July 2004 Mars of direction squares in mundo the Sun of nativity. Around the same period we see also helpful aspect as Jupiter to the ascendent which helped Bowie to overcame his illness.

18 June 2004 Direction.png

In the profection the ascendent arrived in Scorpio and so the Lord of the Year is Mars. By direction the Sun is in the terms of Mars and in the solar return the Mars of revolution squares the Sun of nativity.

The Ides of October

Max Klinger - Death of Caesar

Max Klinger – Death of Caesar

Et tu, Brute? Shakespeare – Julius Caesar

On the 30 of October the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, was forced to leave.
He was elected Mayor of Rome in June 2013. Due to an expense scandal on 12 October 2015, Marino resigned from the Office of Mayor but on 29 October he retired the resignation, after some demonstrations by his supporters who asked him to remain in charge. Nevertheless, on 30 October he decayed from his position after 26 of the 48 members of the City Council resigned. The whole story appears both farcical and dramatic. In November 2014, the Mayor Marino was accused of having enter with his car the restricted traffic area in the center of Rome eight times without permission and without paying the fines. In this regard, the investigative office of Rome, in February 2015, ascertained that the computer system was hackered to sabotage the transit permission of the mayor. Afterward he was accused of alleged irregularities in certain payments made to employees by Imagine, non-profit organization he founded in 2005. Due to this new scandal he was left without the support of his political party, the centre-left Democratic Party and he reacted weakly and without shrewdness to the situation making him to lose credibility in the public opinion and finally leading him to resign. Marino was unable to secure himself and his political activity from the strategies of his opponents who wanted to get rid of him. He was a hindrance to many established power in Rome, both illegal and legal, as corrupted politicians and criminal organizations and the Roman Catholic lobbies and Vatican. In fact shortly after his victory in the elections he was approached by an organised crime network which rigged public contracts and embezzled funds. Marino took the case to prosecutors, starting the 2014 corruption scandal, involving the government of the city of Rome, in which alleged criminal organizations misappropriated money destined for city services. Moreover, though he is catholic, he actively operates to promote gay rights, gay civil partnership and to legally recognize the right of people engaged in gay marriage acquired abroad. Also he strongly supported the introduction of a law about the advance health care directive or living will, writing books, articles and debating with conservative catholics and politicians. His opinion is very authoritative because he is a renowned and famous surgeon. He trained with Thomas Starzl, who had pioneered liver transplantion in humans. In the United States he has held chairs as Professor of Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh and at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Moreover he founded in Palermo the ISMETT (Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies), the first liver transplant centre in Sicily.
Marino has personally performed over 650 transplants.

The Nativity

Ignazio Marino


Since the Moon in Libra at the supernal pivot squaring the horoscope and applying to Venus, Venus is a Lord of Temperament. Jupiter also participates because is the Lord of Horoscope by domicile, triplicity and bounds and it is exalted in Cancer.

The two benefic planets give a pleasant complexion. Venus gives him a round shaped face and bright eyes

Lord of the Soul

As we have already seen, Venus rules over the Moon and so Venus is also Lord of the Soul. Since Mercury in Aquarius is squared by its lord Saturn, and the Moon is in the exaltation and bounds of Saturn and in sextile with it, Saturn participates.

Ptolemy says

Allied with Venus in honourable positions Saturn makes his subjects haters of women, lovers of antiquity, solitary, unpleasant to meet, unambitious, hating the beautiful, envious, stern in social relations, not companionable, of fixed opinions, prophetic, given to the practice of religious rites, lovers of mysteries and initiations, performers of sacrificial rites, mystics, religious addicts, but dignified and reverent, modest, philosophical, faithful in marriage,self-controlled, calculating, cautious, quick to take offence, and easily led by jealousy to be suspicious of their wives.

Venus, the benefic planet is predominant so his manners are slightly effected by the cold influence of Saturn, cadent, retrograde and peregrine. He is dignified and reverent, modest, self-controlled but also neat and cheerful though clumsy in hostile environment.

Lord of Activity

Mercury in Aquarius is the oriental closest planet to the Sun and it is also Lord of the MC in Virgo so it is the Lord of Activity. Mercury is squared by Saturn in Scorpio and in antiparallel of declination with Mars in Taurus. Moreover Mars is the bound lord of Mercury and the MC.

Mercury is the Lord of Activity but I think Mars it should be considered as participating since it is in aspect with Mercury, being also its bound lord and though it is not oriental, it is very fast in motion being very close to the heliacal setting. Saturn is too weak, being cadent in the twelfth place, peregrine and retrograde, to be able to really testify.

Ptolemy says:

If Mercury and Mars together assume lordship of action, they produce sculptors, armourers, makers of sacred monuments, modellers, wrestlers, physicians, surgeons, accusers, adulterers, evil-doers, forgers.


We must note that the Moon is very close to the MC and that she is applying to her lord Venus, which is also oriental to the Sun. Venus receives Mars from Taurus by square.

Ptolemy says:

But if Venus and Mars together dominate action, they produce dyers, perfumers, workers in tin, lead, gold, and silver, farmers, dancers in armour, druggists, physicians who employ drugs in their treatments.

Mercury as a lord of Activity is located in the sign of Aquarius so the activity concerns scientific pursuits or those useful to man.
Since the Moon is located at the supernal pivot in Libra, a popular sign, his actions are public and popular and he is also involved in political and social activities.

About the Moon at the MC, Rethorius says:

The Moon in the culminating sign, angular, in sect makes a man great, mighty, king, lord of life and death.

Moreover Venus is doryphoros of the Moon since the Moon in Libra is applying to Venus and Venus is domicile lord of Libra. This is a sign of eminence.

The treachery

The 30 October more than half of the members of the City Council resigned and so Marino decayed from Mayor of Rome. His political party, the Democratic Party (PD) sacrificed him to realpolitik.

The solar return

Solar Return 2015

Solar Return 2015

The Moon is void of course in the IV place in fall in Scorpio.  The Sun, Lord of the Horoscope, is peregrine, cadent in the IX place. The star Procyon, of nature of Mars and Mercury at the horoscope, rising in the day it’s a sign of risk, of intrigue and lack of friends. Also Presaepe, the nebulae of Cancer, is at the horoscope, which is, regarding the actions, a sign of inconstancy and decrease. The Liber Hermetis calls the nebulae Presaepe velamen secularium rerum, that is, the concealment of worldly things.

Jupiter is in the first place but retrograde and peregrine. Jupiter is in trine with Mars.

Mars the malefic out-of-sect, lord of MC, is in its domicile in Aries at the Midheaven with Cauda. Mars here is strong but not beneficent. Venus the Lord of the IC is conjuncted with MC in detriment in Aries. Tyche, the Part of Fortune, is in the VIII place, in aversion with its Lord, Jupiter and squared by Saturn. Saturn is with Antares, star of violent nature.

Notable is that Saturn of Revolution is over the Horoscope of Nativity. Saturn in the geniture is the out of sect malefic and  is on the cusp of the XII house possibly meaning hidden enemies and obstacles.

The Mc reached the bounds of Saturn by direction on April 2013 just one month before he was elected Mayor of Rome and will remain in Saturn bounds till September 2019. Meanwhile the Moon was in parallel in mundo with Saturn by direction at the beginning of 2015.

The Embolismic Lunation

Embolismic Lunation October 2015

Embolismic Lunation October 2015

Let’s look to the comparison between Marino’s geniture and the Embolismic Lunation of October 2015. The Embolismic Lunation occurs when the Moon has the same aspect with the Sun as she had in the geniture, that is, after a integer numbers of lunar months after the nativity. Here we see the Moon in the Embolismic Lunation of October 2015 in opposition to Saturn of Nativity.


Two choleric of success

choleric “It engenders choler, planteth anger; And better ’twere that both of us did fast, Since, of ourselves, ourselves are choleric, Than feed it with such over-roasted flesh.” The Taming of the Shrew – William Shakespeare

Gordon Ramsay is a well known Scottish chef and restaurateur. His restaurants have been awarded with Michelin stars and he is also a popular tv star being known for presenting TV programmes about food and culinary competitions. Though Ramsay’s reputation is built upon his goal of culinary perfection he is also infamous for his fiery temper and use of expletives which led him to confrontations whit his kitchen staff and patecipants in tv shows. Below his geniture: Gordon Ramsay The Lord of Activity in his geniture is Mars, being close to the Sun and oriental, visible and in sect. Mars receives the Sun in Scorpio being in sextile with it. Mars is also in opposition with Saturn in Pisces. This Lord is very well suited for a chef profession because of the testimonies of Saturn and Sun, as Ptolemy says:

Mars, in aspect with the sun, makes his subjects those who use fire in their crafts, such as cooks, moulders, cauterizers, smiths, workers in mines; if he is not with the sun, those who work with iron, such as shipbuilders, carpenters, farmers, quarrymen, stone-dressers, jewellers, splitters of wood, and their subordinate workers. If Saturn testifies to him, he produces seamen, drawers of water, tunnelers, painters, gamekeepers, cooks, embalmers. If Jupiter testifies, he produces soldiers, servants, publicans, innkeepers, ferrymen, assistants at sacrifice.

Mars is configurated also with Venus, which is in corde solis, adding taste, art,refinement and pleasure to his profession. Venus in the heart of the Sun surely dignify Ramsay with fame and success.Venus in corde Solis In fact Andrea Argoli says in his “Ptolemaeus parvus in genethliacis junctus Arabibus”:

Venus in corde solis, semper ingentes elargitur honores, si a maleficis non affligatur Saturno aut Marte Venus in the heart of the Sun, always bestows considerable honors, if it is not afflicted by malefic Saturn or Mars.


Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Let’s now inspect the temperament. Mercury is Lord of the Horoscope in Gemini and of the  Moon in Virgo. The star Aldebaran of Mars nature is rising with horoscope. The Moon is moving from the opposition with Saturn to the sextile with Mercury. The Moon is conjunct with Mars and in sextile with Jupiter. So Mercury is the primary Lord of Temperament. Mercury is combust so it’s mainly cold and dry. Saturn can add a secondary influence but we should take in account that Mercury is moving from Jupiter which receives it because Mercury is in Sagittarius and Mars and the Moon are in conjunction. Morever the Moon is waning heading toward the conjunction with the Sun and so she is cold and dry. I think that the raising star Aldebaran and the conjunction of Moon and Mars is prevailing.  So the temperament is Choleric Melancholic. Though the influence of Jupiter gives him a bigger and more flashy body. The Lord of the Soul is Jupiter with the secondary influence of Mars. In fact Jupiter receives Mercury and the Moon is with Mars. As Ptolemy says

Jupiter allied with Mars in honourable positions makes his subjects rough, pugnacious, military, managerial, restless, unruly, ardent, reckless, practical, outspoken, critical, effective, contentious, commanding, given to plotting, respectable, virile, fond of victory, but magnanimous, ambitious, passionate, judicious, successful. In the opposite position he makes them insolent, undiscriminating, savage, implacable, seditious, contentious, stubborn, slanderous, conceited, avaricious, rapacious, quickly changeable, light, readily changing their minds, unstable, headstrong, untrustworthy, of poor judgement, unfeeling, excitable, active, querulous, prodigal, gossipy, and in all ways uneven and easily excited.

Vittorio Sgarbi is an Italian art critic, art historian, politician and television celebrity. Erudite and skillful charmer and storyteller, became very popular in television shows and in society news for blatant outbursts with those who contradict him. Sgarbi in italian means ‘rude acts’ and that is perfectly right. Nomen omen, said the Latins. He is also a womanizer told to be father of about forty children but he acknowledged the parternity only of two of them. Vittorio Sgarbi The Lord of activity is not so clear at first sight. Since Mercury and Venus are invisible and there no presence of planets near the upper angle it seems that no planet is suitable to be Lord of activity. But Mercury is very often invisible due to its closeness to the Sun and in this chart is oriental and the Moon is moving from the its opposition, it can be considered the Lord of Activity. Moreover the Moon is opposing  Mercury in mundo very closely. The Moon is moving from Mercury applying to Jupiter thus collecting the light of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus as it can be seen from the picture below.Moon Vis Luminis Therefore we can say that Mercury is Lord of Activity with the participation of Jupiter and Venus.  As Ptolemy says:

For if Mercury governs action, to speak generally, he makes his subjects scribes, men of business, calculators, teachers, merchants, bankers, soothsayers, astrologers, sacrificers, and in general those who perform their functions by means of documents, interpretation, and giving and taking. And if Saturn testifies to him, they will be managers of the property of others, interpreters of dreams, or frequenters of temples for the purpose of prophecies and inspiration. If it is Jupiter that witnesses, they will be law-makers, orators, sophists, who enjoy familiarity with great persons.

So the polyhedral activities of Vittorio Sgarbi as art expert, politician and show man is well signified by Mercury with the participation of Jupiter and Venus.

Vittorio Sgarbi

Vittorio Sgarbi

Vittorio Sgarbi’s Lord of temperament is Saturn having dignity on the horoscope and the Moon and being in conjunction with the Moon. Secondary Lord is Mercury because it aspects the Moon and it si the nocturnal ruler of the air triplicity to which the horoscope and the Moon belong. Saturn is cold and dry and Mercury is dry and hot. The Moon is moist and hot going to the plenilune. Mars in domicile is parallel to the Moon and oppose Venus and Jupiter. His temperament is mainly Melancholic with a Choleric undertone.   The Lord of the Soul is Mars with the help of Venus.

Allied with Venus, in honourable positions, Mars makes his subjects pleasing, cheerful, friendly, soft living, happy, playful, artless, graceful, fond of dancing, erotic, artistic, imitative, pleasure-loving, able to secure -themselves property, masculine, and given to misconduct in matters of love, but still successful, circumspect, and sensible, difficult to convict and discreet, furthermore passionate for both young men and young women, spendthrifts, quick-tempered, and jealous. In contrary positions he makes them leering, lascivious, profligate, indifferent, slanderers, adulterers, insolent, liars, deceivers, seducers of those both in their own families and in those of others, at the same time keen and insatiate of pleasure, corrupters of women and maidens, venturesome, ardent, unruly, treacherous, perjurers, easily influenced and of unsound mind, but sometimes likewise profligate, fond of adornment, bold, disposed to base practices, and shameless.

To conquer the red spring

126Remember, too, that if your country has the greatest name in all the world, it is because she never bent before disaster

from ‘Pericles’ Third Oration according to Thucydides

Alexis Tsipras, greek politician, leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) led his party to the victory in the general election held on 25 January 2015. He was able to raise the hopes of Greek citizens about the program to revive the national economy and improve the people life conditions and future. The following day he reached an agreement with with the right-wing populist Independent Greeks party to form a coalition. The same day Tsipras sworn in as new Greek prime minister with a civil rather than a religious oath of office marking a rupture for the first time in Greece political history with the tradition of religious Greek Orthodox ceremonial oath.

The geniture

Alexis Tsipras was born on 28 July 1974 around 1.50 am EET.

Alexis Tsipras

In order to have an idea of Alexis Tsipras as man we firstly look for his temperament. Since Ascendent and Moon have lordship over the body we inspect those ones in the geniture. The horoscope is in Gemini but doesn’t receive any aspect from planets. It’s lord, Mercury is expected by Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus. The Moon is in Scorpio so its lord is Mars. The Moon is waxing, near to the first quarter and so it is wet and warm. Also the Moon is moving from Jupiter  toward Mars. We can now elect as ptolemaic lords of the body primarily Mars and secondary Jupiter. Mars is making its heliacal setting and so it’s hot and very dry. Instead Jupiter is retrograde and oriental so it very hot and moist.  Moreover the star Aldebaran, of nature of Mars, is rising at the horoscope, adding a further martial flavor. We can conclude that Tsipras temperament is Sanguine Choleric. Since the horoscope is in the sign of Gemini, the most temperate sign, gives a nice complexion, a wide chest, a well shaped head,  and of average height says Montulmo. Since Saturn is conjunct with Mercury lord of Horoscope and it’s also making the heliacal rising Saturn is very wet and quite cold making Tsipras body more flashy and temperates the dryness of Mars.

From Mercury and the Moon we find the Lord of the Soul. Since Mercury in Cancer receives Jupiter in Pisces and Jupiter also trines the Moon,  Jupiter have lordship over his soul. Mars also is configured with the Moon and has lordship over it. Moreover Mercury is conjunct with Saturn and configured with Mars. So Jupiter lord of the soul is supported by Mars and Saturn.

Ptolemy say

Jupiter allied with Mars in honourable positions makes his subjects rough, pugnacious, military, managerial, restless, unruly, ardent, reckless, practical, outspoken, critical, effective, contentious, commanding, given to plotting, respectable, virile, fond of victory, but magnanimous, ambitious, passionate, judicious, successful.

Since Mars is accidentally dignified in the fourth place and Jupiter in Pisces, being in its domicile, is essentially dignified,  Mars and Jupiter give their best influence over his soul.

Moreover, since Saturn is its heliacal rising and so in a dignified position:

Saturn, allied with Jupiter in the way described, again in dignified positions, makes his subjects good, respectful to elders, sedate, noble-minded, helpful, critical, fond of possessions, magnanimous, generous, of good intentions, lovers of their friends, gentle, wise, patient, philosophical

About the quality of Action Mercury is the lord being oriental and closer to the Sun. Mercury is with Saturn and receive Jupiter by trine.

For if Mercury governs action, to speak generally, he makes his subjects scribes, men of business, calculators, teachers, merchants, bankers, soothsayers, astrologers, sacrificers, and in general those who perform their functions by means of documents, interpretation, and giving and taking. And if Saturn testifies to him, they will be managers of the property of others, interpreters of dreams, or frequenters of temples for the purpose of prophecies and inspiration. If it is Jupiter that witnesses, they will be law-makers, p385orators, sophists, who enjoy familiarity with great persons.

Since Mercury, lord of activity, is in Cancer, sign called political and popular, the political career as leader of a radical left coalition is very well appropriated.

Jupiter in its domicile in X house is with Fomalauth, the Fish’s Mouth which gives honor and fame.
The material fortune that will be gained can be determined by the Lot of Fortune or ptolemaic Tyche. Tsipras Tyche is in Virgo in the fourth place close to the Imum Coeli and in conjunction with Mars and the star Regolus, Cor Leonis, of nature of Mars Jupiter. Its lord is Mercury aspects it by sextile in mundo. We can say therefore that Tsipras will gain fortune through his work and activities associated with Mercury and Mars, that is, with oratory and commanding, says Ptolemy, that clearly describe a career as politician.

Tsipras’ oath

Let’s look at the event chart for the moment when Tsipras swore in.
Tsipras oath

Mars is in Pisces with Fomalauth al the Medium Coeli. Fomalauth is a star of nature of Venus and Mercury and Cardan says that it gives never-ending fame. We note that radix Jupiter is in conjunction with Mars at the supernal pivot in the oath chart. This aspect is quite significative because in Tsipras’ geniture Jupiter is in the X place and in its domicile in Pisces; moreover radix Mercury lord of the horoscope and lord of activities is in Cancer  and receives Jupiter. This are strong signs that Tsipras’ government will be notable and eminent.

According to the 83th aphorism of the Ptolemaic Centiloquium:

The time of craving any thing at the king’s hands, doth show the affection betwixt the king and the petitioner; viz., the time when the petitioner receives the dignity granted him, shall show the quality of action depending upon the preferment, &c.

Since Greece is a democracy, the king is actually the greek citizens. So the moment of the election shows the affection between the people and the government, instead the moment of the oath shows the quality of action in the course of his work as prime minister.

The Moon, lord of horoscope, is in Aries in the IX place moving from Jupiter and applying to Venus. The Moon lord, Mars is conjunct with the Medium Coeli and makes an antiparallel of declination with the Moon itself. We see therefore the combative determination of the prime minister to pursue the government program and the promises to his electors. In addition the presence of the Moon in the XI place shows his concerning to find allies nationally and internationally, in particular among the european countries, to renegotiate the economic aid. Moon made the last contact with Jupiter the lord of  the Medium Coeli, showing the victory of the election and the installation as prime minister. But the Moon  is applying to Venus, lord of the XII place and V place, in Aquarius in the IX place showing the difficulties and hidden enemies he will face in the international relationship with european countries and Germany and the need for younger generation to expatriate in order to have a better future. Since Mars is the lord of the VI place, concerning production, in particular agriculture products and the working class especially the public employees, those subjects will improve and will gain a more favorable position as suggested by Mars placement in the upper corner. The counterparts are signified by the VII place and  its lord. Since the main concerning of Tsipras’ government is to negotiate the debts payment to creditors and improve the economic condition of his country the counterpart definitely will be Germany and the other european countries which aided Greece with monetary injections. Saturn is the lord of the seventh house but significantly is also the lord of the VIII and IX houses. The VIII place signifies the national debit and the IX place the foreign countries and the international relationships.  Since Saturn is in the VI place in an inactive place probably their effort to impose their agenda on Tsipras’ government will fail, though production and working class will be threat by their initiatives as we can expect from the dexter square of Saturn to Mars. Moreover Jupiter is expecting Saturn with a dexter square in mundo, that is an epidekateia, which is a sign that government program will be achieved through difficulties and efforts and finally the power of the prime minister will prevail. Mercury opposes Jupiter along the axis of the III and IX places indicating a conflict between the prime minister and his opponents exacerbated by international declaration and by national public opinion and press.