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Las Vegas shooting

A gunman opened fire on the crowd at a music festival on the night of October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas killing at least 58 and injuring 546 people, in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

The event chart

The shooting came at 10:05 p.m. local time.

We see Saturn occidental in Sagittarius at the occidental horizon while the Moon at the MC in Aquarius is moving away from his sextile and is applying to Jupiter in Libra. Saturn is the out-of-sect malefic and dispositor of the Moon. The Moon is with Cauda. The Moon is with the star Deneb Algedi, having nature of Saturn and Jupiter and stars in the tail and muzzle of Capricornus which are harmful and passionate. Venus in detriment and exile in Virgo is applying to Mars, close to perfect the bodily conjunction: this figure stirs the passions, the violent acts. Moreover Jupiter and Tyche are with Coma Berenices which is also a harmful asterism. Lets note that the star Regulus is exactly at the subterranean pivot and the Moon oppose Regulus from the supernal pivot. Since the star Regulus was in conjunction with the Luminaries during the recent solar eclipse, it is noteworthy.

The syzygy before the event

In the preceding syzygy the out-of-sect Saturn is also close to the occidental horizon. Mercury which rules the syzygy and also the ruler of the horoscope is visible in his throne in Virgo but he is with Mars both in the zodiac and in mundo. Moreover Mercury is in parallel of declination  with Mars. The Hyades and Aldebaran, harmful star of nature of Mars, are rising at the horoscope. The Sting of  Scorpio, Aculeus Scorpii, a harmful nebula of nature of Mars and Moon is on the occident. Deneb Algedi and stars in the tail and muzzle of Capricornus are at the MC.  The IC is exactly in the place of the Luminaries during the last eclipse. Also noteworthy is Venus in bodily with the star Regulus. Venus is angular, in her detriment at the very beginning of Virgo. She is in sextile with Jupiter of whom she also dispositor since Jupiter is in Libra so she gives to Jupiter both her detriment and his exile since she is in Virgo, exile of Jupiter.


Venus with Regulus, Mars and Mercury and their vis luminis

The ingress in Libra


We now take into account the last ingress of the Sun, which was in Libra. Saturn was rising at the horoscope. Mars is in parallel in mundo and antiparallel of declination with both the Moon and Jupiter. The Moon is with the star Arcturus and Coma Berenices is at the MC. The Moon is moving from Jupiter to Venus bringing together the nature of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars.

The recent eclipse


Though the beginning of the last Sun eclipse should be expected after four months in Las Vegas, since the Luminaries were distant from the eastern horizon one third of the diurnal arch, the eclipse seems to be significative for the shooting which occurred only one month and half after. Mars and Saturn are in trine both in the zodiac and in mundo. The Luminaries are with Mars. Also they are in trine in mundo and parallel in mundo with Saturn. This figure is called equicruria and it is very strong. We see therefore the Luminaries making a figure with both the malefics. Jupiter is at the horoscope making aspects with the malefics, the luminaries and his domicile lord, Venus. Venus squares in mundo Jupiter: it’s a epidekateia with a mutual reception since Jupiter is in the Venus’ domicile and Venus in Cancer, exaltation of Jupiter. But this very strong and benefic figure is not capable to avert the accident because of the presence of the malefics. Moreover Venus and MC are with the violent star Pollux of nature of Mars.

At the time of the shooting the Moon was close to the opposition of the place of the eclipse and Saturn on the occident was casting a ray by a dexter square to the Moon at the MC. Venus in subterranean angle, which was exactly with  the star Regulus during the syzygy before the event, was heading to the bodily conjunction with Mars.


Like mother like daughter

Whitney-BobbiOn the 26 of July 2015 Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston’s daughter died. She was kept in a medically induced coma after her husband found her face down in the tub in her Georgia home. It was only three year after that her mother, Whitney Houston, died in theBeverly Hills Hilton hotel, drowned accidentally in the bathtub.

The mother


Saturn, the out-of-sect malefic, in its domicile in Aquarius in XII place is in opposition to the Sun and Venus. Also it is in sextile with the Moon and Jupiter, Lord of the Horoscope, in Aries. So Saturn could be the anareta.

Whitney died on the 11 February 2012. Whitney-Solar-Return-2011In the Solar Return for the 2011 Saturn is rising at the easter horizon in its exaltation in Libra. The Lord of the horoscope, Venus, is combust in Leo.


We see here that Saturn in the Solar Return is in opposition to the Moon and Jupiter of the nativity. Moreover Saturn in the geniture is in opposition to the Sun and Venus in the  Solar Return.

In the profection for the 11th of February 2012 the profected Sun reaches the the occidental horizon.

Finally at that time the directed Horoscope in the zodiac is arrived at the 20° of Taurus and so it squares the Saturn of nativity at 20° of Aquarius.

Ptolemy says:

When Saturn is out-of-sect and opposes or squares the Sun in the solid signs he causes death by trampling in a mob, or by the noose, or by indurations. […] In Virgo and Pisces, or the watery signs, if the moon is in aspect, by drowning and suffocation in water

In Whitney’s geniture Saturn is the watery sign of Aquarius, in the fish tail of the Capricorn and is in opposition to the Sun and the it receives the application of the Moon.

The daughter


Bobbi Kristina’s geniture is diurnal so the out-of-sect malefic is Mars. The Afeta is Sun in Pisces and Mars trines him from Cancer. Mars from its fall in Cancer trines Saturn in mundo.  Saturn, the Lord of the VIII place is in Aquarius in parallel in mundo with the Sun and Mercury in Pisces.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscius in her bathtub on January 31, 2015. In the previous Solar Return the Ascendent is in Cancer. The Moon, Lord of the Ascendent, is in the last degree of Aries, going to conjunction with Cauda and Mars, being her dispositor, is opposing her from the last degree of Libra. Saturn in Scorpio is in a equicrure aspect in mundo with the Sun.


In the Solar Return preceding her death, Mars is in Aries on the occidental horizon with Cauda and Venus which is the Lord of the Horoscope.


In september of 2013 the Moon of direction reaches Mars radix and in february the of 2015 the Sun of direction reaches Saturn of nativity. Both the malefics in succession threatened the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

In the nativity Saturn is in Aquarius, but the Moon is not especting Saturn because she in aversion with it. Saturn in the nativity is Lord of the VIII place though. That seems enough to inflict to her the same destiny of her mother.

Direction in Mundo

Yangtze river: dangerous charm

Yangtze River

Yangtze River

A cruise for tourists on the Yangtze, between Nanjing and Chongqing in a few minutes became a catastrophe that has engulfed more than 400 people. In the night of the 1st of June the ship Dongfangzhixing (Eastern Star) carrying more than 450 people, capsized during a powerful storm in Hubei province. It was 9:28 pm when the Eastern Star sank quickly after a supposedely rare tornado has occurred in the vicinity of the ship. The Yangtze River accident is possibly one of the worst tornado-related disasters in modern Chinese history and it may prove to be the worst boat accident in China since a steamship blew up in 1948.

Eastern Star Route

Eastern Star Route

The ship left the Nanjing harbour the 28th of May at 13:18 and capsized in Jianli County the 1st of June at 21:28.

As I wrote in my previous post The Dragon and the Moon the recent Moon eclipse in Libra suggested that something was going to happen in China.

In the figure I drew for Shanghai I noticed that star Canopus was setting on the western horizon:

Since the Star Canopus in the ship Argo constellation is setting on the occidental horizon the event can be a shipwreck or a tempest or a river flood or even pollution in the water and fish deaths.

Moon Eclipse in Nanjing
In the lunar eclipse chart below, drawn for Nanjing, the departure harbour, we recognize the same configurations already seen in the chart for Shanghai. The equicruria in mundo between the Moon and Saturn and also between the Sun and Saturn, which is the lord of the syzygy. On the western horizon the star Canopus with Mars which is feralis and in detriment in Taurus.

Lunar Eclipse April 2015 Nanjing
Moon Eclipse in Jianli County
The Moon’s eclipse chart for Jianli County, the place where the ship capsized. Mars is still on the occidental horizon, feralis and in detriment. The Moon is parallel in mundo with Venus which is with Canopus. Also the Sun is in parallel in mundo with Venus. The luminary actually are making two equicrure aspects in mundo with Venus. The Moon is moving from the sextile of Jupiter which is retrograde and therefore cannot help. Satun is sextile with the Moon and in antiparallel with Venus.

Lunar Eclipse April 2015 Jianli


Ship departure chart
Let’s look at the chart for the ship departure. Lilly says that the ascendant and the Moon signify the body of the ship, the lord of the ascendant those that sail in her. The ascendent receives a sextile from Venus. Venus is in equicrure aspect in mundo with Saturn though and therefore cannot soothe the other malefic signs. The Moon is in the first house moving from the sextile with Saturn to the square with the Sun, Mercury and Mars. But the worst sign is the Lord of ascendent, Mercury, combust, retrograde,conjuncted with Mars and Aldebaran and cadent from the superior angle.

Eastern Star Departure
Ship capsizing chart
When the ship capsized the star Antares of violent nature was rising at the oriental horizon. The Moon was moving from Saturn and applying to Jupiter which is in declination parallel with Mars and antiparallel with Saturn. Moreover the Moon at 12° of Libra was going to conjunct with the place of eclipse which was at 14° of Libra. Mars is with the Part of Fortune and with Canopus, the bright star in the constellation of Argo Navis.

Eastern Star Capsize


As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods, They kill us for their sport. King Lear. Shakespeare

Dropped is a French survival reality television series that was scheduled to broadcasted in 2015 on TF1, a private French tv channel. The reality show consists in dropping celebrities into a hostile environment and leaving them to take care of themselves. Filming began in February 2015, but was halted in early March following a helicopter crash in which ten people died, including three of the contestants and five of the production crew. The accident took place at around 5.00 p.m. local time on 9 March 2015 near the town of Villa Castelli in Argentina.  Shortly after taking off, the two helicopters crashed into each other,  fell to the ground and started to burn. The victims’ bodies were taken out 15 hours after the incident, due to the high temperature caused by the fire of the two aircraft. The three contestants, who died in the accident, were famous French sports stars: the yachtswoman Florence Arthaud, the Olympic swimmer Camille Muffat and the Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine.

Let’s keep in mind two important ints from the Quadripartitum.

Says Ptolemy in the Tetrabiblos chapter “Of Quality of Death”:

in the tropical or four-footed signs, when [Saturn] is with the sun or is in opposition to him, or if he is with Mars instead of the sun, by being caught in the collapse of a house; and if they are in mid‑heaven, above or below the earth, by a fall from a height.


Deaths occur in foreign lands if the planets that occupy the destructive places fall in the declining places, and particularly whenever the moon happens to be in, or quartile to, or in opposition to, the aforesaid regions.

Florence-Arthaud Florence Arthaud

Florence Arthaud Geniture

Florence Arthaud Geniture

The Moon, Luminary of Time, is in the VII place, in exile, in aversion with the Horoscope. Mercury, the Lord of horoscope, is combust in aversion with the Horoscope. Saturn opposes the Ascendent.  The star Aldebaran, having nature of Mars, is rising at the Horoscope.

Apheta: Horoscope. The Luminary of Time, the Moon, is in the VIII house so it’s unsuitable. The syzygy before the nativity is new Moon so the horoscope is the Apheta.

Alcochoden: Saturn.The only planet having dignity in the place of horoscope and expecting it is Saturn so it should be the Alcochoden. Saturn peregrine at the descendent gives its medium years: 43.5. Jupiter is in sextile with it so it gives 12 years and 45.5 months.That adds to 59 years and 3 months. Florance Arthaud lived 57 years and 4 months.

Arthaud's aspects

Arthaud’s aspects

The Anaretic Encounter: Directed Saturn is parallel in mundo to the natal Moon. Saturn is able to be the anareta because in the nativity is the malefic out of the sect and in opposition to the Horoscope.

Quality of Death: The death is violent because also the Sun was squared in the zodiac by Saturn of Direction.

We see:

  • Direction Saturn squares the natal Sun
  • Saturn is in Sagittarius, a four-footed sign, in the geniture
  • Sun by direction reaches a place close to the subterranean pivot as we can see from the astrolabe picture below
  • Saturn is falling from the occidental angle in the geniture

Those conditions verify the Ptolemy’s sentences excepts for the aspect which is a square and not a conjunction or an opposition.

Solar Return

Solar Return

In the Solar Return Mars is with the Moon; Saturn is doing an equicruria in mundo with the Moon.

Arthaud's Direction

Arthaud’s Direction

Alexis-Vastine Alexis Vastine

Alexis Vastine's geniture

Alexis Vastine’s geniture

The Sun, Luminary of the Time, is in XII place. Jupiter, Lord of the Horoscope, is in domicile Pisces but cadent in the III place. Saturn is rising at the Horoscope and is in opposition to the Moon.

Apheta: Moon. The Luminary of Time, the Sun, is in the XII place so is not suitable. The Moon visible, setting on the western horizon so the Moon is the Apheta.

Alcochoden: Saturn. Mercury and Saturn are dignified in the place of the Moon and Saturn opposes the Moon from the eastern horizon so Saturn is the Alcochoden. Saturn is under the sun’s rays so is weak and can give only it lesser years: 30. The only aspect of Saturn is a square with Jupiter and so Jupiter doesn’t give anymore years. That adds to 30 years. Alexis Vastine lived 28 years and 4 months.


Vastine’s aspects


The Anaretic Encounter: Directed Mars is parallel in mundo to the natal Sun. Mars is the anareta because in the nativity is the malefic out of the sect and square the Sun.

Quality of Death: The death is violent because the Moon was in the terms of Mars and the direction Saturn squares the direction Mars.

We see:

  • Saturn of direction squares the Mars of direction
  • Saturn is in Capricorn, a tropical sign and  Mars in Aries a four-footed sign
  • Mars is close to the subterranean angle in the geniture
  • Mars if falling from the subterranean angle

Those conditions verify the Ptolemy’s sentences excepts for the aspect which is a square and not a conjunction or an opposition.

Vastine's Solar Return

Vastine’s Solar Return

Vastine Astrolabe

Vastine’s Direction

Camille-Muffat Camille Muffat

Camille Muffat's geniture

Camille Muffat’s geniture

Jupiter, Lord of the Horoscope, is in opposition to Saturn which is with the malefic Aculeus Scorpionis. Mars squares Jupiter in mundo. Mars squares Saturn in mundo. Mars out-of-sect is with the Moon.

Apheta: Sun. The luminary of Time, the Sun, is in the X place so it’s the Apheta.

Alcochoden: Mars. Mars is dignified by domicile, term and secondary triplicity in the place of the Sun and it is also conjuncted with the diurnal Luminary so Mars is the Alcochoden. Mars is combust so it can give only its lesser years: 15. Mars is conjuncted with Mercury and the Moon. Mercury is under the sun’s rays so it doesn’t gives any more years. The Moon is invisible, because it’s the New Moon and she doesn’t adds any year. Venus add its lesser years and its medium months, that is, 8 years and 45 months. That is 26 years and 9 months. Camille Muffat lived 25 years and 4 months.

Muffat's aspects

Muffat’s aspects

The Anaretic Encounter: Directed Horoscope is in conjunction with natal Saturn. Saturn is the anareta because in the nativity Mars is combust. Moreover Saturn is in opposition to Jupiter, Lord of the Horoscope. Saturn is with the Scorpio’s Sting.

Quality of Death: The death is violent because the Sun was in the terms of Saturn. Also Mars is parallel in mundo to the Moon and the direction Saturn squares the natal Sun.

We see:

  • Saturn squares Mars in mundo in the geniture and Saturn is in Capricorn, tropical sign and Mars at the supernal pivot with the Moon
  • Direction Saturn squares direction Sun, Sun is at the supernal angle, falling from it

Those conditions verify the Ptolemy’s sentences excepts for the aspect which is a square and not a conjunction or an opposition.

Muffat's  Solar Return

Muffat’s Solar Return

In the Solar Return Mars is rising at the eastern horizon. The Sun is at the Medium Coeli is squared by Mars at the horoscope. The Moon is in the XII place.

Muffat's Direction

Muffat’s Direction

In the death direction Saturn is at the eastern horizon and Sun at the upper angle.

The Dragon and the Moon

dragon The Total Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of April will be visible in most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia. The Moon  will be in the sign of Libra and so, according to Ptolemy, the eclipse will affect China from which is visible. In fact Ptolemy says:

Bactriana, Casperia, and Serica are akin to Libra and Venus

Below the chart for Shanghai Lunar Eclipse April 2015 Moon is in Libra, in which Saturn is exalted, and in the bounds of Jupiter. The Moon is moving from a sextile with Jupiter to the syzygy with the Sun. The Moon is also in sextile in mondo with Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn also trines the Sun in mundo.  Actually the aspects by which Saturn is configured with the Luminaries are quite peculiar: they are equicrure o isosceles aspects in mundo. The equicrure aspect in mundo or equicruria in mundo is present when the horary distance between each planet and the angle is equal. Here Saturn is distant from the Horoscope as much as the Moon;  also Saturn is distant according to the horary motion from the subterranean pivot as much as the Sun. As Placidus de Titi says, this identical condition compared to the  great circles of the local sphere is a very strong figure. Mars in detriment in Taurus is feralis, that is, free from any aspect with other planets. Mars is falling from the western angle but it almost in the five equatorial degree from the angle that Ptolemy advises to consider. Mars is also Lord of the Horoscope. So Saturn have dominion over the syzygy. But Jupiter participate so he soothes the harsh influx of Saturn. Since the Moon is in the constellation of Virgo, which is a human figure the eclipse can affect the  human beings and because of the lordship of Saturn it can cause illness and death. Also Ptolemy says that the constellation of Virgo, being  winged, can signify the volatiles and so poultry can be affected by a disease which in turn can concern also men. Since the Star Canopus in the ship Argo constellation is setting on the occidental horizon the event can be a shipwreck or a tempest or a river flood or even pollution in the water and fish deaths. Being Saturn occidental to the Moon the event affected will be great. The eclipse starts at 18:15 and ends at 21:44, lasting for 3 hours and 29 minutes. So the event will last for 3 months and a half and will occure between Aprile and beginning of September.